Satanic Jews in the Middle Ages
This is what we need to understand … who were the people and what was the scale of disaster that they created. If we understand what happened in the Middle Ages … then we can understand what is happening now and what will happen next.

If you see … the Satanic Jews in the Middle Ages were nothing but migrants from Kazaria … hundreds of thousands of Satanists fled Kazaria and settled down in various European countries. As war and agriculture were their primary occupations … they brought with them the know-how of herbs, medicines, potions, plants, agriculture, treatments and diseases. This is something that was routinely done for cure as well as potions were created for various witchcraft rituals.

Since the activities of these Satanic Jews were criminal and abusive in nature towards others … it resulted in repeated expulsion of Jews … which led to diseases … which led to the Inquisition and the Bubonic Plague.

Again … who were we dealing with? They were just a few thousand Satanic Jews in each European country who had some herbs with them. A conflict with them resulted in the death of one third of Europe … and this fear and death was spread over hundreds of years.

Satanic Jews today
The “Establishment” that we are dealing with today … it is nothing but elements of the same Satanic ideology of the Middle Ages. Today they are not some Satanic migrants with some herbs in their hands … but today … they own the majority of the largest banks, media, corporations and manufacturing.

Before they used to sit in their hidden rooms working on their potions and Satanic rituals … but today, they have their own country called Israel with secret biotechnology labs … working, experimenting and discovering various biological warfare tools that can be used in plain sight.

The majority of things that you use … clothes, shoes, food, drinks, medicines, phones, laptops, computers and several other electronic and electrical items are manufactured by them. Almost every app, utility and software on your phone and computer … is made by the same Satanic Establishment.

Yes, these Satanists know everything that you do … your emails, your communication, your calls, messages, browsing history, fights, quarrels, cheating, affairs, investments, research, discoveries … everything goes through their apps and softwares. This is at the public level, the government level and also the military level.

Welcome to the Matrix.

Yes, the Satanists with some herbs from the Middle Ages … today they create wars when they want and pandemics when they want.

Network based effort
It’s a massive network out there … one politician or President cannot handle it. It requires a collective “network based” effort. America, Europe and Russia has to work together to combat this Satanic Establishment. “Military grade” technology, intelligence and security is required to work on the Establishment.

How do you think that we stopped the War on Terror? Putin put all Central Bankers on the crosshairs and told them that … “if a war with Russia starts then I will execute each and everyone of you”. Russian intelligence and military hunted down each and every major Banker connected to the Establishment and made things very very clear.

That’s one of the reasons the Bankers fled with their gold from Israel to South China Sea … because Israel would never be able to handle an onslaught from Russia.

Putin was ready but Trump chickened out
Putin was ready to dismantle the Establishment … Russia was the biggest victim of the Communist ideology created by the same Satanic elements. Russia was ready to dismantle the Establishment in every single sphere … it was ready to provide intelligence, military and technology support. But Trump … our patriotic hero … who loves to kiss the American flag … who loves America … he chickened out.

The moment Trump hears the word “Establishment” … he goes … pak pak pakaak, pak pak pakaak … like a chicken. So, President Chicken was never ready to stand up to the Establishment. Putin conveyed his intentions dozens of times … but because of President Chicken we lost 4 years and got Corona in the world.

We have a world superpower … ready and able to fight against these Satanists … ready to provide very single tool and support needed … and what is our Catholic President doing? Standing on 500 fresh new American dead bodies every day counting his billions. Not exactly the type of leadership that everyone was expecting from our Catholic President.

Its time to wrap up the war in Ukraine
This is Trump created bullshit … it is destroying Russia’s world leadership role. It is helping the Establishment in creating a monstrous image out of Putin who is actually an excellent leader. It is because of Russia that a world war was stopped several times … this war is total nonsense created by Trump.

Objectives Accomplished
This is what Biden needs to understand … the objectives of America and Europe getting involved in this war have been accomplished. The major objectives were to stop the war in Ukraine … to see that Russia does not want a war against Europe or America and to see that there is no nuclear war. All of the key objectives have been successfully accomplished.

Need to stop Zelensky’s expeditions
No way in hell should America or Europe get involved in Zelensky’s expeditions in Crimea or any Russian territory. Zelensky has banned his opposition party and he has become a dictator who is getting billions to fight against Russia. Zelensky’s plans for repeated billions to wage a forever war against Russia is plain bonkers.

Following Zelensky will only lead to what we wanted to stop. Zelensky is messing with a world nuclear superpower … nobody is interested in a forever war or a nuclear war against Russia.

Its time to ceasefire … its time for a peace deal. Peace is in everyone’s best interests.

Territory lost
Yes, Ukraine has lost territory … but that’s what happens in wars … countries are created and disappeared. You should know your enemies better and you should have prepared better.

The West did the best that they could … you did the best that you could … and this is the end result of it. You should thank God for being alive … for still leading your country … and for still having a country. Nobody even expected Ukraine to exist beyond a few weeks. You should thank America and Europe for their support and wind up this war.

Peace deal is in everyone’s interest

  • Ukraine. Keep this in mind … if you piss off Russia and a nuclear war breaks out … then Ukraine will be the first country to become radioactive wastelands. Your continuous ongoing war with Russia can lead to this. I don’t think that this is what you want.
  • America and Europe. The most important reason to get involved in this war was to stop a world war … this objective has been accomplished. Now, a ceasefire and peace deal will reduce the oil and gas prices … and it will reduce inflation around the world which is being created because of the fear and insecurity of a wider war.
  • Russia. Russia had everything to gain from this war … in terms of territory and multiplied revenue. But it is losing its world leadership status … the Establishment is trying to create a monstrous image out of Russia using this war. A ceasefire and a peace deal with nullify the Establishment’s agenda against Russia.

We have much bigger problems in the world that do not meet our eye. This war was nothing but a major blunder right from the start to the end. There is no sense in continuing this mega blunder. We have much bigger and better things to do … Russia is needed in world leadership where it will play a phenomenal role in doing great things for everyone.

Its time for peace … its time for a ceasefire.