The Obama-Biden Team Bargaining
Here's how the Obama-Biden team wastes time in "bargaining" ... see, how they reduce the offer based upon their own needs.

  1. Trump will give you $200 Billion?? Don't worry we will give you $20 Billion just to start with.
  2. When things start falling apart and they want to assure their commitment for the work - we support you a 100% ... you will get the full $1 Billion to start the work.
  3. When they get upset with any of my criticisms ... we will give you 50% of the funding that you need to start the work.
  4. When they get comfy and don't see the need to work ... how about we give you a million dollars to start the work?
  5. When I talk about changing their mass spending policies ... how about you work with me in the White House? I will give you a good salaried job.
  6. When I talk about them losing in polls, popularity and in elections ... then forget about offering any financial support ... they start reminding me that "hey, we maintain your security".
  7. When I talk about Republicans taking over the House and Senate ... then ... "Republicans won't keep you safe ... we keep you safe. Don't be upset ... go get some pussy".
  8. This is Obama in chill mode. "Take it easy ... you don't need to contact him at all. Just use him to get the Presidency and then follow the Party. That's what I did ... you don't need to worry about what he says."

Obama and Biden ... they start off with $20 billion ... and then move to $1 billion ... then $1 million ... and then a good salary ... and then just be happy with the security that we provide for you and go get some. Lol ... at any moment in time ... since the last two years ... you will find Obama-Biden stuck to any of the above equations. They sit there bargaining with me as if they are paying from their own pockets for the work. Lol. Its not even their money … they just have to pull strings to get the funding from a third party. What’s with the bargaining?

What is this? Its basically a waste of time. Its just another gimmick to do nothing and waste time.

The Obama Indoctrination
Reportedly, this is how Obama has been training and guiding Presidential candidates including Trump, Oprah, Warren and Biden.

  1. Run all Party policies. Take all policies that the Party wants to run and make them your own ... because you need the nomination from the Party. If the Party won't nominate you then you will not become President ... so, accept and stick to Party policies.
  2. Use the Active Democracy guy to become President. If you get his endorsement then you will get the votes to become President ... he makes Presidents ... so, make all promises that he wants to hear to get his approval and endorsement.
  3. Party puppet established. Once you become President, then take it easy with the Active Democracy guy and run all Party policies ... just make sure to keep him safe ... as he provides good guidance about wars.

Biden is only the frontend problem ... the key problem why Biden is not changing his track is ... Barack Obama. Obama is repeating exactly what he did during his Presidency ... it worked during his Presidency because it was a transition phase ... but now it is creating frauds. Obama doesn't realize that ... he still thinks that he is creating successful Presidents when he is actually creating frauds.

This is the "Obama Problem" in American Presidential leadership. We brought Obama in Presidential leadership to take things forward and solve America's problems ... but amusingly and unexpectedly, Obama has become baggage. He lives 10 years back in time ... trying to repeat what he did ... which is resulting in the creation of frauds and disasters for America.

We only have to solve the debt crisis
This is what Michelle should understand ... who eliminated the War on Terror? You, me and God eliminated the War on Terror. We worked together with Presidents and with SM support at the ground level ... we eliminated the War on Terror. Was there anyone standing against these wars? Was there anyone showing you the Establishment malice in these wars? Was there anyone else showing you how Israel, Netanyahu and the Establishment are connected and benefiting from these wars? Was there anyone telling you how to manage this and what to do? Was there anyone from your military or political advisers able to help you on this?

No, nobody stood up ... nobody guided you ... nobody showed you what is going on and what has to be done. It is only you, me and God that helped Presidents change America's direction with SM support at the ground level to stop these wars, wipe out terrorism and end the War on Terror.

I wrote what had to be done ... you guided your hubby in the White House ... SM started containing the malice in the media and the ground level ... and then when Obama and Trump took the right moves ... we got the right results.

Do you see anyone solving the debt crisis?
Similarly, do you see anyone solving the debt crisis? Do you see anyone talking about the debt crisis ... how it is created and what should be done to eliminate this crisis? Do any of your military or political or financial advisers have a plan for this?

No, nobody is going to help you to do this. Because nobody understands the Establishment structures that create this debt crisis ... nobody understands the structural changes that are needed to address all of these crises.

Look at what Obama and Biden are doing ... the guy comes up with $3 Trillion spending package under every pretext ... he comes up with a $6 trillion budget when our total revenue collection is of about $3 Trillion per year. Do you think he will solve the debt crisis? Let alone solving any crisis ... we have the highest debt, deficits, inflation and cost of living under the wonderful leadership of Obama and Biden. Our leaders are apparently too greedy to look beyond their pockets at the problems that the people face.

We only have to step forward to solve these crises ... nobody else is going to do this. With God's help and SM's coordination ... we only have to take the initiative and bring about structural revolutions in America to get this done.

The more we delay this ... the bigger problem we have to deal with. Biden's mass spending is not making anything easy ... he will just pile trillions and trillions more in debt and just walk away with his bag of cash. That’s the track that all of these fraudulent candidates are working on … loot as much as you can … dump all of the trillions in debt on the people and walk away with your bag of cash … let the next guy clean up the trash that you have piled up. Nothing is going to become easy by not doing anything ... its only going to get worse and worse ... and we have to manage all of the trash that these greedy leaders leave behind.

These are a few things that you have to keep in mind to lead America hereon.

  1. Don't wait for Obama and Biden. I am not totally ruling them out ... I will work with them if they commit to solving America's crises. But its not wise to sit back doing nothing and waiting for them.
  2. Go solo. Going solo is the most powerful, effective and successful way of working in these times of multiple crises. Wait for nobody and move ahead solo ... we will show you who to work with next.
  3. Elon Musk. He is the highest preferred candidate if Biden doesn't care to lead. Pull him in the game to lead America ... we will make him President ... 2028 or 2024 or even sooner is also possible.
  4. Obama needs to take a backseat. This fine gentleman has screwed 4 Presidential candidates till date ... Trump, Oprah, Warren and now Biden. Everyone wants Obama to relax for a while. He can join the work only as a listener and observer. Once he can show that he can stand against the Party and Establishment to do what is right for the people ... then we will pull him in the lead game.

These are the key things you have to follow ... if we don't do this ... then America is going to get more and more screwed. The Establishment is just sitting there and enjoying the amount of screw-up that we have to manage and clean. This is basically what they are working on right now ... the highest amount of screw-ups ... the more the number of screw-ups ... the more difficult it will be to save America. If we sit and do nothing ... the bigger the mess we will have to deal with later on.