The Nuclear Armageddon ahead
No, Nikki Haley … Biden is not fear mongering about the nuclear war. He is getting intelligence reports that Russia is preparing its citizens in case of a nuclear war. This is why Biden is saying that the world might be close to a Nuclear Armageddon.

Let’s help Mr. Biden avert the nuclear war. Its pretty easy … if you understand who to follow and who not to follow. Its easy if you follow the right steps. But if you do everything wrong then don’t expect the right outcome.

I think the lovely Michelle Obama should help Biden in this … it’s a critical issue.

The tide of war has changed
Well … firstly, congratulations are in order … Mr. Biden … you have won the first phase of the war. You have changed the tide of the war … Russia is no longer occupying more territories … it is retreating and Ukraine is taking back its territories. Your military advisers said that … “Russia would take over Ukraine within 72 hours”. Well, this is not the first time that the advisers in the White House have been wrong.

You got this victory mainly because you activated a multi-faceted strategy of … sanctioning Russia … maintaining peaceful relations with Russia … and at the same time empowering Ukraine with the manpower and the resources that it needs to protect itself. It was an excellent 3 fold strategy that you have implemented by coordinating with Europe. It’s a job well done … Parasite Biden.

Lol. Now, its time to end the war … its time for peace … and this is how you do it.

Don’t follow misleading advice
The systems in America, Europe to all the way to Russia … are rigged … by Establishment elements. There will be a lot of misleading from several directions. In the thick of this noise and misleading … you have to keep a cool head and make strong decisions based on facts and logic to get things done right.

This is something that you should learn from your Guru Trump. This is one thing that I liked about him and he did it really well. Doesn’t matter how much noise was created around him … he never followed shitty advice … he always followed what we showed in such crises to get success. This is why we were very successful in stopping all disasters and wars under Trump … not a single new war started under Trump. Why? He said bullshit to the advisers … and followed what was right based on facts and logic.

I will tell you one thing that I told Trump. These advisers are not chosen as President … your military and political advisers are not President … you are the President of the United States. You have been chosen to lead the country and not them … it is your responsibility to make the right decisions. And when you make the right decision … it is the responsibility of your entire team to pave the way to implement your decision. This is how “leaders” operate.

Don’t allow anyone to puppet you … decide what is right logically … and all of your advisers, team and Administration should pave the way in implementing your decisions and policies. That’s Presidential leadership. Trump did very well in this section. If he could do it … then you can do it too.

Who not to follow?
These are the key sources of misleading that come for both President Biden and President Putin.

President Joe Biden

  • Military and Political Advisers. Many advisers in the White House are generally full of shit. This is one of the key sources of misleading America via the President. The formula that you should use is … for any advice that you get from any source doesn’t matter what it is … filter the advice using “facts and logic”. If the advice shows you what to do right, using facts and logic … then you follow it … otherwise, simply flush it down the toilet.
  • Media Misleading. Media panic and hysteria was a major issue during Obama when we were dealing with issues of terrorism. Thankfully, it has been toned down to a great extent … thanks to SM coordination. Even then, you should understand that 90% of the mainstream media in the US is owned by the Establishment … you are not required to do everything that the media tells you to do. Filter everything using facts and logic … don’t follow bullshit from anyone.
  • Zelensky. This is a new element in the scene that can be a source of misleading. Yes, I agree … he is a hero … for standing up to Russia and protecting his country through the thick of war … I totally give him the credit for that. But there are issues with him that can make things worse for the world.

Zelensky’s Issues

  • Movie Styled. He is idealistic and not practical. He is going with theoretical formulas which won’t work in the real world … in fact, things can become worse.
  • Money and Power. He has banned his opposition party … he is getting billions in support for the war. As per his theoretical calculations … it is money and power forever for him … as long as he is at war with Russia. Which means that the guy will never want to stop this war … he will never want to make a peace deal as long as he remains in power and is benefiting from this war.
  • Blunders. In this yearning for a never ending war … Zelensky is making major blunders … like abandoning talks with Putin … asking for pre-emptive nuclear strikes on Russia … even wanting to go for Crimea and so on.

It’s a must to contain Zelensky … as he is pulling America and Europe towards a nuclear conflict with Russia … which is exactly what we want to avoid. You should keep in mind that … he has no resources and if we pull support … Ukraine will be toast in no time … which might or might not include Zelensky.

You should not follow Zelensky … this is not Ukraine’s personal war … the entire world is invested in this. Decisions have to be made for the good of the world in this war. You have to contain him and put him on a track of negotiations and settlements. Simply tell him that you will pull support if he doesn’t follow … Ukraine will fall within weeks with no support and Zelensky’s happily ever after will come to an end.

President Vladimir Putin
Here are one or two places where President Putin should take care of.

  • Advisers. The Establishment will play both sides … these guys are war specialists … they will incite and mislead both sides. They will even create events to push you on a track for a bigger war … for example … attack on the Nordstream Pipeline, attack on the Crimean bridge and attacks across Russian borders. All of these are Establishment activities to pull you into a conflict with the West. Once they create these events … they will use their puppet advisers to push you on a more aggressive path.
  • Media. Establishment elements own media channels right from America to Europe and all the way till Russia. Don’t fall for the misleading advice that comes from the media. It is all propaganda that only caters to Establishment objectives of a mutual destruction of America, Europe and Russia.

Its been almost one year since the war began and West has made it very clear that … they do not want a war against Russia in any form or size. They are not interested in war but everyone wants a peaceful solution and the end of this war.

Two simple measures can avert the Nuclear war

Firstly, don’t abandon peace talks
Russia is repeatedly saying that they are interested in peace talks and negotiations … but Mr. Zelensky has other plans. Yes, the tide of war has changed … the track that Zelensky is working on is of fullscale aggression against Russia and he has fully abandoned all talks with Russia … to the extent that … he is also saying that … “as long as Putin is in power, he is not going to talk to him”. This is bullshit.

The more you are going to push Putin in the corner … the more pressure you will put on him … the more likely he will implement more aggressive measures. I know, Putin started the war … he was misled by Trump … it was a major blunder … but still we cannot operate only theoretically. We need to create win-win situations to create peace. We have to give some winning points to Putin so that this war can come to an end without further bloodshed and destruction.

Secondly, use the strategy of … lose small to win big
Today, let’s thank God that … we were able to stop a world war … we were able to stop a nuclear war … and Ukraine still exists … Zelensky is still alive … and that we have an opportunity to end this war and make a peace deal.

Its extremely wise to use a strategy of … lose small to win big.

  • Crimea. I liked Elon Musk’s idea … this is the first good political advice he offered. Let’s agree to recognize Crimea as a part of Russia to end this war. This is a good start for negotiations. (Good job Musky … keep it up!) If Zelensky doesn’t want to give up any territory … then we know that this guy doesn’t want anything but endless war. We should make him understand that … if we pull support Ukraine won’t exist within weeks. It’s a must to contain Zelensky and put him on the right track.
  • Donbass. If Putin wants all of the annexed territories … I don’t think that we should give in … we should try to settle the matter with Donbass as a last resort. Ukraine should simultaneously work to quickly regain all territories surrounding Donbass. This is where Zelensky should be supported.
  • Russain grain exports. We cannot shut down all communications with Russia and show only fullscale aggression. It’s a must for us to show that we want peace … that we don’t hate Russia or Russians … we are not racists … and that we will welcome Russia to work with the world once this war ends.
    • In order to do this, we should immediately stop bans and limitations on Russian athletes, performers and tourists around the world. We should welcome Russia to participate in world events.
    • Secondly, we should allow Russia to export food grains to the world. The benefit of this is … on one hand, we show a welcome and peaceful sign to Russia … and on the other hand, we stop the suffering of millions of people owing to shortage of food grains around the world.
    • Lastly, we should repeatedly state in the media … using government officials, the State Department and leading politicians that … we are not interested in a war against Russia … a nuclear war is not on the table. This helps us ward off Establishment misleading from various sources and maintains Russia on a peaceful track.

You have done quite well … Parasite Biden … but not as effective as you could have been. You can learn a thing or two from Trump in these scenarios. I am also hoping that … I will stop calling you a parasite soon. Lol.

Its pretty easy to avert the Nuclear war … talk … communicate … and make actual peaceful and supportive efforts. You were successful in winning the first phase of the war and God willing, you will also win in ending this war … just work with facts and logic … don’t allow others to mislead you.

Michelle Obama … please help him.