Biden is running a full-scale fear mongering campaign against Republicans ... most of his fear mongering is false and misleading. This is again the repetition of an Obama re-election gimmick ... we showed that Mitt Romney is a corporate leech and it would be a disaster under him and great things are possible under Obama. This was actually a fact during Obama. Right now, Biden is trying to repeat the same gimmick trying to demonize Republicans and show them as a threat to America ... when in reality it is completely untrue.

Biden is a mega disaster
As per the current state of affairs, Biden is a mega disaster ... not Republicans or Trump. There were no disasters under Trump ... no several multi-trillion dollar spending programs ... no blowing up trillions on climate change ... no shutting down of oil, gas or coal ... no wars ... no inflation and no high cost of living ... all of these disasters exist under Biden.

Amusingly, the guy who has several simultaneous ongoing disasters under his Presidency is saying that ... "no, no, no ... I am the good guy ... my opposition is the one who is bad". It is all false information and hollow fear mongering.

We told Biden two simple words ... "surpass Trump". He didn't care to understand ... nor did he care to surpass Trump in any way ... and instead, he is running all disasters out there. Biden is the one running disasters and he is trying to create a disastrous image out of Republicans.

Fearing Biden’s fear mongering

Biden is trying to use Obama’s fear mongering of “the worst that can happen with the other Party” in order to pull votes for himself … but what’s actually terrifying about Biden’s fear mongering is that …

  • Biden is trying to show himself as the “right candidate running the right policies”
  • Which means that Biden has no plans to change his disastrous policies or mass spending
  • Which means that America is going to go through a disastrous phase as long as Biden is in the White House

This is again the repetition of Obama’s Party puppetry in the Biden Presidency. The world witnessed terrorist groups turn into armies of terrorists, several countries were destroyed, civil wars were created, a million people were killed and more than ten million people were displaced from their homes … this is what happened during the Obama Presidency.

Stopping the wars was “a one hour job” … but it took 8 years for Obama to turn the tide of wars … as he was stuck to what his advisers were saying and Party puppetry. Obama had everything in facts and logic in front of him … that these were open disasters for the world … millions of innocent people were dying … but it was incredibly slow and difficult to change his track.

This is exactly what is happening under Biden … again we have Party puppetry and again advisers are being followed … again we have disasters in terms of wars and economy with the highest debt, deficits, inflation and cost of living. Despite all of the facts in black and white on paper … Biden is still portraying himself as the good guy and trying to demonize Republicans … when in fact, there is zero trillions in spending from any Republican policy nor do they have a non-stop war agenda with them.

This is the most terrifying aspect of a leader misleading his people and his country … that he tries to portray his disasters as success for America … and that we should stick to these disasters. Republicans are not terrifying … but its Biden’s misleading that is terrifying.

Obama: For Heaven’s sake … please stop trying to repeat your Presidency via Biden. You are creating nothing but frauds and disasters out there.

I challenged Biden to indict and convict Trump ... and he generally has two responses for this ...

  • We are a united America ... we should stop dividing ourselves.
  • America is big enough for everyone ... everyone can succeed in America. Why do you have to fail others in order to succeed?

Let's respond to Biden's statements ...

One. Yes, Mr. Biden ... we are a united America and in this united America some people live inside the jail and the rest live outside ... there is a pretty good reason why we have this system in our "united America". Why should murderers get an exception when they warm up your pocket? Is this how you "unite" America ... through warmed up pockets?

Two. Yes, America is big enough for everyone to succeed ... but only one person can succeed as President at a time. If Elon Musk succeeds in becoming President ... then in this "big America" ... you will fail as President. That's how the system works.

Some people think that I am endorsing Trump or helping Trump by showing Biden's disastrous leadership. But that's not the objective at all ... its true that Trump was 10 times better than Biden ... or should we say that Biden is 10 times worse than Trump ... the latter makes more sense.

Yes, there were no wars, no disasters, no multi-trillion dollar mass spending, no shutting down of oil, gas or coal, no confrontation with Russia ... but still America was burning in a debt crisis as Trump was not changing any system. Trump was holding America hostage by not breaking Establishment monopoly and not taking things forward.

Both, Trump and Biden, are disastrous leaders
Biden was supposed to take things forward from Trump ... but instead, he unleashed several disastrous policies. Just because Trump didn't take America forward, it doesn't mean that Biden's disastrous policies are right for America. And just because Biden is running disastrous policies, it doesn't mean that we should go back to Trump's hostage crisis all over again. America doesn't need to shuttle between two disasters.

The fact that America is facing today is that ... both of them ... Trump and Biden ... have shown themselves to be disastrous leaders who are incapable of leading America and are incapable of solving any of America's crises. The right track for America is ... if these leaders remain on their current incompetent and disastrous tracks ... then both of them deserve to be removed from leadership ... and America should pull in more capable and talented leaders like Elon Musk in the White House.

We are not putting leaders in the White House so that they can defraud America and screw us for tens of trillions of dollars and then walk away with their bags of cash. That's not the purpose of pulling these guys in the White House. Its a must to revise American leadership ... and pull in leaders who can actually solve America's crises.

Oprah endorses Fetterman
Well, the only people who support Biden’s disastrous policies and leadership are fools, frauds or friends. I guess Oprah falls in the friends category … she is probably just trying to be friends with Obamas and help out Democrats in the Midterms.

But my dear lady … if you were a true friend … then you would be pretty honest and upfront about the disastrous policies that Biden is running. You wouldn’t support him in his disasters … you would stop him by all means possible and try to change his track. Allowing and supporting your friend to burn down his Presidency and burn down America … is not something that a friend would do.

Democrats need to stand up to Biden
I actually thank Joe Manchin for standing up to Joe Biden and calling out his disastrous idea of shutting down all coal plants across America. Thank you, Mr. Joe Manchin … America needs men with balls to lead the country. America is getting mostly men with pussies or greedy dicks to the lead the country.

Its time Democrats stood up to Biden … call out his fraudulent and disastrous actions and policies … and change the track of his Presidency. Or … or … Biden is not only going to burn down his Presidency … but he is also going to burn down the Democrat Party’s chance for a win in 2024 and he will burn down America along with that.

For the good of the Democrat Party and for the good of America … Democrats need to stand up to Biden. Enough of this fraudulent loot of America and disastrous leadership … if they stand by Biden … then the entire Party is going to lose.