Congratulations on the Inflation Reduction Act
Hearty Congratulations Mr. Biden … for spending a trillion dollars on the Inflation Reduction Act that will not reduce inflation. It’s a spectacular accomplishment … one more trillion spent and tens of billions more in the pocket.

What a beautiful accomplishment while standing on 500 fresh new dead American bodies. You have been showing phenomenal performance since day one of your Presidency by standing on 500-2000 fresh new American dead bodies every single day of your Presidency. Spectacular Mr. Biden … spectacular.

What can we ask for more … it’s a beautiful America … excluding the hundreds and thousands that die every day … and excluding the highest debt, inflation, cost of living and the possibility of a nuclear war with Russia at any time … other than that … it’s a beautiful world out there.

Lol. Let’s show Mr. Biden the bigger picture that he might not be seeing.

The War on Terror was a cover up
It’s a very very long topic … I will try to keep it very brief. The Establishment owns the majority of the largest banks, corporations, media and manufacturing in America and in the West. Their ownership spreads to about 90% in several fields … this is what forms their “monopoly”.

They are not just simple and ordinary companies … these guys are “Satanists” … they hate the Church, Christians, Christianity and for that matter any God or religion. They operate via an ideology that authorizes them to lie, mislead, abuse and even kill non-Jews. They have designed several exploitation systems that drains trillions of wealth from the people and governments … putting these countries in massive debt.

The eventual economic collapse of these countries are quite evident. An economic turmoil happened recently in Greece … people were lining up at the banks to take their money as there was a major default in the debt … no one was willing to lend more money to Greece. There is no reversal of this trillions of wealth drain from the West … this debt will keep on piling up more and more and more … until these economies collapse.

The Establishment’s Solution – Wipe out these countries
The Establishment’s solution for this debt crisis is very simple … wipe out these countries via a war against Russia. Just consume these people with death, fear and war … so that, they can never focus on the trillions being drained from their countries. This is why the War on Terror was launched.

It started off with Afghanistan … then into Iraq, Libya, Syria … and then it was planned to move into Iran and Russia. We stopped the war train in Syria itself … the world should thank Obama for this. Iran was the stepping stone to a war against Russia … had Obama allowed a war against Iran to happen … then we would be living in a different world today … of radioactive wastelands.

Warned Obama of the oncoming Biological Warfare
If you want to predict and understand what the Establishment will do next … then you have to understand their ideology and mindset. While Obama was stopping the wars in Syria itself … the Establishment activated another route of warfare … a far more deadly and open warfare … biological warfare.

It started off with Ebola … then we got Zika … and then we got Corona. The purpose of the Pandemic is the same as the War on Terror … to keep the people busy with death, chaos and fear … you should keep fearing for your life … and not pay attention to the wealth drain or who is doing this.

Pandemics Unleashed – the new Bubonic Plague
Trump failed in leading against the Establishment … the Establishment was petrified of Trump … but the moment Trump was given an overview of the Establishment … the poor guy pissed his pants. But the good thing that Trump did very well was … he successfully stopped every single new war from starting … not a single new war started under Trump.

This petrified the Establishment even more … they were not able to keep the people occupied in false fear and hate … and they unleashed Corona under Trump.

Corona didn’t come from some stupid rats in China … it is exactly the same as blaming Bubonic Plague on rats. Rats might have been tested upon in both cases … but it is the Satanic Jews behind both pandemics.

How do you know this? Where is the connection? Read on and find out.

Why the Bubonic Plague?
Europe lost one third of its population to the Bubonic Plague. More precisely, the “Christian” Europe lost one third of its population. The Bubonic Plague went hand in hand with the Inquisition. Jews were being repeatedly expelled from Christian European countries for their malice and crimes. The Church was hunting down those who practiced witchcraft and burning them at the stake.

Wherever the Inquisition moved … the Bubonic Plague moved along with that. The Church was burning Jews at the stake for practicing witchcraft … and the Satanic Jews were spreading the plague as revenge.

Do you know how long the Bubonic Plague lasted? It was not for one year or ten years … the plague lasted for hundreds of years … just like the Inquisition did.

What’s the connection between the Plague and the Christian West? The persecution of Satanic Jews via the Inquisition.

Jews often complain that … the Church burnt Jews alive for practicing witchcraft. The interesting question here is that … if you were a Jew then why were you practicing witchcraft? Aren’t you supposed to follow Judaism? Where is witchcraft taught in Judaism?

Kazarian Satanic Jews
Mr. Biden … in world history around the globe … nobody teaches you about a country called “Kazaria” … though it was a massive country around the Caspian Sea. Why? Because it is the key connection between Jews and Satanism. It was the only Devil worshiping country in the world … it was a poor country whose major occupations were war and agriculture. If the crops failed … they would simply go and loot neighboring countries. The King literally maintained armies that he would “rent out” to other countries in their wars.

The surrounding Christian and Muslim countries got fed up with Kazaria’s continuous looting spree and they gave an ultimatum … either follow Christianity, Judaism or Islam … or get annexed by us. These Satanists chose to follow Judaism … it was a namesake conversion. They were Satanists pretending to be Jews … that’s how we get the term “Satanic Jews”.

The Kazarian King had formalized looting, plundering, lying, killing and abusing the people of other countries. Kazaria was annexed by Russia later on … when these Jews fled to the West … they brought their culture of Satanism, wars and criminal activities with them. That’s what created the repeated expulsion of Jews … Inquisition of Jews … and the Bubonic Plague.

Corona is the not the first Pandemic
The Establishment’s systems are failing … they fear exposure and prosecution … exactly as it happened in the Middle Ages. As per their history with Christian nations … they are choosing to kill you first rather than be prosecuted themselves.

The Establishment is openly saying … “why wait for the Inquisition? Why wait to be exposed? Why be prosecuted … when we can simply destroy these countries easily?”

Active Routes of Destruction
As of now, these are the open active routes of destruction for America and Europe.

  • Pandemics … its just begun. The Plague lasted for hundreds of years … its very very important how things are managed ahead.
  • War against Russia. There are two routes of war against Russia being planned.
    • Ukraine. Its open confrontation with Russia already being on one side.
    • Israel-Iran. The bankers have moved their gold from Israel to South China Sea … Israel is dispensable. They can use Israel to initiate the war with Iran to take the conflict towards Russia.

SM Vs the Establishment – Good Vs Evil
We are not just sitting and watching the show while we are on the verge of destruction. There is an active battle between the Silent Majority and the Satanic Establishment. SM groups are actively dismantling Establishment schemes for destruction.

The most important SM activity against Establishment control and influence is … rooting out their puppets from key positions and place Establishment independent candidates … so that, the right decision making is done. So that, we don’t have morons in the White House who wage unnecessary wars.

Check the scores
The Establishment independent Presidents were supposed to actively work against the Satanic schemes of the Establishment … protect their people and countries from their malice. So, let’s take a look at the scores … and try to understand who is winning. The Good or the Evil?

  • War on Terror. We lost more than one million people due to the War on Terror.
  • Pandemics. We lost more than 6.5 million people due to the Pandemics.

All in all … we have lost about 7.5 million people … which includes a million American citizens … to Establishment schemes of destruction.

And how many Establishment systems did we dismantle? Zero. In how many fields did we break Establishment monopoly? Zero.

Their score is 7.5 million innocent people dead … and our score is zero. Who is winning? The Evil is winning … not the Good.

Why are we in this situation?

  • Barack Obama … is too nice to kick some ass. He allows everyone to do their shit. He follows Party puppetry and doesn’t kick anyone’s ass.
  • Donald Trump … pissed in his pants … runs like a chicken … pak pak pakaak, pak pak pakaak … in matters related to the Establishment. He worships the Establishment’s ass … to the extent of calling himself a part of the Establishment that’s killing millions of people.
  • Joe Biden … busy spending trillions to pocket by the billions. Biden’s Presidential style … spend by the trillions to pocket by the billions.

The worst is yet to come
If this type of inaction continues … then the debt will continue to pile up … the Establishment will continue to panic … and the more disastrous schemes they will unleash. As we speak, there is a nuclear plant in Ukraine that is at risk.

Don’t think that this war footing will come to an end at any time soon … don’t think that this pandemic will end any time soon. The Bubonic Plague lasted for hundreds of years … the wars started with Bush … then we got Obama, Trump and still continuing under Biden. The diseases started with Ebola, Zika and still continuing with Corona … with new ones being released as we speak.

Inaction from Obama and Biden can cost the world extreme disasters.

Why a Catholic President?
This is the first time that I called Biden a Catholic President. Yes, Mr. Biden … you were chosen in this time of dire need … as Trump had pissed in his pants … our Pornstar banger flunked big time. The crisis is pretty similar to the time of the Bubonic Plague … of extreme malice by Satanic Jews … the West is again threatened by the same ideological entity. Being Catholic you should easily understand the wonderful history between the Church and witchcraft. Everyone expected that a Catholic President would show better morals and more conscience to do what is right than the Pornstar banger.

No, no, no … we are not planning to start an Inquisition again … otherwise, the Establishment will try to use every single Common Jew against the masses. This has happened before … things can get very ugly. These are very critical times … we are in a very critical phase. The Establishment understands this, much better than everyone else … its in extreme panic mode … which is why you are seeing an anti-Russian propaganda like never before and pandemics like never before.

Mr. Catholic President … for how long are you planning to stand on 500 fresh new American dead bodies every single day? Wake the hell up, please … before the world wakes up to something extremely ugly.