Kamala Harris 'culture' word salad stumps Twitter users: 'Emptiest human being alive'

Kamala Harris is actually an intelligent woman ... is she intelligently playing dumb to screw the Biden Presidency? Seems more like calculated failures.

Maybe Uncle Joe and his VP don't have a close relationship. Biden is probably trying to maintain the limelight on himself while casting away Harris. This has two issues ... firstly, Biden doesn't have any good policies to offer. Thus Biden being in the limelight with the dullest policies ever ... that are presented by Biden in the dullest manner while being glued to the teleprompter ...  this has created an extremely boring and testing image for the Biden Presidency. The Biden Presidency lacks the charisma, the charm and the excitement that a leader who fight for change brings about.

The second issue is that ... when Harris is castaway ... she is technically locked in the role of a VP ... she can't go back to being Senator. So, she is showing her frustration in her own way ... Harris playing dumb is her revolt in her own way.

You are not alone Harris
Well, the news for Kamala Harris is that ... you are not the only one who is upset, frustrated and tired of the Biden Presidency. You are just one among the millions.

And we can't totally blame Biden ... as he took on a role where he has no idea what has to be done. He doesn't know the head or tail of the problem ... he doesn't know even the abcds of the Establishment that he is supposed to manage ... he is simply following Party orders ... running whatever policies they want ... and reading whatever script they put forward.

Here are some sex and security basics that Obama, Biden and Trump should understand and realize.

Sex basics
Sex is something that is private and personal. No one in the SM Network gives a shit about sex. Whatever you do in your personal life is whatever you do. What you are offering to billions of people ... how you are helping billions of people ... that's what matters.

Even if I walk in a public function with 2 Pornstars by my either side ... even then SM will have absolutely no change in how they follow me or in how they support my work. Nobody is looking for a Dalai Lama out there. The priority is the people and not who you bang.

So, if you guys sit there wasting time ... using "sex" info to stall coordination ... you might think that this scheme is a great excuse not to work with me ... but trust me, it will backfire on you only. You were made President to change billions of lives ... not to obsess over one guy's sex life. When you ignore changing billions of lives and remain focused on one guy's sex life ... then trust me, this is not why we made you President. No one needs a sex obsessed maniac in the White House.

Trump and Biden are no Dalai Lama
Secondly, if you look at Trump's or Biden's profiles ... then neither of them are Dalai Lama as well. And yes, both of you had issues with sex scandals ... and the norm in the SM Network is to protect team members from such scandals. So, the good news for you is that ... while you are President, sex scandals will not affect your Presidency.

Why do I request for a cop or an intel guy?
Firstly, because they easily accessible for our politicians and they are less likely to be rigged … until and unless our Presidents themselves want it so.

Secondly, and more importantly … “response time” matters. Its like 911 … if there is an emergency then within how many hours should the cops be at your place? ASAP … within minutes or hours … not days … not weeks … not months and not years. When the cops respond within minutes then you can expect the problem to be solved … but let us assume … the cops take years and years to respond … then do you think that they will solve the problem? Yes, that’s the issue with our Chosen Presidents.

To make one move, they take years and years together … that’s just to make a contact … now imagine, at this rate … when will change actually come to America? Lol. When our Chosen Presidents take years and years just to contact then it actually shows that they have no interest in solving the crises.

SM blames Obama
Some SM Groups blame Obama for this lag and stagnation. Its not that Obama is a bad and stagnant leader … but that’s what happened during his Presidency. He simply sat there reading what we wrote and ran the country … now, Biden is doing the same … its creating a repetition of the Obama Presidency. The thing is … there was no requirement of direct coordination during Obama because our objective was only to stop the wars. Direct coordination was not required to stop wars … Obama could understand what was going on by following what we wrote … and he could stop the wars.

That’s what Trump did … he followed what we wrote and he stopped the wars. But now, the crisis of wars is over … we have to move on with the next phase of dismantling the Establishment and creating a new era for the American people … and this cannot be done without direct coordination.

Okay ... so there seems to be an attempt to change the situation. Boss-Bama is saying that ... yes, Biden will call you. Michelle is saying that ... we are moving as fast as we can. And Biden is saying that ... we will get it done at the earliest ... probably ... that's if I am reading things right.

Okay fine ... if that's the case ... then thank you Mr. Barack Obama for finally stepping forward and encouraging your VP to take the first step to do what is right. Secondly, thank you lovely Michelle Obama for encouraging both to move forward.

Why the signals?
As far as SM is concerned ... all of this is still signals and rhetoric with no real action ... yet. There is nothing definitive or real about it. Phrases like ... "we will ... moving as fast as we can ... at the earliest" ... all of these terms do not have actual definition in time.

So, let's try to do things in a more definite and in a measurable manner in real time ... so that, we can help you in the process. If the above comments are actually true that you guys finally want to take the first step of directly working with me then ... can you at least send one intel guy or a police officer to my residence ... to inform me when you are planning to call me?

Today? Tomorrow? Day after? This week? Next week? When exactly? Lol. I am not trying to joke ... but this "contacting thing" has become a kind of joke since it has prolonged over the 6 past years. Yes, I see your signals now ... and I have been seeing your signals since the past 6 years as well. There hasn't been much progress other than "using signals". SM doesn't believe in signals ... and I have told you this several times.

So, the lovely Michelle Obama wants to save Biden as well as Trump … and she wants a strategy for the same?

Think out of the box
Okay fine Ma’am … if that’s what you want. But before I get started … let just give you a preview of how I do “system analysis”. This is one of the reasons why the SM Network follows me. If I have to analyze a person or a policy or an action … I don’t attach myself to the entity being analyzed. I don’t say something because I personally love it or hate it.

I put that entity in a glass box … and then I start analyzing how it will impact other entities in the realm. The most important entity that we care about is the people … the Nation. How a person or policy or action impacts the people … this analysis is done in a completely neutral and detached manner.

Have to evaluate both the pros and the cons
In this system analysis, we evaluate both the pros and the cons of that particular entity … of how the impact will be on the people. We enlist all of the good and all of the bad of the particular person, policy or action. This helps in the creation of scenarios … both good and bad … it helps us foresee what can happen next. Sometimes, we have done system analysis so well that it worked like fortune telling. Lol.

The person’s behaviors, past actions, ideology, connections and who he or she is influenced by … this gives us a pattern of what he or she will do next.

Biden - "I didn't let it happen."
Uff, uff, uff ... Biden heroically stands up for Barack Obama. Bravo, bravo Uncle Biden ... finally, you have shown the world that "you care" for at least one person who doesn't happen to be you or your family. Lol.

I am so impressed ... fantastic ... finally, it is established that Uncle Biden has some care and compassion in his heart for others ... however miniscule it might be. Lol.

Otherwise, all SM Groups were thinking that ... this guy is going to do nothing but loot trillions at every turn while America burns in debt and the world remains at the risk of a nuclear war. Its nice to see some care for your Boss-Bama.

Fraudulent Presidents
See Uncle Biden ... let me make one thing clear first. In some phases, it might seem that I am holding the gun to your head and ask you to work with me. Trust me, this is not the case. This happened with Trump as well ... we chose him for the Presidency ... we gave him the Presidency ... and then he flipped. When SM trusts you with the world's most powerful position ... we give you the power to change the world ... trillions in revenue is put in your hands ... at this moment in time, when you flip and do mostly pocketing trillions while allowing the world to remain screwed ... then automatically, SM starts dismantling your Presidency. This applies to all fraudulent Presidents.

Yes, SM Groups see the Trump and Biden Presidencies as fraudulent Presidencies. Just like they give you the power, they also take away the power given. They know how to do this in a routine, systematic and controlled manner. They have the necessary control points across the Nation to do this. I have myself trained them on this.

Its better to knock on new doors rather than continue knocking on doors that won't open
This is SM's approach in designing political leadership in America. This is how they are dealing with Trump, Biden and Obama. They have been pushing me also to design leadership without Trump, Biden or Obama in the lead ... they want to explore alternate leaders for America.

The main reason for this is that ... none of the 3 have addressed or worked on any major Establishment crisis that America faces ... trillions continue to pile up as debt and they make zero change and zero reforms.

Change takes time but it also needs efforts
Yes, I agree ... changing an entire Nation takes time ... but to bring about change, you also need to put in some effort.

  • When you don't contact
  • When you don't understand how to solve any crisis
  • When you make zero efforts to change anything
  • When you allow everything to continue as it is

Then how do you expect change to happen ... when you do absolutely nothing to make it happen? SM Groups read this "inaction" from Trump, Biden and Obama as a sign that they don't want to change anything ... they are not interested in any kind of reform or working on any crisis. Thus, it doesn't make sense to have them in the lead at all.

This is the major topic among the SM Network about Trump, Biden and Obama's incompetence to lead and fix America's crises. I have been alerted about this ... and I have informed all of the 3 about this since a long time now.

Headed towards a DeSantis Presidency
Biden is thinking that Trump's conviction will help his re-election. He doesn't realize that ... if he continues to remain stagnant and redundant ... then he might lose 2024 with or without Trump. Even if Trump gets convicted there is no guarantee that he will be given a victory against Ron DeSantis. That's point number one.

Yes, my dear Michelle ... it takes years to make change ... but should it take years to make a simple contact? This is the biggest question that all SM Groups have about Obamas in Presidential leadership. They see Barack as a stagnant leader as he doesn't lead but follows other party leaders. This is why we gave you the frontend role ... so that you can at least lead.

The security is good ... and I appreciate it. But there is zero progress when it comes to change, reforms, Establishment malice or addressing any major crisis that America is facing. The question that SM Groups ask is ... if they don't contact you then it means that they are not interested in solving America's crises.

How am I supposed to blame them for this question? You had to reach out to us 6 months ago to create alternate leaders for Trump and Biden. Either it had to be the Musk Presidency or any alternate ... or we had to reconfigure Biden or Trump's leadership. There is zero progress.

600 options other than Trump, Biden and Obama
I have mentioned this in Biden's first year itself that ... Biden's failure to lead America will be seen as Obama's failure as well. Repeating this point again and again doesn't make any sense ... and it will only create friction. But constantly everyone's roles are evaluated ... I am fighting to maintain Michelle in the game as she holds the security pillar quite well.

So, if we cannot get Biden or Trump or Obama or Elon Musk in the game ... I have created 600 other options for you. Now, not getting a candidate to lead America should not be an issue.

Trump and Biden will sink America into economic ruins
You have to keep in mind that if ... Trump, Biden and Obama continue to stick to their current policies then they will stagnate and sink America into economic ruins. Non-stop additional trillions of debt being accumulated every year is living proof that these leaders don't know shit and they don't know what has to be done.

What if Trump works on your strategies and doesn't get convicted as well ... then will you support him for President and work with him?

Well, this is what Pro-Trump groups need to understand ... as of now, the information that I have is that ... there are 90% chances of Trump getting convicted. But yes, if Trump works with me on my strategies for America and doesn't get convicted ... then I am open to working with him as President.

You guys are exploring this option because Michelle failed to pull Elon Musk for the Presidency nor did she contact me to reconfigure the Biden Presidency? You are worried about continued stagnation of America under Biden?

Michelle is my Guardian Angel
Well, as far as Michelle is concerned ... she is my Guardian Angel ... she has been super good in security and she has been very consistent in her support. Now, when it comes to Presidential leadership ... it takes two to tango. Maybe Biden is not interested in changing things ... maybe Obama might be taking it too easy ... or whatever ... if the other person doesn't coordinate then what can she do?

Expanded the spectrum a little bit
That's why, I expanded the spectrum a little bit for her. So that, we stop relying on just one or two guys to lead America. Let's expand the spectrum and work with all Congressmen and Governors ... it gives us about 600 leaders to work with and expands our success chances by 600 times.

Now, tell me ... who wouldn't want to be President? Among 600 Congressmen and woman ... and Governors ... who wouldn't want to lead America and become President? We can easily pull a truck load of candidates to fight for America.

Well, the priority right now would be to get pardons and reduce jail sentences for Trump. This is something that should take the top most priority for Trump ... so that, we can maintain him in political life.

If we don't plan on this at a time when there are 90% chances of Trump getting convicted ... then Trump could get hundreds of years in jail which would upset our program of maintaining Trump in the political circle.

When it comes to the question of Trump getting the White House ... technically, until and unless Trump is convicted of a crime ... his path to the White House remains open, even if it is by 10%.

2024’s top question – Will Trump be eligible for the White House?
When it comes to me planning the White House for Trump ... it all depends on strategies and policies for any candidate. As far as Trump is concerned ... he is already indicted for more than 60 counts of felonies or crimes or whatever. So, the big question mark is ... whether Trump will be found innocent or not? If he is convicted on a single count then the White House is off limits for him. To add to this, there are several other investigations and he might get several more indictments.

Got an interesting question ... "why don't Pro-Trump SM Groups save Trump? Why are they approaching you to help Trump?"

Pro and Anti Groups are "Concept Groups"
Each candidate chosen to lead America generally has a Pro group and an Anti group. These are concept groups created to help and support the good things that the candidate comes up with and to stop the disasters that the candidate comes up with. The Pro Group supports the candidate in positive and constructive activities and the Anti Group stops the candidate from negative and destructive activities.

SM Groups are quite powerful ... but among SM Groups power is relative. The concept groups have the power to support and stop the candidate ... but they do not have the influence to control the "flow of the Nation". Managing the flow of the Nation or the direction of the country is something that is done at the top Board of Directors level.

I am at this Director's level ... I direct Strategy and Planning. When I start planning and giving strategies ... other Directors get involved and we manage the flow and direction of the country. That's why Pro-Trump groups reach out to me ... so that I can create a strategy and a plan for him ... that creates a role for him so that he can do good things for the Nation and the world. This automatically creates value for him and when other Directors see that Trump is actually working on these strategies then they have the power to change things and make a few things easy for Trump.

Yes, yes ... I saw Trump's "signals" that he will be contacting us. Lol. These are the basic points that all SM Groups already know about these "signals".

Firstly, if there was real intent in contacting me ... they wouldn't use "signals". They would actually send a person to my residence and book a time to talk.

Secondly, the apparent use of these "signals" is that ... "please don't write anything against me ... I will contact you." They are just trying to control what I write about them. They think that ... when I write positive, good things happen to them ... and when I write negative, bad things happen to them. It actually shows their limited understanding of how things work.

Strategy is only one side of the coin
When I write ... it is mainly about these points.

  • Strategy. Its strategy ... understanding what's happening ... how to dodge disasters ... understanding what each entity is doing ... and how to win in each scenario. When I write this info ... the President is given the support to win using the given strategy.
  • Matrix Activities. It might be SM Groups or Establishment entities ... their activities are like a parallel form of Nation Management. I give their information so that the President understands what can happen next.

Its not only about "me" wanting something and making stuff happen ... strategy is only one side of the coin … its also about what several entities are working upon. The track to jail for Trump had been activated during his third year itself. Trump himself gave all of the reasons for this track to be activated and then he went around doing more and more criminal activities which consolidated this track.

Matrix Activities – A parallel realm of Nation Management
So, Trump going to jail is not about me writing about Trump going to jail ... it is about his own activities and what SM and Establishment entities are planning and working on next. It doesn't matter if I write plus or minus about Trump ... it will not change what Trump has done and it will not change what Matrix entities are working on.

My writing has nothing to do with it ... but yes, I also do strategy. I show how Trump can dodge jail and reduce his sentences. But this strategy will not work until and unless Trump coordinates and makes ground level change. Trump needs to do a few good things and create value for himself. And if Trump doesn't do that ... then it means that the strategy will remain only as a plan on paper and Trump is sticking to his track record of criminal activities.