Excellent Parasite
Firstly, let’s congratulate Mr. Biden for being an excellent parasite on us. He is stopping world wars … saving billions of lives … saving trillions in infrastructure and war costs … he is doing a phenomenal job … by being a parasite on us. At least at some place Biden is doing a good job … obviously, he is learning from the best … Trump was the best Presidential parasite that we ever had.


Recovering Ukrainian Territory
So, let’s help President Parasite-Biden recover Ukrainian territory in the most effective and safe manner. To do this … the first thing that we need to do is … we need to understand the ongoing strategies in place. These strategies will give us an idea of the objectives and the scope of each entity involved.

Strategy Level - 01. It’s a Trump war
The first strategy level is Trump … it is not a Russian war and it is not a Putin’s war … this is a Trump’s war. Trump designed, sponsored and pushed Putin to go for this war to fail the Biden Presidency. Putin was encouraged to go for as many countries as it wanted … the Biden Presidency would fail … Trump would get re-elected … and then Trump would recognize these countries as a part of Russia.

This is the scam that Trump had designed. But unfortunately, his scam was exposed … he was fooling Putin and trying to escape to China in the thick of war. Trump had to shell out hundreds of billions to pay for the consequences of this war.

But today if you see … Trump’s objective of failing the Biden Presidency is pretty much accomplished. Nobody wants Biden for a second term … Trump has the highest support to be a Republican nominee for 2024. Since his plan was busted, Trump cannot flee to China either. So, the amount that Trump will spend in this war further ahead can be substantially low, as he doesn’t have much to gain from this war now.

Strategy Level 02 - Russian Strategy
Based on Trump’s inputs … Russia has designed their own strategy to work on this war. Russia was planning to move into several countries based on Trump’s strategy … but the moment Trump’s scam was busted … Russia immediately revised its strategy.

Putin is smart … Biden should have kept him in his fold rather than ignore him totally. Ignoring Putin, Biden handed over a world superpower in Trump’s hands and it is turning out to be disastrous for the world. Here is Putin’s current strategy.

  • Donbass Republics. Putin has revised his strategy to focus mainly on the Donbass region. He is not going for all of Ukraine and he is not going for any other country.
  • It is liberation not invasion. A smart move that Putin is playing is that … it is liberation of the Donbass Republics and not an invasion by Russia. Russia is not going to make these Republics a part of Russia … but Russia has simply liberated these regions from the atrocities of the Ukrainian Government. Apparently it has demilitarized and denazified the region.
  • Managing the West. If the West says … “hey, you invaded Ukraine … you occupied Ukraine … you made it a part of your territory”. Putin will simply say … “there was no invasion … there is no occupation … we simply liberated the region based upon their own request.”

Two factors confirm the Russian strategy

  • Firstly, Putin himself is saying that … there is no invasion or occupation of Ukraine. We are only demilitarizing and denazifying the region.
  • Secondly, independent Donbass Republics have been created and the Russian ally, Syria, has also recognized these Republics.

Strategy Level 03 – The US Strategy
Based upon the strategies that Trump and Russia would play … we gave a bigger strategy to President Parasite-Biden … that would envelope the strategies being played by Trump and Russia. The key components of this strategy were …

  • Monitor and hold back Trump
  • No war with Russia but the use of heavy sanctions to stop the war
  • At the same time, providing fighters and supplies to Ukraine to protect itself

Parasite-Biden has implemented this strategy considerably to a good extent. This has helped in stopping of a world war … containing of the war in Ukraine … and now, we focus only on the Donbass region.

Two phases to recover Ukrainian territory

Phase One. Cities and regions outside of Donbass Republics
The strategy should be to work in two phases for a quick recovery with minimal damage. Since we already know that Russia’s interest is in the Donbass region … we should first go for areas around Donbass. Russia doesn’t have much interest in these areas … this is excess area occupied by Russia. Russia will most likely withdraw its troops from these areas and re-organize them in Donbass. This will give you quick victories.

Phase Two. Working on Donbass
Once you cover all of the areas around Donbass … then you try to make a move into Donbass. There are two major sponsors of this war … Trump and Russia. Both of them are wearing thin when it comes to this war … each of them have to evaluate if it is worth continuing this war. Both of their resources are going to bleed away in a war that is not required. Longer the war, the more it will cost Russia in terms of the war and also in terms of sanctions and international condemnation.

Factors to manage in these phases
While we work to retake Ukrainian territory … these are the factors that President Parasite-Biden should manage simultaneously.

  • Quick results, no forever war. We are not going to channelize billions to Zelensky for a risky war forever. Everything needs to be done quickly … support will continue only if there are quick results. Either ways, we have to finish this war and make a peace deal. A prolonged war is good for no one.
  • Don’t touch Russian territory. Ukraine should not touch any Russian territory … it might be Crimea or any other Russian cities. He should strictly work only on taking back Eastern Ukraine.
  • Don’t screw with the Nuclear plant. Ukraine should not make the situation more dire and drastic only to invite Western support and intervention. It should not attack or harm the Nuclear plant in any way … it should work in an organized effort to retake its own territory.
  • Monitor and manage Trump. Trump is nearing indictments … the guy is extremely moody … he should never be trusted. Always closely monitor and manage Trump … his involvement in the war should be strictly controlled.
  • Managing Russia. We should never take Russia for granted and we should always clarify the objectives of our operation. We are not interested in a war against Russia. Russia’s occupation of Ukrainian territory is illegal … whether it is for invasion or for liberation … it doesn’t matter. Russia should withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory.

A small lesson that Russia should learn from America in “liberating” countries is that … America liberated Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria … and the end result was only war, death, migration and destruction of cities. The only thing that America got in return was trillions in losses and thousands of dead soldiers.

It doesn’t matter who is sponsoring the war … don’t you see the same thing happening in Ukraine?