Biden is enjoying his multi-trillion dollar lottery
You win a lottery once and the most you win is a billion or so … but our lovely Mr. Biden has won a multi-trillion dollar lottery and he keeps on encashing again and again with every multi-trillion dollar mass spending policy that he comes up with.

Biden is loving his world … loving the trillions … loving the hundreds of billions that he gets with each scheme … life couldn’t get any better for Mr. Biden. No one can do anything to stop Mr. Biden … he got the Presidency … he got at least 4 years of looting time. Second term? What second term? Mr. Biden got the Presidency owing to sheer luck and he’s gonna loot as much as he can while he can, apparently.

We are defeating Establishment puppets and pulling in Establishment independent leaders in the White House … and look at the phenomenal leadership that our wonderful Chosen Ones are providing. Well, I tell stuff before it happens … impeachment is coming next for Mr. Biden. Biden’s open greed can lead him to impeachment and jail.

Basic Presidency Principles
I gave two basic Presidency principles for Trump to follow … to avoid impeachment and jail.

  • Don’t kill by the millions and
  • Don’t loot taxpayer money by the trillions

Doing any of the above will lead you to impeachment and/or jail. If you look at the first three years of the Trump Presidency then it is only in the military that Trump spent more than a trillion dollars … other than that, there was no mass spending and no wars … no killing by the millions and no looting trillions of taxpayer money. That’s why Trump was kept under very strong security shells.

Yes, Trump did loot trillions … but it was not taxpayer money … he pimped out America and made his trillions via trade deals. But once the Pandemic began … Trump joined Democrats in looting taxpayer money by the trillions and started creating waves of the Pandemic killing millions of people. Trump screwed up in his final year.

We are bringing in new candidates in the Presidency but … don’t kill by the millions and don’t loot by the trillions … is this too much to ask? We are in a massive debt crisis … is it too much to ask not to loot by the trillions? We are on the verge of a world war while being in a pandemic … is it too much to ask not to kill by the millions?

Biden turning out to be 100 times worse than Trump
All Democrats enjoyed Trump’s ridicule and humiliation … they enjoyed standing up to Trump when he wanted only $20 Billion to build a required border wall. But I don’t think they opposed Trump because it was morally the right thing to do … they probably opposed Trump only to boot him from the White House so that they could go on a looting spree.

This is not me saying it … this is all SM Groups seeing in the facts of the Biden Presidency. We refused to give Trump a mere $20 Billion to build a wall … but every mass spending scheme of Mr. Biden asks for $2000 - $3000 Billion … yes, Biden is blowing up 100 times more than Trump in “every scheme” that he comes up with. Biden is 100 times worse than Trump when it comes to greed and blowing up trillions of taxpayer money.

Biden’s greed is immoral and abusive
The majority of SM Groups point out that … at a time when we have the highest debt crisis and at a time when we are on the verge of a world war while being in a pandemic … Biden’s non-stop blowing up of trillions of American taxpayer money is simply immoral and abusive.

SM Groups generally phase their actions with the Presidency in 3 steps. At first, they observe your policies, leadership and coordination … this is the observation phase. If you remain consistent on the wrong track with the wrong policies for more than a year … then they start looking for replacements … this is the second phase. Once the appropriate replacements and configurations are identified … then begins the impeach and jail phase.

Biden is technically entering the third phase of his Presidency … where he is going to face impeachment and also possible jail … owing to his immoral, abusive and repeated multi-trillion dollar loot of American taxpayer money.

Entities against Biden
I am not the one impeaching or putting Biden in jail … but it is his own actions and policies that are putting him on this track. The only thing that I can do is guide Biden as to what is going on and show him the disastrous results of his horrible policies.

This is how the majority of SM Groups operate:

  • Logic. Everyone uses logic to decide what has to be done next. If the next steps lead to disasters then you should use some commonsense and change your track. This is done even before you come into action … its based on a prediction model. Biden was warned repeatedly that his policies are disasters … but he didn’t care to listen.
  • Facts. Biden goes repeatedly for a multi-trillion dollar spending spree … creating the highest debt, inflation and cost of living for all Americans. Even when Biden is shown the facts on the ground … the horrible results that his trillions in spending is creating … Biden doesn’t care. He keeps on hatching up more and more trillion dollar spending programs … as if no one can stop him at all.
  • Impeach and Jail. Here is where impeach and jail routes are activated for such bigheaded moron Presidents who keep on looting despite the adverse consequences on the people and the country. They don’t deserve to remain in power at all.

Here are some of the entities that are already making moves against the Biden Presidency.

  • Establishment Elements. Biden is literally handing out hundreds of billions to Corporations in every mass spending scheme that he comes up with. These Corporations give him hefty commissions by the tens of billions in return. But what they also do is … they go marketing around among SM Groups telling them how many billions that “their guy” gave to Establishment elements. They are backstabbers … they will take hundreds of billions from you and also go around telling all SM Groups how their guy is helping them. This turns more and more SM Groups against your Presidency. The same also happened with Trump.
  • Anti-Biden Groups. These are anti-Biden groups … they dislike your mass spending since day one. They say that America jumped out of the frying pan into the fire … by moving from Trump to Biden. They are against you for your open greed and loot of America.
  • Pro-Republican Groups. They are not like the routine Republican Party who oppose everything … they oppose only what is technically wrong for America. Even they stand strongly against your immoral and abusive multi-trillion dollar spending policies.

How your policies become impeachable offenses?
This is not actually the first time that a President was so horrible that his very policies were impeachable offenses. George Bush was also a recent President … whose policies were so horrible that he deserved impeachment for the same. After Bush, it is Biden that is taking this honorable title.

Here are the key issues with your mass spending …

  • Immoral. We have the highest debt than ever and when you spend by the trillions in every mass spending policy … then it is simply immoral to levy trillions and trillions of more debt onto the American people.
  • Handouts to Corporations. What’s even more immoral about all of your mass spending programs is that … in every scheme, it is Corporations that are getting hundreds of billions of taxpayer money as handouts. Corporations are already making by the trillions … it is the American people and the Government that is trillions in debt … and the solution of this debt crisis that you come up with is … handing out of more trillions of taxpayer money to the very same Corporations while creating more debt for the people and the country. This is nothing but a total rip off.
  • Commissions via deals. In every mass spending scheme, you are handing out by the trillions only to get commissions by the hundreds of billions, reportedly. This is embezzlement of public funds … it is a crime … it can lead you to jail, if proven.
  • Financial abuse. As a result of your “self-benefiting” spending schemes … the American people are getting the highest debt, inflation and cost of living … making them spend more and more on things that should normally cost less. This is financial abuse and torture at a time when the people are recovering from a pandemic torn economy.

Your multi-trillion dollar spending policies are turning out to be immoral, abusive and criminal … that do not serve the interests of the American people … but they help only the Corporations and Politicians pocket trillions of hard earned American taxpayer money.

2 key principles being used to impeach you
At the moment, 2 key principles are being used to impeach you and to put you in jail.

Criminal negligence of parents
If children suffer because of the negligence of the parents then the parents face legal consequences. Similarly, when the President gets involved in immoral, abusive and criminal mass spending schemes … that benefit himself and his buddy Corporations while abusing the people by the trillions … then the President should also face legal consequences … which is impeachment.

Billions in commissions
Reportedly, Mr. Biden and his buddies are getting tens of billions in commissions via the trillions in mass spending. This is purely a criminal activity of embezzling of public funds. If in any scheme it is proven that Biden or his associates were making money … then it is direct impeachment and/or jail as well.

You are going for record breaking spending … thus going for record breaking loot … things can get pretty explosive out there. Reportedly, Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Schumer … all of them are getting commissions from these mass spending schemes.

Build Back Better – Impeachable Offense
This is what Mr. Biden should understand … despite seeing the highest debt, inflation and cost of living for hundreds of millions of Americans … if you still move ahead with $700 Billion for a new scheme of Build Back Better or the Inflation Reduction Act … then this very scheme is an impeachable offense. Republicans can literally impeach you over this policy.

This brings us to how Republicans and Trump will jump at this opportunity to impeach and jail Biden.

Investigations, Committees and Impeachment
Here are a few things that Democrats did to Trump during his Presidency … don’t be too surprised if they jump for this opportunity as well.

Trump investigated for Collusion
Democrats setup Committees of the highest levels and carried out a lengthy investigation with massive publicity to investigate “Collusion” between Trump and Russia … when nothing had happened. No one was harmed … no taxpayer money was touched … nothing happened … the whole thing was simply bogus bullshit.

But out here … you have trillions and trillions of American taxpayer money being blown up … hundreds of billions being given to Corporations as handouts … openly showing potential for tens of billions in commissions for several top Democrats … creating the highest debt, inflation and cost of living for all Americans. Mr. Biden … your policies are multi-trillion dollar disasters affecting the lives of all Americans. Why should Republicans stand by and not impeach you? Your very policies are an impeachable offense.

Trump impeached over a phone call
If you remember … Trump was impeached over a phone call … absolutely no crime was committed. Democrats didn’t even need a crime to impeach Trump … but there are multi-trillion dollar criminal activities here.

Crimes in plain sight
What Biden probably thinks is that … “hey, I am the President and I will do this because I can get the votes from the Congress. The people can vote in 2024 … until then, I am in charge and I will do whatever I want.”

The problem with this approach is that … Biden is committing crimes in plain sight. He is getting involved in immoral, abusive and criminal activities in plain sight. Mr. Biden … just because you are President … it doesn’t make it right. Just because you can get the votes from the Congress … it doesn’t make it right.

It is right only if it is right for the people … if it is abusing the people … if it is ripping off the people by the trillions … if it is creating the highest debt, inflation and cost of living for the people … then doesn’t matter what route you use … it is immoral and criminal.

Republicans can change the tide
This is what you need to note … of how your opposition can use your adamant and repeated mass spending.

One. Impeachment proceedings before Mid Terms
Instead of voting for this “Inflation Reduction Act” where you want another $700 Billion of taxpayer money … they can simply move forward to impeach you. Getting impeachment proceedings right before Mid Terms can be a total killer for the Democrat Party.

Two. Trump doesn’t need new wars
Trump is sitting there and exploring if he can create another war between Serbia and Kosovo … but he doesn’t need new wars to terminate the Biden Presidency. Biden has already done enough harm to his own Presidency and the American people which can be used immediately to impeach him.

Three. Trump can impeach Biden before Biden can convict Trump
The vote for the Inflation Reduction Act … which is nothing but a scam to spend another $700 Billion of hard earned taxpayer money … this vote can actually be turned into impeachment proceedings. If Trump acts quickly, he can impeach Biden before Biden can convict him.

The interesting thing about our Chosen Ones is that … one deserves a conviction and another deserves an impeachment. Bravo guys … bravo … keep up the great work … you are doing everyone proud. Lol.

Four. Problem with the public court
Doesn’t matter if Biden gets impeached or not … doesn’t matter if he goes to jail or not … when matters move into the public court, the people become the judge. Amusingly, people judge with power. It didn’t help Hillary with Benghazi … she was found guilty … it didn’t help Trump with Capitol Riots … he was found guilty … and it won’t help Biden with multi-trillion dollar spending … he will be found guilty. Hillary and Trump lost power … Biden will also lose power.

Five. Everything is in plain sight
The biggest issue with Biden’s mass spending programs is that … everything is in plain sight. Everybody knows what he is doing … nothing hidden about it. Biden is literally axing his own Presidency via his mass spending policies.

Heads up for Biden
This is a heads up for Mr. Biden … there is a lot of chit chat about impeaching you over your mass spending policies. Its totally feasible … it may happen … its best if you reconsider your multi-trillion dollar spending programs.

I am getting these reports since a few weeks. Why do you think I am repeatedly telling you to stop with your mass spending programs? Why do you think I am trying to pull Elon Musk to reconfigure your Presidency? Things can get pretty interesting out there.