The Era of People Power – Empower Christianity not Satanic Judaism

A Global Operation
Active Democracy is a global operation. We aim to work with countries from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and all around the world. God willing ... we would be working different countries with different religious and cultural backgrounds. We will be working with both Christian and Muslim countries. But we have chosen “The Golden Jesus on a Cross” as our logo. Why?

Christ, Christianity and Christians
For starters ... we love Christ, Christianity and Christians. We love all three. Mainly because our operations are people centric ... we believe in the empowerment of people irrespective of race, color and religion. And if you look at the work done by Christian countries ... especially of America ... in needy countries like in Africa ... then you will find that ... they are reaching tens of millions of people and helping them with food, medicine, education and developing their countries. America alone supports more than 40 million people in Africa.

This fight for the needy and impoverished rises out of Christian values and culture. This love, care and support for other human beings irrespective of their color and religion ... rises out of the teachings of our beloved Jesus Christ. And we simply love the work that Christian countries are doing in the under developed world. Islam is also based upon the same values and Saudi Arabia ... and other rich GCC countries send tens of thousands of tons of food to Africa every year. Donations worth millions are sent every year to poor African countries from the Gulf countries.

Mainly Christian Countries Affected
The second reason for choosing the Golden Jesus on the Cross as the logo is that ... we are mainly working on exposing and eliminating massive exploitation systems from the world. And we find that ... it is mainly Christian countries that are affected by these exploitation systems. Starting right from America to Europe and Russia ... it is this huge belt of countries that is most adversely affected by these criminal systems.

Divine Light
When you look deeper into these exploitation systems, you will find that these systems are created based upon a deep rooted Satanic ideology. This ideology teaches Jews to lie, cheat, mislead, exploit and even kill non-Jews for their personal monetary benefit. This ideology is not Judaism ... but it is Satanism embedded into Judaism. These guys call themselves Jews but they actually worship the Satan. The “god” in their books actually refers to Satan and not the Divine God who is the Creator of all.

This Satanic ideology teaches them to create systems and policies for self-benefit while misleading and exploiting non-Jewish countries and people. As a result of which they end up creating systems that are simply “criminal” towards the common man. This battle between Jewish disobedience and divinity is more than 2000 years old. Today we are standing in a very modern world ... but these systems are created based upon very very old self-serving criminal ideologies. Thus, when you fight against these systems ... you are fighting the oldest battle that mankind has known ... and you are continuing the battle between the good and bad ... between Divine and evil. The Jesus in the logo represents the Divine Light that shines on and exposes these criminal exploitation systems.

Jesus on the Cross
We have chosen Jesus ... but we have chosen “Jesus on the Cross”. Jesus on the Cross ... refers to the suffering of Jesus Christ at the hands of the malicious and self-centered opposition that he faced during his lifetime while he was fighting for the good of the people. It refers to the 300+ years of oppression of the Christian people after Jesus Christ where they were abused, massacred and even thrown to tigers in the Coliseums of Rome. And in today’s world, it refers to the suffering and abuse of billions of people around the world under these self-centered criminal exploitation systems ... right from Communism in the East to the wealth drain systems in the West.

Empower Christianity not Satanic Judaism
The Jewish Establishment has created massive exploitation systems that only drain the country’s wealth and throws several countries into debt. And there is absolutely nothing that the people can do about it. They have facilitated these systems via Jewish ownership and monopoly in politics, banks, media and business. The only way to break these exploitation systems is by breaking their monopoly in all of these segments around the world. We don’t have to be ruled by Satanic Jews ... we don’t want to be ruled by Satanism and Satanists. We want the world under Divine and Christian values. This is only possible when we empower Christianity ... when we empower American Christians ... when we empower Christians in Europe ... the French Christians, the German Christians and the Italian Christians. We need to take our countries back. We need to take these entities back into Christian hands.

It is then that different systems can be created ... it is then that we can work on people centric systems. Until and unless we have Satanic Jews ruling over us ... controlling our political system, banks, media and corporations ... nothing is going to change. We have to empower Christianity and then the solutions will begin.

The Golden Jesus
Once we take back our countries ... once we empower Christianity and Christians in the West. We will replace these criminal exploitation systems with fantastic and fabulous people centric systems ... that will do wonders for the countries and people. And all of these systems will be based upon Divine Light. The Golden Jesus in the logo refers to the success and progress of individual countries and the world as a whole under these people centric systems.

Jesus Christ or Isa Ibn Maryam
Yes, we will be working with Christian and Muslim countries. And we have chosen Jesus Christ in the logo because the current scenario and the systems that we are fighting with ... it closely matches with the struggle of Jesus Christ. Secondly, because even Muslims love and respect Jesus Christ. He is referred to as Isa Ibn Maryam in the Quran ... and you cannot be a Muslim if you don’t love and respect Jesus Christ. He is the common loving factor between Christians and Muslims. Thirdly, because Muslims believe in the second coming of Jesus wherein he will unify both the Christian and the Muslim people as one. And that is something that this project aims to do ... we aim to end these bullshit wars that are spreading hate, fear and division in the world. It is turning Christians against Muslims with every event and every war. We want to end all of this crap that is going on under these bullshit policies. We want to unify the world under beautiful, fantastic, peaceful and loving people centric systems that will work and protect all people irrespective of race, color or religion.

Happy New Year!