Who are we?

We are peace activists whose primary objective is to empower people. We focus on global phenomena adversely affecting more than a million people. It might be political systems, policies, laws, government, movements, commerce, industries or economics ... if it is adversely affecting more than a million people, then it has our attention.

Currently our focus is on the American Political System, War on Terror and the involvement of Jewish Interests and the Israeli government in world affairs.

What we condemn

We condemn the exploitation of people by a few rich and powerful people, politicians or systems.

  • We condemn the creation and running of systems at the expense of the people ... we condemn the running of systems that mainly exploit, extract and leech out resources from the people.
  • We condemn the politics and politicians that create and support such systems
  • We condemn the use of media to create illusionary worlds to deceive the people from the actual reality that they live in
  • We condemn the use of politics and media to mislead the people in order to make them live in exploitory systems in silence and fear
  • We condemn the extraordinary influence of the Corporate segment in politics in the creation and continuation of such systems

What we support

We believe in the "empowerment of people" ... we believe in "People Power". We fully believe and support the empowerment of people in every walk of life including politics, governance, commerce, industries and economics.

The systems and politics that we live in are rigged, old and rusted ... they do not work today in the 21st Century. All of these systems were designed several decades ago ... they do not work today, they have become obsolete and they have been totally rigged in favor of the corporate segment at the expense of the people. These politics and these systems do not benefit the people today. In fact, people have become the victims of these systems and politics.

Nothing can move forward ... nothing can progress for the people ... until and unless these systems and politics are changed ... until and unless these systems are reconfigured and enhanced to work for the people at the ground level. Till then we will only be going down the drain through these exploitory systems that have been created only to leech more and more from us.

We believe that these changes can occur ... this change is possible ... these systems can change ... with the empowerment of people.

  • People need to get more involved in politics
  • People need to be given more power in politics
  • Politics should not be run by a few and for a few

All of these systems go against the very definition of Democracy whose promise is to be "for the people and by the people".

  • We believe in the empowerment of people
  • We believe in more involvment of people in the running of the country
  • We believe in giving more decision making power to the people
  • We believe in the restructuring and enhancement of the current systems
  • We believe in turning all of these systems to keep people's progress and prosperity as the objective and the only priority
  • We believe in giving people the power to control, monitor and change the enhanced systems. Not politicians, not companies ... but the people should have the power to control and change these systems.

How we work

This is the interesting part. We work in three steps.

Step One

  • Expose the system that is exploiting the people
  • Expose all connecting people involved in this system ... it might be politicians, governments or companies

Step Two

  • Expose the working of this exploitory system
  • Expose the different parameters involved in the system
  • Expose each individual component of this system
  • Expose all the ideologies and principles involved in the running of this system

Step Three

  • We provide solutions and fixes
  • We provide alternate paths and ways of doing things
  • We provide ways to restructure, organize and enhance the system for the best benefit of the people
  • We provide new laws and regulations that will fix these systems and consolidate people power

What we aim to achieve

We aim to stop these exploitory systems, God willing. These systems are adversely affecting billions of people worldwide.

  • Stop these exploitory systems
  • Restructure and organize them
  • Empower people ... give them the power and capability to direct, change, monitor and enhance these systems

These systems will last and evolve for the people's good only when people are given the power to direct and control these systems. If the systems are kept in the hands of a few then the corporate machine will play its rigging game all over again. These systems need to be fixed ... and they need a fix that cannot be easily rigged. No power to the companies but full power to the people ... and that's how things will change.