The Inflation Reduction is a two layered scam
Yes, the whole thing is a scam … yeah, yeah … may be not 100% of it. It is quite routine to put a few good apples on the top to sell a bag of rotten apples … among the scandalous, that is. Here are the details of this two layered scam.

Biden following Conventional Politics
The key problem is that … Biden is following conventional politics … he should have learnt Active Democracy and played smart … but instead he is following old gimmicks of … “spend by the trillions to pocket by the billions”. This is what you see in every mass spending scheme that Biden comes up with … he is very eager to spend by the trillions. Why? Because he has to pocket by the billions from this very scheme.

And that’s the very reason, why Biden comes up with mass spending policies again and again and again. In every policy of mass spending … he wants to spend $2 - $3 Trillion. Trump wanted to spend a mere $20-30 Billion on the border wall and we refused to fund the wall. Biden is spending $2000 - $3000 Billion in every scheme … that is 100 times more than Trump.

Its simply mindboggling and ridiculous … America can run perfectly fine without this ridiculous mass expenditure again and again. The key issue is … Biden failed to learn how to play smart … instead of playing smart and surpassing Trump … he is following conventional gimmicks and doing a 100 times worse than Trump.

Trillions for Climate Change – Socializing the Cost
This is the key problem with the Democrat Party’s Climate Change agenda … they want to spend trillions and trillions of taxpayer money on Climate Change. Technically, they want to “handout” hundreds of billions of our hard earned taxpayer money to Corporations.

The question is …

Why is Biden handing out hundreds of billions of our taxpayer money to Corporations?
Who are these Corporations that are receiving our billions of taxpayer money? They are private entities … “for profit” entities … Establishment elements … receiving our taxpayer money by the hundreds of billions … for free … as handouts. Why the hell? Why on Earth are we doing this?

For windmills, for solar panels or bla bla bla … whatever it might be … you are a routine every day company … do your business like everyone else does. We invest our money or we go to the Bank to get a loan for our business … and then we make the product and sell it for some profit. This is how the world functions. But interestingly … not for Climate Change.

Climate Change is an Existential Threat
Now, we understand why Climate Change is marketed as an “existential threat” … why is there a “fear propaganda” with Climate Change? So that Politicians can bamboozle us into spending trillions of our taxpayer money under this pretext. We all should be okay if President Biden gives away $370 Billion as handouts to Corporations … because you know … its an existential threat … we will all die if we don’t start giving away trillions of our taxpayer money. Lol.

Take a bank loan for your clean energy
Why don’t companies simply take a Bank loan to build their clean energy? Because …

  • They will have to pay back that loan
  • And they will also have to pay interest on that loan

This greatly reduces their profit margin. Instead if they simply use Politicians to run a fear propaganda … then they get trillions for free … no paying back and zero interest to pay.

Socialize the cost, privatize the profits
What our lovely Establishment is doing with this Climate Change propaganda is … they are socializing the cost … they don’t put their money nor do they take a bank loan … they get free money. And then they privatize the profits … they sell us the same energy that was created using “our hundreds of billions of taxpayer money” … they sell that energy to us at high costs for hundreds of billions more.

Please understand the scale of the rip off here … it’s a multi-trillion dollar rip off.

  • On one side … we pay using our taxpayer money to make that clean energy … hundreds of billions of our taxpayer money is being channelized for this.
  • And on the other side … the energy is created using our money … shouldn’t it be totally free for us? We already paid for it … we own it. But no … we are made to pay again like fools … high energy costs for something that we already own that we already paid for.

We are made to pay twice for the same thing. This is a total rip off … of the American people and America.

Corporations making trillions in profits
Now, we understand … how the People and the Nation is trillions in debt … and the Corporations make trillions in profit. They socialize the cost using a fear mongering propaganda and then privatize the profits. Trillions are channelized to the Corporations and Politicians pocket by the billions. It is in schemes like this where Corporations and Politicians are screwing the American people in plain sight.

Well, this is just one layer of the scam … here’s the next one.

Dual layered scam – A scam inside a scam
It seems … if we spend hundreds of billions on Climate Change then the inflation will go down. What is the connection between Climate Change and inflation? Is global warming creating inflation in America?

The thing is … Biden’s mass spending by the trillions is creating the inflation … but Biden can’t stop spending … as his Presidential style is “spend by the trillions to pocket by the billions”. Lol. He needs an excuse … that he can use as a sticker for the spending program. And thus we have the “Inflation Reduction Act”.

“The Inflation Reduction Act” is a sticker that Biden is using for his hundreds of billions on Climate Change. Will inflation reduce? No way in hell it is going to reduce … there is absolutely no connection between Climate Change and Inflation. It is simply ridiculous to even assume that.

The Inflation Reduction Act … is a scam … inside a scam.

Its right only if its right for the people
An easy way to evaluate if something is right or wrong … is to simply check if it is right for the people. Its right only if its right for the people … if its disastrous for the people then it’s a disaster.

Just because Democrats have the votes … it doesn’t become right. Just because the Congress passes it … it doesn’t become right. The Congress also passed a bill to support the civil war in Syria … was it the right thing to do? It was complete genocide in the country … hundreds of thousands of people died and tens of millions of people were displaced from their homes … and a world migration crisis was created as a result. Democrats passed it … the Congress passed it … but it wasn’t right … it was disastrous for an entire Nation.

The difference today is that … Biden’s policies are not screwing with a remote country on the other side of the Ocean in the desert … its screwing the American people on American soil. Making the American people pay … hundreds of billions of their hard earned taxpayer money as “handouts” … as free money … to Corporations … and then making us pay again hefty prices for the energy that we already paid for … is a total scam. And selling this scandalous policy as an “Inflation Reduction Act” … is a scam inside a scam.

Stop with the conventional bullshit politics Mr. Biden … learn how to play the game first.