America is going through a “Greedy Pig Crisis”
Lol … this is a never expected crisis … but it is what it is. The good thing about each crisis is that … it puts the problem statement on the table and gives us the opportunity to formulate a solution for the crisis. So that, just in case if we have such a crisis again in the future … then we know how to act on it.

We have been rooting out Establishment puppets from Presidential races and placing chosen Presidents in the White House. We have been extremely successful in failing Establishment puppets but unfortunately we are getting greedy pigs in the White House. Instead of America getting a new phenomenal era of success and prosperity … we are getting Presidents who are only interested in looting trillions and blowing their horns while multiplying the existing crises. America is going through a greedy pig crisis.

Examples will help.

Failed Hillary to help Trump
We failed Hillary to place Trump in the White House. Hillary was an Establishment puppet who would destroy America via a war against Russia. Trump was seen as the hero who would save America from the Satanic Establishment and take the world into a new era.

Trump was supposed to create a new era … but what does he do?
Yes, he doesn’t start a war against Russia … but he allowed the trillions of systemic loot of the Establishment to continue. Instead of dismantling the Establishment, he started to protect and defend the Establishment. He himself was involved in direct trillions of loot via trade deals. He created the highest debt and trade deficits in US history. And then he also allowed the pandemic, a major Establishment malice, to multiply by 10 times and blew $3 Trillion on the pandemic alone.

It is because of this record that many SM Groups call Trump a fraud and a thief. We had to put up with a fraud in the White House for 4 long years … the Trump Presidency turned into a hostage crisis for America … let alone a new era being launched.

Failed Trump to help Biden
Since Trump was a total failure in solving America’s crises … Trump was failed and the White House was given to Joe Biden.

Biden was expected to take America forward from Trump … but what does he do?
America was getting screwed under Trump … and now it is getting gang banged under Biden. Let alone terminating the existing wealth drain systems … Biden adds on several wealth drain routes to royally screw America.

Under His Royal Highness President Parasite Biden … trillions are being drained from America via … systemic wealth drain, pandemic, climate change, mass spending, inflation, hiked interest rates and high oil & gas prices.

What’s basically happening here?
We are flushing out Establishment puppets like Bush … but the guys we are putting in the White House and turning out to be 40 to 60 times worse than Bush. They are creating record breaking disasters.

Establishment puppets failed … but the Satanic Establishment is still winning
The key thing that we should understand here is that … we are very successful in failing Establishment puppets … as we know that these guys are Satanists … who want to only leech by the trillions, create wars and destroy America. We are very successful in step one of failing the puppets.

But when we look at step two … our own chosen Presidents are handing out trillions and trillions to the same Satanic Establishment via several schemes. They ignore the Establishment’s exploitation systems … they spend by the trillions in new Establishment schemes like the pandemic and climate change … and then they allow America to get further ripped by the Establishment via inflation, hiked interest rates and the highest oil & gas prices ever.

We are failing Establishment puppets … but our own guys are handing out trillions and trillions of hard earned American taxpayer money to the same Establishment several times more than what an Establishment puppet would have done. Our candidates are turning out to be 10 times worse than Establishment puppets and the Satanists are having a gala time making a killing.

We are sitting back … thinking that we succeeded and saved America from the puppets of a Satanic Establishment. We are thinking that … our guys are better and that they are doing the best that they can … but in reality, America is getting screwed 10 times more under our own chosen Presidents. Who is winning? The Satanic Establishment is winning.

The question is … why are we putting up with frauds in the White House?
The question that many SM Groups are asking is that … when our chosen Presidents are turning out to be frauds … when they are 10 times worse than Establishment puppets … when we are getting the highest spending, debt, inflation and cost of living … when 40 to 60 times more Americans are dying than under Bush … then why are we putting up with this shit?

If they are not Establishment puppets … then shouldn’t they do better than puppets of a Satanic Establishment? How incompetent do you have to be … to do worse than a bunch of Satanists … for crying out loud? Jesus Christ.

Why do we have to tolerate these frauds in the White House … who won’t do shit … who won’t fix a single crisis … who would sit there only loot trillions and create additional crises? Why are we allowing this shit show to continue?

If we root out Establishment puppets … and if our chosen Presidents are 40 times worse than Establishment puppets … then shouldn’t we put 40 times more effort to root them out? Why are we turning a blind eye to all of the disasters that they are creating? Are those not American citizens that are dying … or are those not trillions of hard earned American taxpayer money that is being looted?

If a Satanist does it … we are going to be enraged … and if our guy does the same thing 40 times more … then we are going to turn a blind eye to it? How is this sensible? A disaster is a disaster … doesn’t matter who is creating it. A Satanist or not … we should stop the disasters and the frauds who are creating them … it doesn’t matter who they are.

Flush out frauds from politics
The simple logic is … if Biden doesn’t care to do what is right and good for the country … and if he going to continue on this disastrous track … then as per the requests of several SM Groups … we should flush out frauds like Biden and Trump from politics.

Are we allowing Bush or Hillary to run the country? Do we follow Bush or Hillary? They have been flushed out and made powerless … they have zero influence in leading America.

When Trump and Biden are 40 to 60 times worse than Bush … then why are we sitting in silence thinking that this is the best that America can get? When they don’t care about America … when they don’t care about changing America … when they don’t care about fighting for America … then why are we putting up with them? Only to get looted more and screwed more again and again? It is simply ridiculous to put up with such nonsensical leadership.

How to flush them out?
The key question is … how to flush them out? Trump and Biden should have zero influence in the process that involves rooting them out of politics.

Control the process … #metoo movement
Here is where the #metoo movement provides an excellent example. Millionaire and billionaire Establishment elements were exposed, investigated, indicted and convicted in this movement. How was it done? It was done by monitoring and controlling every step in the process … right from media exposure … to the investigation … the indictment … the judiciary and the conviction. Every single step was controlled and kept independent of the Establishment to get the right results.

Similarly, we are not facing Establishment elements … but we are facing frauds who are 40 to 60 times worse … thus our control and management of the process should be 40 times more. Its then that we will get the right results.

Examples will help.

Media Power
Some SM Groups say that … they are going to expose that … Trump paid Biden not to indict and convict him. They are suggesting that … Biden should be questioned on National Television that … “how much he got paid to turn a blind eye to Trump’s crimes? Biden is letting criminals go for money! Warm up Biden’s pocket and he will let you get away with mass murder!” These are some of the questions that some SM Groups want to ask in the media.

Investigations and Indictments
It’s a must to monitor and root out any influence or involvement of Trump and Biden in this process. Absolutely no decision making should be controlled by them. It is exactly the same as rooting out the Satanic Establishment’s influence and control on any process.

Judiciary and Convictions
The same applies in this stage as well. Several SM Groups are complaining that Biden got paid and he is allowing Trump to continue with his crimes and mass murders. The process involves rooting out Biden’s involvement … Media Power will play a major role in holding back Biden.

Flushing out Biden from the White House
Biden doesn’t need an indictment or conviction to remove him from the White House. Simply take away the House and Senate from him in the Midterms and his Presidency will come to an end. This is an easy, direct and independent process that Biden cannot control.

Key to success
We don’t need this process only for Trump and Biden. We need to configure this process and use it for every other fraud that may enter the White House. We simply cannot just sit back and watch these frauds screw the country. If we don’t act then we will get one fraud after another and another and another … and we will get no progress for America at all. America will get screwed more and more … and the Satanic Establishment will have a gala time … which is exactly what’s happening as we speak.

The main keys to success in managing Presidencies are … activate multiple routes and each route should be fully independent of the President. If the President changes his track … then we allow him to stay … or we simply flush him out and work with the next President.

There is simply no reason for America to sit back and get screwed for a full 4 years under each fraud. Expedite the elimination of the frauds … so that they know that America won’t put up with bullshit leadership.

We have knocked out Establishment puppets … lets knock out the greedy pigs as well. There is no reason for the greatest country in the world to be run by greedy pigs.