SM furious at Barack Obama being kept in the team
There is fury all across SM Groups as to why Obama is being kept in the team. Several SM Groups want Obama, Trump and Biden out of Presidential leadership ... I am working against them to keep Obama in the team. They are questioning as to why I am giving in to the request of one Lady and giving instant access to Presidential leadership for a guy who has been a disaster through 4 Presidential candidates.

Their question is ... the guy doesn't even care to coordinate with you ... he only maintains complete stagnation, allows others to go for their trillions of loot, destroys one Presidency after another ... then we have to pick a new guy to do things differently ... but Obama enters the picture and screws up even the next guy. For heavens sake, why is this guy in the team?

Barack will be Michelle's responsibility
Well, let me just say that ... firstly, Michelle is promising change and the right type of leadership. Secondly, we will put in measures so that the next President doesn't get screwed again. Yes, it is because of Michelle's request that Obama is being kept in the team ... and I will make it her responsibility to manage her hubby.

America is like a building on fire
What SM Groups should keep in mind is that ... Obama is not a bad guy ... he is a good guy ... I like him. But the problem is that ... he is too nice to stand up to others ... he allows everyone to do their shit. We are in times where America is the victim of a malicious widespread criminal Establishment that is killing more than 60,000 Americans via drugs ... has killed more than million Americans via pandemics ... drains trillions of taxpayer money every year ... has put America in a $30 plus trillion debt ... and our lovely Barack Obama ... this fine gentleman ... he doesn't like to stand up to anyone.

He doesn't like to stop anyone ... thus we get the highest debt, deficits, cost of living, inflation, wars, world migration and pandemics. We need someone to kick ass ... to put their foot down to do what is right ... to stand against what is wrong ... to fight against criminal systems ... to fight to protect the people ... to dismantle malicious systems and to create a new era ... in this scenario "Obama is a profile mismatch".

Barack Obama is a "profile mismatch"
Obama is not someone who will say no ... he is not someone who will kick ass ... he is not someone that will dismantle any organization or system ... he is not someone who will create something new that will dismantle the existing malicious system. Its not that Obama is a bad guy ... its simply a profile mismatch.

Why is Obama still in the team?
So, why is Obama still in the team? Because the greatest thing about Obama is "Michelle Obama" ... Obama served as a carrier to bring the lovely Michelle to the forefront of Presidential leadership. She has been an excellent pillar of support and security through the past 10 years ... something that no President has done before for us.

Obama, a dishonest Party puppet who is creating frauds who are creating disasters out there
Do you know why I wrote a page especially to protect Barack Obama? The hot news is that ... like I said before ... there is a pro-team and an anti-team for every politician out there ... that's how SM evaluates everyone. As per the anti-Obama team ... they define him as "a dishonest Party puppet who is creating frauds who are creating disasters out there." This is the one line summary that they have provided for Barack Obama's Presidential leadership.

They claim that his lack of action and lack of leadership has destroyed 4 Presidential candidates ... firstly, himself ... he took 8 years for a one hour job ... and then he destroyed Trump ... he didn't encourage Trump to work with us either ... and then Warren ... reportedly he advised her only to give signals and not work with us directly ... thus, she didn't change any of her policies ... and now Biden is the 4th candidate that is being destroyed by Obama.

Obama evaluated as the most disastrous President of our generation
Obama thinks that he is a great President and a great leader ... but some SM Groups see him as a serial Presidency killer ... he keeps on destroying one Presidency after another. Among all Presidents ... Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden ... they have evaluated Obama to be the most "disastrous and stagnant" President. This report came to me also as a shock.

This is how they evaluate the destruction that he has brought about ...

  • Obama Presidency. Created about $10 Trillion of additional debt during his Presidency
  • Trump Presidency. As he didn't push Trump nor did he directly contact us during Trump to save America ... again another $10 Trillion were piled up on the National debt
  • Biden Presidency. Even during Biden ... he doesn't care to contact us nor does he push Biden to contact us ... thus continuing and piling up on America's disasters by another $10 Trillion"

Bringing a total of about $30 Trillion of debt created by Obama's stagnation and inaction. He got the economy with only $10 Trillion in debt and he has created 3 times more debt by not fixing any of America's problems.

And this is just the debt ... if you look at the wars, countries destroyed and lives lost ... it is a colossal disaster as well ...

  • Half dozen countries bombed during Obama
  • A million people killed and more than 10 million people displaced from their homes
  • A world migration crisis
  • A widespread pandemic again where more than a million Americans died
  • A new war with millions again displaced and tens of thousands killed
  • A new migration crisis all over again

This is what Obama is facilitating by his inaction and stagnation. He might be thinking that ... it is a nice gimmick where he can easily win a trillion dollar Presidential lottery by just some signaling ... and his guys go on a looting spree and not giving a shit about fixing any problems ... but he doesn't realize that he is being the most disastrous and destructive candidate in the team.

Obama was pulled in the team to coordinate and fix America's problems ... and not to become an obstacle and do the opposite. This is the reason several SM Groups are furious at Obama being made a part of the team again ... because of his repetitive disasters.

Obama chills while America burns
Michelle ... what you should understand is that ... America's crises are like that of a building on fire. When there is a building on fire and people are screaming for help ... the worst thing that you can do is ... stand there doing nothing and go on a looting spree instead of saving the people. Obama's inaction and stagnation ... refusal to coordinate and fix problems is creating nothing but ... thieves in a burning building.

This is the baggage that our lovely, nice and humble Barack Obama is ... and this is what you have to manage. You asked me to make him a part of the team ... I agreed ... now, it is your job to understand the baggage that your hubby is and manage him.

The first thing that you have to overcome to lead America right is Obama, Biden and Trump. All of the 3 were chosen to lead America and fix America's crises ... but all of the 3 have become obstacles in the way who sit there looting America while it burns. The biggest obstacle among the 3 reportedly happens to be your own hubby ... Barack Obama.

SM Groups don't want anyone in the White House who follows Obama or Trump
Well, this was an expected development. Obama spends 14 years in Presidential leadership … 2 of his terms, 1 Trump term and 2 years of Biden. … in total 14 years of key Presidential leadership and he doesn't fix a single Establishment crisis … not in a single sphere Establishment monopoly is broken down.

Not only SM wants to flush out Obama, Trump and Biden … but they don't want anyone who follow Obama or Trump in the White House … as they will only create party puppetry, won't solve any crises and go on a full-scale multi-trillion dollar loot of America.

With Biden's completion of his Presidency … it is going to be 16 years of Obama's incompetence. A new born child can learn how to talk, walk and go to school … and graduate from high school before Obama can rise and make some change in the country. Can we actually blame SM for being frustrated and furious at Obama?

Designing a win-win scenario
Well, logically it makes sense ... but dear ladies ... the difference between Obama and Trump is that ... Obama is family. That too when Michelle is requesting to keep him in the game ... I cannot totally flush him out. I think I can design a win-win solution for this issue.

This is the current scenario that we have at hand:

  • SM doesn't want the next President to be guided or dictated by Obama and Trump
  • Michelle wants Obama in the game
  • Obama has been repeating his Presidency which is leading to the creation of frauds who are creating disasters out there
  • The next President should dismantle the current exploitation systems and create a new era"

I think that the win-win solution in this will be that ... Obama will work with me and Michelle ... he will not directly dictate or recommend any policies or party puppetry to the next candidate. This way Obama will be a part of the game ... but he will not control or dictate or influence the policies or actions of the next President.

And thus ...

  • SM fears the repetition of the Obama Presidency again ... they fear another failure like Biden. This will be avoided as Obama will not dictate, direct or influence any actions or policies of the next President.
  • Michelle's request will be granted ... Obama will continue to be a part of the game.
  • Obama will not repeat his Presidency ... SM doesn't need to worry about Mr. Nice not taking action against the criminals
  • The next President will coordinate with us and evaluate everything independently and work on a new track without party puppetry ... thus taking America into a new era

Everybody wins ... SM, Michelle, Obama, the next President (Elon Musk hopefully), myself and America. I appreciate you guys putting your "Obama issues" on the table. Don't fear him ... he is a nice guy ... at the same time, don't hate him ... he can change ... Michelle will help him change.

Prioritize moving ahead with the Musk Presidency
Yes, yes ... I will give Michelle details of all issues that come from Obama ... let her manage it.

Prioritize moving ahead solo with Elon Musk ... this should be our number one priority. You guys did a great job in managing the balance of power in America in the Midterms ... this was the first major step to create the Elon Musk Presidency. We have to move ahead with the next step ... figure out all routes of getting it done.

Yeah, I also got the news that Trump seems to be crawling in Elon Musk's ears. We have to maintain Musky independent of Trump. We can't allow Trump to screw Musky as he screwed Joe Biden.