Budget deficits reflect leadership performance

How each President has performed … it can be easily seen in the budget deficits. Its like a  company CEO … how much profit and how much loss he has delivered … it reflects his leadership. Let's apply the same to our lovely Presidents … it will give a very clear, transparent and exact picture of each Presidency.

Bill Clinton (1993-2001)
Take a look at the graph below …

He's the best performing President in US history … he took a massive deficit and created a massive surplus out of it … created record breaking jobs, best relations with Russia while he was facing a huge sex scandal, ridicule and impeachment. Look at the graph … do you see any President performing better than him throughout the 1900s?

Monica Lewinski was nothing but Establishment malice … this scheme was designed because of what would happen in the next Presidency … we were going to hit a debt of $10 trillion. The War on Terror was needed … Bush had to be made President … thus Bill Clinton's sex scandal was designed.

Bill Clinton is national treasure … a phenomenal leader … who led America out of its crisis all on his own capability and genius. I salute you Mr. Bill Clinton … you are a hero … a national treasure … May God shower you with love, happiness and respect in every step of your life. A lot of love and respect for you, Sir.

Now, let's take a look at the junk that came into the White House after Bill Clinton.

George Bush (2001-2009)
The Monica Lewinski propaganda worked in favor of the Establishment and Bush became President. Bush started new wars … America got budget deficits of $200 billion to $400 billion per year. The War on Terror was launched to keep America busy with fear, hate and division … nobody talked about deficits or debt during Bush. At the end of his Presidency … we came to know that we have $10 Trillion in National Debt. A debt of $5 Trillion was added during Bush's two terms.

This is what you need to note here … the Establishment was so petrified of hitting a debt of $10 Trillion that it designed fake terrorist groups, blew up buildings, started the War on Terror and killed more than a million people. It was petrified at deficits of only $200 - 400 billion.

Why was it petrified? Because its systems create wealth drain from the country by the trillions and the Establishment knew that America would never be able to pay off a debt of $10 Trillion. The exposure of this debt crisis and an attempt to solve it would involve exposing their monopoly and wealth drain in the country as well. The Establishment chose to kill a million people via wars rather than get exposed.

George Bush was one of the first recent US President to screw America … his entire Presidency was nothing but a cover up of the ongoing debt crisis. Bush was coined the worst President in US history.

Now, let’s take a look at the Presidents that came next and compare them with Bush as the base line.

Barack Obama (2009 - 2017)
Obama started new wars in his first term and gave hundreds of billions to corporations as handouts … ending up creating more than a trillion dollars in budget deficits per year. When it came to budget deficits, Obama was technically 5 times worse than Bush.

However, Obama makes a major turning point in his second term … he fires Hillary Clinton who had started the new wars and starts slashing budget deficits every single year. From $1.4 Trillion in deficits Obama reduces it to $440 billion … he reduced the deficits by 3 times … but still remained at the peak of deficits created by Bush.

Obama was overwhelmed by Establishment malice coming in from all directions in his first term … he was all alone at the top trying to stop the wars, reducing deficits and also keeping his Party happy.

Donald Trump (2017 - 2021)
The Obama Presidency was marked by full of Establishment malice, wars, stagnation and very slow action from the President. Trump was chosen as President to take America forward from Obama to dismantle the Establishment and create a new era for America. Lets' see how this wonderful gentleman performed with the task that he was given.

Obama successfully ended the War on Terror … a few remnants of the war were wiped out by Trump in his early days of the Presidency. Trump ended up being the President who ended the War on Terror and wiped out terrorism from the world. It was an excellent start for Donald Trump. No one expected these wars to come to an end so quickly and so easily under a new President.

The Greedy Pig Crisis
The War on Terror crisis came to a very quick end under Trump … however, America entered a new type of crisis that would be 10 times worse than the War on Terror … it’s the Greedy Pig Crisis. Establishment puppets were eliminated from Presidential races and alternate leaders were given the White House to stop all exploitation systems and fix America's problems. Instead of any crisis getting fixed … we got a new crisis … of greedy pigs interested only in looting America by the trillions.

Donald Trump - Greedy Pig I
Trump was the first Greedy Pig who was given the White House … look at the graph below …

There were absolutely no new wars under Trump … but he continuously and repeatedly raised the budget deficit via more and more spending. Obama gave him an economy with only $440 Billion in deficit and Trump raised the deficits to about a $1 Trillion … when Covid began … the deficits skyrocketed to $3 Trillion. Trump repeatedly spent trillions and trillions in Covid relief packages when it was not even required.

If you compare Trump with Bush then he is 15 times worse than Bush. The Establishment was panicking at $200 - 400 Billion in deficits … but our lovely Greedy Pig shamelessly spent trillion and trillions without any conscience, responsibility or accountability … dumping all debt on the American people and then walked away.

Joe Biden - Greedy Pig II (2021 - 202?)
Trump created a whooping amount of additional debt of about $10 Trillion in a single term. Because Trump went on a looting spree and he would not fix any of America's problems … the lovely Joe Biden was made President.

Biden was chosen as President because … Obama had created a major turning point for America by stopping wars and ending terrorism. It was expected Obama to guide Biden … help him become better than Trump and lead America in solving all of its crises.

But interestingly and amusingly … America got its second Greedy Pig in Joe Biden. Biden went on a full-scale looting spree since day one … starting with spending trillions in Covid relief funding despite already having hundreds of billions left over from the previous relief packages.

Biden doesn't have just one but he has several multi-trillion dollar mass spending policies even though America is $30 Trillion in debt. Biden comes up with a budget of $6 Trillion … when the actual total collection in revenue for America is a mere $3 Trillion. The guy greedily and shamelessly blows up twice the amount that America collects.

Under Biden … America is getting $2 - 3 Trillion in budget deficits every single year. When we compare this with Bush … Biden is 10-15 times worse than Bush.

The Greedy Pig Crisis is costing America 10 times more than the War on Terror
The key thing that we need to understand here is that … the Greedy Pig crisis is costing America 10 times more than the War on Terror. There are no terrorist groups … there are no wars … there are no armies of terrorists … there are no soldiers on the ground … there is no terrorism … but even then … just because we have one Greedy Pig in the White House … America is losing 10 times more than it lost in the War on Terror.

Al Qaeda and ISIS … cost us peanuts when compared to the Greedy Pigs in the White House.

President Vs CEO
To understand what is going on and what should be done … let us use another baseline to compare the performance of our lovely Presidents. Just imagine … if a company CEO that you hired … gives you a trillion dollars in losses … then would you allow him to keep his job for another year? There is no way for the company to shell out a trillion dollars in losses and the CEO creates a loss of another trillion next year … then what would you do?

In the normal world … the CEO would immediately get fired the moment he creates such massive losses for the company. But if you look at what is happening is that … the guy creates losses by a trillion year after year … and now, he is probably the leading candidate in the Republican Party.

And the guy we have in power … even without Covid, he is creating losses of $2 Trillion per year … he is two times worse than Trump. The guy who is creating losses of $2 Trillion per year … he is saying that … "no, no … I am the good guy … the bad guy is Trump. Don't elect Trump … give me the votes in these Midterms … support me and keep me in power."

Choosing between Trump and Biden is like choosing … to go down the drain one trillion dollars at a time or going down the drain two trillion dollars at a time. That’s the choice that America has to make in this Greedy Pig crisis.

Obama not classified as a Greedy Pig
Yes, even Obama performed 5 times worse than Bush … but we have not classified him as a greedy pig. Because if you look at the figure below …

The problems during the Obama Era were mostly Party and Establishment based. He had an Establishment puppet, Hillary Clinton, creating new wars right under his nose and there was massive Establishment misleading from all directions. Obama fired Hillary and if you look at the graph … he continuously reduced the deficits by 3 times. Not only Obama reduced the deficits but he also played a major role in terminating the War on Terror crisis.

The deficits during Obama was not because of his own personal greed and self-designed mass spending … it was mainly because of the Party and the Establishment which he tried to rectify as much as he could. That’s the key difference between Obama and Trump & Biden. All of the mass spending and resultant deficits under Trump and Biden are mostly because of their own greed and self-designed mass spending schemes.

Yes, I know … Obama wasn’t an Angel … but he wasn’t a greedy pig either. It was Trump who officially launched the Greedy Pig crisis.

America is getting raped by its President … again and again
We thought that the wars are over … terrorism is wiped out … Establishment puppets are rooted out and the job is done. But we are doing 10 times worse than Bush and this Greedy Pig crisis is costing America 10 times more than the War on Terror.

To stop wars … we have flushed out Establishment puppets … but the leaders we have put in the White House … they are uncontrolled, irresponsible, shameless greedy pigs without any conscience whatsoever. The Presidency has become nothing but an opportunity to loot as many trillions as possible … dump as much debt on the American people as possible … and then walk away shamelessly with your bags of cash … putting all of the garbage that you have done on the American people for the next guy to fix it.

Does it look like the next guy is fixing anything? Is Biden fixing the highest trade deficits and debt created by Trump? No, Biden is piling his own truck load of trash on America. No one is fixing anything … its just open plain loot of America … and then walking away … again and again.

America is getting raped by its President … again and again. Trump raped America for 4 years … and now, Biden is raping America since 2 years.

Simple Solution
The solution for the crisis is very simple … to stop the wars … we flushed out Establishment puppets and took away the decision making power from them. Similarly, to end the Greedy Pig crisis … we need to flush out the greedy pigs from the White House and take away the decision making power from them. Since they are not Establishment puppets … we can try to change their tracks … but if they stick to their open, immoral, uncontrolled and shameless loot of the country … then its only right to flush them out.