Republicans can outsmart Biden
Well, Mr. Biden ... the first thing that you should know is that ... many people know that you are waiting for Trump to get the nomination and then you want to convict him so that it helps you get re-elected. This info is already there in the Republican Party.

Now tell me ... why do you think that the GOP will play your game? Don't you think that the GOP can think and play smarter? This is basic tic tac toe ... its not rocket science ... everyone knows what you are planning to do. What if they don't give the nomination to Trump at all? Ron DeSantis will give you a crushing defeat. Whether you convict Trump or not ... it won't matter to the GOP. Giving the nomination to Ron DeSantis is going to be the winning card for the Republican Party in this election. That's point number one.

Solely Biden is to blame for his failures
The second point is ... please don't blame me for your forthcoming loss. We have told you not once but hundreds of times that there are issues in your policies and you need to change ... but you didn't give a shit. We are not to be blamed for your failure ahead. We tried to help you hundreds of times ... you are the one who rejected our help hundreds of times. The complete blame lies with you.

Protests and mass condemnation under Bush and Trump
Do you know the key difference between Bush and Trump on one side and Obama and Biden on the other side? Bush and Trump were essentially seen as "bad players" ... Bush because of his wars and Trump because of his Pornstar scandals. When bad leaders try to do something wrong ... then the entire country bursts open against them ... there is mass condemnation and protests and calls for impeachment. The entire country keeps an eye on them and the entire country tries to stop the wrong that they come up with. Because by nature ... people already think that they are bad ... they already expect bad from them ... thus the people jump to do what is right by stopping them and by condemning them.

We saw this during the Bush Presidency when millions of Americans poured onto the streets. We saw this with a massive anti-Trump propaganda from almost every news channel in America during the Trump Presidency.

No protests and no mass condemnation under Obama and Biden
But if you look at the Presidency under "good players" like Obama and Biden ... the response of the people is totally different. Its not that Obama and Biden were any better than Bush and Trump respectively. Obama bombed several more countries than Bush ... Biden blew up trillions more than Trump and started new wars that Trump never did. Obama's Presidential performance was worse than Bush and Biden's Presidential performance is worse than Trump.

DeSantis' team is saying that ... it is good enough to be a strong second. Which means that even he is banking on Trump falling due to convictions ahead. That's interesting ... Kamala Harris is banking on Biden kicking the bucket ... Biden is banking on Trump falling ... Trump is banking on Biden failing ... and Ron DeSantis is banking on Trump falling.

Its amusing to see that ... the top political leaders in America bank on the other candidate being failed in one way or the other. Its not that they have something great to offer ... its not that they can provide great leadership ... but their strategy is ... "Okay, so you screwed up ... now, its my turn". Lol.

America getting one failed President after another
The current President is a failure … the next guy being brought into the game is only waiting for the current guy to fall so that he can take his place. Its not that the next guy knows what to do … or that he is a better leader … or that he can solve America’s crises. America is getting leaders who just enjoy and wait for the current guy to fail. Because of this failure to understand … the failure to have any solutions … the failure to solve any crisis … America is getting one failed President after another.

First Trump failed … then Biden failed … and there is no guarantee that the guy next guy will be any different because none among the top American leadership know what has to be done and how things have to be resolved.

Yes, owing to Biden’s failures the momentum is towards a Republican President. But its not that the Republican candidates are ready to hit the ground running. In fact, each of these candidates … Trump, Biden and Ron DeSantis have a list of reasons that hold them back from the Presidency. None of them are crystal cut to lead America in this period of several simultaneous crises.

Issues with Trump – Establishment Monopoly
Heh … several SM Groups are freaking out and terrified at the thought of Trump becoming President again. Here’s the list of issues that hold Trump back from the Presidency.

  • Trump’s Presidency was mostly about blowing his horn, looting trillions and using the loot to save his ass. This is the Trump Presidency in a nutshell.
  • Trump liked to win thus he didn’t allow any disastrous policies to be implemented during his Presidency like blowing up trillions in the name of climate change … but at the same time, Trump didn’t address any of the existing crises that America faced thus we got an additional debt of $8 Trillion in a single term under Trump.
  • America’s major problem is the Establishment Monopoly and the resultant multiple crises that it creates and Trump took no initiative against the monopoly or the crises that America faces … which means that … a second term for Trump means more blowing horn, more looting trillions and more saving one person’s ass.
  • Trump ran a very clean Presidency but he is a horrible loser who sat there financing the multiplication of the pandemic, the border crises and the Ukraine war to dismantle the Biden Presidency.

To sum up Trump’s Presidential leadership … he will either work for himself when President or he will sit and destroy his opponent when he is not President … both ways, he will not work on the actual crises that the people face. Trump is always focused on one person … its himself or his opponent. Trump’s slogan is Make America Great Again … but he never made America great … he left America to rot in all of its crises. Trump’s actual slogan is … Make Myself Great Again … there is no care for America or the American people at all.

As of now, this is the scenario of each candidate.

Donald Trump
He is technically the most disliked person in the race ... mainly because he was busy blowing his horn and looting trillions when he should have saved America. He came with a "Make America Great Again" slogan ... doesn't do shit for one full year and then says ... America is already great so my next slogan is "Keep America Great".

Everybody already knows that our Chosen Presidents don't know what has to be done ... so, they expect coordination, understanding, an open mind and the use of logical thinking and decision making. Instead of doing this ... what they have done is ... they say "I will make America great again! I will make America great again!" And once the Presidency is given to them ... they switch, don't do shit, don't make any major reform, go on a looting spree and call themselves the greatest President ever ... even better than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

This is the reason Trump is the person who is disliked the most by SM Groups. This is his negative side. However, he has some groups in favor of him ... since he also happens to be the one who coordinated the most via the online mode and at least, he took a few actions to stop wars and disasters from happening ... and supported some positive policies.

No Coordination is Self-Destruction
When our Chosen Presidents don’t coordinate with me to solve America’s crises … then it is pretty much self-destruction for their political careers. Why? Because … for example … Uncle Biden … he doesn’t know the head or tail of the Establishment. He has no idea what the hell the Establishment is doing, let alone knowing how to stop its malice.

Millions of people died during the War on Terror and trillions were spent … millions of people died during the Pandemic and trillions were spent … now, trillions are being spent on climate change … are we waiting for millions of people to die with complete cities being burnt down? The Establishment has moved from one type of terrorism to another … from wars to pandemics to environmental terrorism … right under Biden’s nose … and he has no idea what the hell is going on.

Each of these terrorism programs have cost us trillions in taxpayer money, millions of lives and our Chosen Presidents don’t know shit. Despite not knowing anything … they refuse to coordinate … thus allowing full-scale flourishing malice of the Establishment across the globe.

No coordination means … no understanding of what is going on … no stopping of malice and crime … no stopping of mass terrorism programs … no stopping of trillions of wasteful expenditure … no stopping of the killing of millions of people. This is what no coordination with us means.

Democrats wanting Trump's conviction is totally Trump's fault. Before, there were several elements who wanted Trump convicted and out of the Presidential race ... now, apart from them, Democrats are focusing on it.

Its because Trump has declared war on Bidens. Trump has committed several crimes and when he is being prosecuted for these crimes ... he is holding the gun to the President's head. He is threatening to toss the President's son in jail.

The more Trump is sinking in legal trouble, the more he is asking Fox News to demonize Bidens and he is using Republicans to investigate Bidens. He is planning jail for Hunter Biden and impeachment for Joe Biden.

It is a horrible strategy that is obviously backfiring on Trump. When you have several crimes under the hood, the last thing that you do is hold a gun to the President's head. This is something even worse than the Jan 6th insurrection. Trump himself is pushing Democrats to convict him.

It’s Trump’s war
Well, let me break it down for you. This is fundamentally not Russia's war or Putin's war ... it is Trump's war. It will move at the pace at which Trump will sponsor it. The key purpose of this war was to create a disaster under the Biden Presidency in order to terminate his Presidency.

That's why you will see that Putin has been using the old and outdated weaponry ... soldiers deployed were inexperienced ... when Russia could take over all of Ukraine within a week, the war has lasted for more than an year.

Actual Russian capabilities are not used ... actual Russian force is not used ... Russia is not investing a single penny in the war ... all war movements are based on the funding being supplied by Trump.

Trump fears going to jail
Now, Putin is talking about peace negotiations ... because Trump has already been indicted twice ... and there are many more indictments coming for Trump. If Trump gets convicted and put in jail ... then his dreams of a failed Biden Presidency and himself getting re-elected come to an end with his conviction. Trump wanted to fail the Biden Presidency and show the world that he is the champion who stopped the war within 24 hours.

The key sponsor of the war can get locked up
If Trump gets convicted then there is no sense in sponsoring this war any further. It would be senseless for Trump to continue financing a war that will do him no good. Thus the Ukraine war will have no sponsor anymore.

Indictments are good publicity
What's the point of indicting Trump when he can simply rip up all of the indictments against him if he becomes President? The indictments are giving Trump good publicity ... something that he has been lagging since a long time. It has also given him a good lead over Ron DeSantis. Secondly, the indictments motivate Trump to become President even more ... because by becoming President, he will have all the power that he needs to rip up all of the indictments that he can.

If these guys can't convict Trump when he is not President ... do you think they will be able to convict him when he becomes President?
Some SM Groups think that ... these indictments of Trump were designed by some elements from the Democrat party to help Biden win his re-election. But till date, the indictments have only worked in Trump's favor. It is not helping Biden win his re-election ... but it definitely seems to help Trump win his re-election.

Trump was muted in the media
The Democrat Party should realize that ... Trump was kept off the media ... nobody wanted to talk about him or publicize what he says ... mainly because he is a self-obsessed person who is always busy worshipping himself. Giving Trump a platform only means giving him a platform to blow his horn.

Indictments helped Trump
Before the indictments, Trump was running head to head with Ron DeSantis ... but after the indictments, Trump has twice the lead from Ron DeSantis. Technically, the indictments helped Trump. It was already informed to the Democrat Party that ... "indictments are going to help Trump and only a conviction will stop Trump".

Will save Obama in one way or the other
Yeah, I will eventually save Obama as well. The first thing that we need to do is save America. Once we get our team to save America then we can create a role for Obama in the game.

There are two ways that we can maintain Obama in the game. One ... he should encourage Biden to work on change ... work on new reforms ... he should either get Biden or another candidate on the right track. This way, Obama can take credit for the right Presidential leadership in America and Obama will retain his Presidential leadership role.

The second way would be ... if we work with another candidate that is not connected with Obama ... then we can create a role for Obama within the Democrat party. But there is no guarantee that Obama will have access to Presidential leadership in this option ... as many see that Biden's failure is Obama's fault.

In the first option, Obama maintains top key leadership ... and in the second option, Obama works at the party level and not at the Presidential level. Either ways, we save Obama.

Minimalistic Leaders
We are choosing these guys and giving them the Presidency ... making them the most powerful men on the planet and putting trillions in resources in their hands ... so that we can make great leaders out of them who make phenomenal reforms for the people and create a new era for America.

But interestingly, our chosen Presidential leaders choose to be "minimalistic leaders" instead of being great leaders. Facts speak for themselves ... take a look ...

When America is concerned ...

Look at the jobs! Both Trump and Biden brag about jobs ... jobs is the best thing that they have done during their Presidency. Its not like "they have done" something ... its something that just happened during their Presidency ... but they take the liberty to brag about it.

So if you have a job in America ... you've got the best thing that's possible. So what if you are having to work on 3 jobs to make ends meet? So what if you have to rely on 3-4 credit cards just to pay the bills? Just thank God that you have a damn job in such a scenario ... coz that's the only best thing that's gonna happen for you under Trump and Biden.

Averted a nuclear war against Russia. Both Trump and Biden have successfully averted a nuclear war against Russia ... see, they are super awesome. They just saved your ass and their ass from getting nuked. You get to live and not die ... you get to live a normal life and not in a radioactive wasteland.

So what if we are sinking in trillions of debt every year? So what there will be a major economic collapse on this track of $30 plus trillions of debt? Be happy that you are alive with a job in this scenario. Coz that's the best thing that's gonna happen to you under Trump and Biden.


They are "minimalist" leaders ... the least that a person needs to survive and live ... that's the greatest accomplishment that they will ever make.

Treated me like a President?
Heh ... I call that bullshit. Its more like treated me like their pet ... the golden goose that keeps on giving. What do they do for me? Make sure that I have enough funds for my expenses and that I am safe. What do you do for your pet? Make sure that it has enough to eat and that it is safe.

It is not Presidential treatment ... it is "pet treatment". And when President Obama is in a really good mood then the best that he comes up with is ... "go get some" as well. So generous, isn't it? Lol.

Presidential Parasites
SM has been calling them parasites since Obama's last year itself. Obama sat there doing nothing but keeping me safe and allowed the Party to run America. He was replaced by Trump ... he also turned out to be a parasite for 4 long years. Again, he was replaced and we pulled Obama-Biden back in the game ... and guess what? Instead of taking anything forward ... Obama-Biden go back to being parasites all over again.

They love it when they get the White House and get to loot trillions. They think that they got it because they kept me financially and physically safe. When SM starts dismantling their Presidency because they didn't do shit for America ... didn't bring about any reforms ... they tend to threaten the little security that they provide for me.

This is what the Presidency has been for Obama, Trump and Biden. Use me as a Presidential lottery ... and then remain a parasite on me to learn how to avoid disasters ... not give a shit about changing anything in America ... go on a looting spree ... and then get pissed when the Presidency is being taken away from them.