Yes, we make Presidents
Yes, yes … we make and dismantle Presidencies. Making President is as simple as a team building exercise for us. The next Presidency in the works is the … Michelle-Musk Presidency … at least, it is already in the screening process. Let’s give a brief overview to Michelle and Elon Musk … what the actual crisis is … how it has to be solved and what has happened under the wonderful leadership of Obama, Trump and Biden. So that, it helps you take things forward.

The Establishment Crisis
America and several countries especially in the West are plagued by an Establishment crisis … this crisis is facilitated by the Establishment monopoly in the banks, corporations, manufacturing, media, politics, education and even control in religion. The end result of this monopoly has been …

  • Trillions in wealth drain … the people and the governments go trillions in debt while the corporations make trillions in profits.
  • Wars and death. Al Qaeda, ISIS, the War on Terror, the anti-Russian propaganda … a possible nuclear world war and a new world ruled by the Communist China … are all nothing but results of the same Establishment monopoly.
  • Pandemics. When we averted wars and world wars … the Establishment has put the world through various diseases and pandemics … Ebola, Zika Virus and Corona are some examples of their activities.
  • End Result. The end result of this Establishment monopoly and its associated malice has been … the killing of millions of people, the displacement of tens of millions of people, the destruction of several countries, several wars, pandemics, the highest debt, deficits, cost of living, inflation and we are on the verge of a war against Russia.

This is nothing new … this is a situation that has been evolving to be more and more drastic and destructive since George W Bush … that is since 2000 … since 22 years. Things are becoming worse and worse … more and more destruction and more and more countries are being destroyed … thanks to the wonderful incompetence of our chosen leaders … Obama, Trump and Biden.

SM – Power of the People
Apart from the Establishment and our wonderful incompetent leaders … we also have another entity in the game that is … SM … Silent Majority. It was silent before … but once I entered the game … it is silent no more. It is extremely active and dynamic … it’s the Power of the People. Tens of millions of SM Groups from various fields of life … corporations, politics, media, celebrities, intelligence, police and legal networks … form the SM Network.

It is actually SM that makes and dismantles Presidencies … I am only the Director of Strategy and Planning … among the several other Directors on the Board.

Basic Structure – To save and liberate America
It’s a long story … I am trying to cut it short. To save and liberate America from this Satanic Establishment crisis … that leeches by the trillions, kills by the millions and keeps on creating more and more drastic crises for the world … I designed a “Basic Structure” that needs to be followed.

SM was basically interested in putting on their cowboy hats … and taking down the bad guys … break a few bones to fix a few problems. But I condemned and rejected this track as it would create a criminal out of every SM Group involved. Instead, I proposed the dismantling of the current exploitation systems and the creation of a new era for the people with new “people-centric” systems.

For this the coordination of the political spectrum was required … working with the President was required … and thus, we got involved in the making and dismantling of Presidents. The Basic Structure is as follows …

  1. Contact. The President needs to coordinate with us to understand the Establishment monopoly, its misleading and malicious activities so that he can formulate the right strategies and line of action to fix each crisis.
  2. Campaign. Once the Presidential candidate coordinates with us … then SM observes how well the candidate actually campaigns for these changes and reforms in America. It is based upon this coordination and campaign that the Presidency is given.
  3. Change. And then the ground support to the candidate is given so that he can fight and reform America in every sphere possible.
  4. Continue. The candidate then continues to support and protect the new systems created.

While the candidate is on this track … we obviously help him dodge all disasters and wars. This is a simple basic structure we put in the plan to identify the right candidate who will fit into this structure and then the Presidency is given to him.

Obama Era – The Contact Scam
Obamas know us since about 12 years now … that’s since his second year of his first term. During this phase, there was no direct coordination required … our only objective in this phase was to stop the wars. We wanted the US President to follow what we write … understand what was going on … understand Establishment malice and terminate these wars for good.

Obama works at super slow snail speed … a snail can take 3 laps around the field before Obama can take one step ahead. Obama sits there reading and chilling … as if we are some entertainment channel … as if I am running some damn show. He has no idea about the SM Network or the Matrix … he has no idea that tens of millions of SM Groups are watching him and his every move.

However, by the time President Snail takes even one step … two years pass by and its about re-election time for Obama. Mitt Romney was an Establishment puppet and a corporate leech … we endorsed Obama for President in 2012 and requested SM to get him re-elected.

Obama had screwed up his Presidency … he had flipped against his anti-war campaign … he was bombing half a dozen countries instead of stopping the wars as per his promises. Obama was so ashamed of his leadership that he himself dropped the use of “Yes, we can” slogan in 2012 … a slogan that was his signature in 2008. But to Obama’s surprise … one guy sits on the other side of the Ocean and writes in his favor … and voila … support for Mitt Romney tanks and Obama gets re-elected.

The design of the Contact Scam
So now … as per Obama’s experience … this is what needs to happen …

  • Favorable writings. I should write in the candidates favor.
  • Polls and votes. The candidate will automatically be given the required ratings, polls and votes to get the Presidency.
  • Party Puppetry. Once the candidate gets the Presidency … then we are back to party puppetry … and doing everything that the party says.

Why did Obama design this? Because that’s what happened to him and that’s what he did. It coincidentally fell into place … because we had to stop the wars first in order to move on to the next step … but it became a “success formula” for our lovely Barack Obama.

Obama, the Presidential Guru, creating a series of frauds and failures
Thanks to Trump … he wiped out all funding and support in war zones … which automatically led to the elimination of ISIS and terrorism from the world … the War on Terror officially came to an end. Now, was the time to bring about change and reforms in America. Now, Look at the wonderful leadership that Obama has provided us through the years.

Obama Failure 01 – Donald Trump
Among the 3 … Obama is the most experienced candidate. Trump was new in the game … okay, if Trump was not coordinating … couldn’t Obama step forward and say … “To hell with Trump … I will work with you … let’s save America from these crises”? No … Trump doesn’t do shit … nor does Obama.

Obama doesn’t push or encourage Trump to work with us … but even Trump sits there using the “contact scam”.

  • Make false tweets and indirect signals that … “I love you … I will work with you … I support you” and bla bla bla … but never make an actual contact to bring about actual change in America.
  • To the extent of using his own agents to provide false information about me … and make every excuse possible not to work with us.

As per Obama’s calculations … Trump was giving all of the “signals” therefore … I am supposed to push SM to keep on supporting Trump and his loot of America by the trillions.

Obama Failure 02. Oprah
We said that … “there is no support for Trump … he is going to get impeached and he will be removed from office”. Then Oprah starts signaling that she is interested in running for President. She was not the first candidate to step forward to replace Trump … Hillary was interested first … she was a monster, we rejected even the idea of working with her … she has been maintained invisible in politics since.

Then they proposed Joe Biden … he was too weak and brittle … we refused to support him as well … as we knew that he would buckle to Establishment pressure. And look for yourself … it was the right decision … the guy can’t even surpass Trump let alone handle the Establishment.

However, we approved Oprah … but she also followed the Obama “Contact Scam” … she sits there giving signals via the media that … “she supports us … ready to learn … will give us a billion dollars” … and bla bla bla. I was like … okay fine … “if you are interested to give me a billion dollars … then who is stopping you from picking the phone and making a call? I can see through your dishonest and fraudulent promises Oprah Winfrey … I know exactly who you are following.” And guess what … she drops out of the race. Her Presidential aspirations were short lived.

Obama’s failure 03 – Warren
Trump was not leading America … there was a huge leadership vacuum … since Oprah dropped out … we put Warren through the “screening process”. We started testing if Warren could follow through the Basic Structure to fit into the Presidency.

Interestingly, Obama doesn’t encourage Oprah to contact us directly … nor does he push Warren to contact us … even Warren follows the Obama Contact Scam. She makes promises after promises … she moves her offers from $1 million to $1 billion to $10 billion to even $100 Billion in support of our work. But all of these tens and hundreds of billions were nothing but “empty tweets” based upon Obama’s contact scam.

He thought and she thought that I would start endorsing her for President. She doesn’t change on a single policy … she comes up with $130 Trillion of additional spending while we were already in a $30 Trillion debt crisis. If you sell all of America then you get about $98 Trillion … Warren would create a debt that could not be paid even if you sell all of America.

Warren failed the screening process and everyone saw through her contact scam … a bunch of lies just to get the Presidency in her hands. I actually appreciated Oprah dropping out and not continuing her bunch of lies … she was more honest than Warren.

Obama’s failure 04 – Joe Biden
Since Warren got the boot … I created a combination of Biden backed by Obamas to lead America. Everyone knew that Biden would follow Obama because of their close cooperation as President and VP … this was the most suitable alternate available against Trump.

Interestingly, even Joe Biden ran the same Obama Contact Scam. “I am the Party … I will work with you … I will do this and that” … and then once he got elected … he became the same old Party puppet like Obama was. He followed the exact contact scam designed by Obama.

Obama Coalition
Here’s what you need to know about the “Obama Coalition”. Obama was busy partying with billionaires after his Presidency … probably, trying to pull some funding into his foundation. We pulled him back into politics as it was required to create a network of politicians to combat Establishment monopoly and malice in politics. Thus Obama was advised and supported to create a coalition to lead America.

That’s why, Nancy Pelosi was given support to become the Speaker of the House … thus we got Oprah, Warren and Biden in the process. But what is our gentleman Barack Obama doing? He is creating a fraud after fraud. He thinks that he was a great President and that he is being a great Presidential Guru following a fantastic success formula … but in reality he is creating frauds who go out there creating disasters.

Owing to Obama’s inaction and incompetence America has got …

  • A debt of $10 Trillion under Obama himself
  • A debt of $10 Trillion under Trump
  • Will be getting a debt of about $10 Trillion under Biden
  • And if we lose Elon Musk to the same scam that Obama thinks as a great success formula … then we will get a debt of $10 Trillion under Musk as well

Giving us a debt of $50 Trillion in total … we have to sell off half of America just to pay off this debt.

Obama, Trump and Biden – Primary obstacles in leading America
We have been warning Obama since Biden’s first year itself that … Biden’s failure to lead will be seen as Obama’s failure … but he didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation. Now, Dems have lost the House … Nancy Pelosi, a key Obama Coalition member has been kicked out of the Speaker’s role … next is Joe Biden.

Michelle and Elon Musk should understand that … Obama, Trump and Biden … they are no role models … they are not to be followed … they are failures and disasters … each of them is seen as a unique and rare specimen of Presidential disasters.

  • Obama is a major disaster because he is a nice guy who doesn’t stand up to anyone and thus he bears the responsibility of inaction and stagnation through 3 Presidencies.
  • Donald Trump is a major disaster owing to his self-worship and self-obsessed psycho style … which led him to becoming a mass murderer who facilitates pandemics, wars and insurrections for his own personal benefit.
  • Joe Biden is just an old greedy guy who doesn’t do shit and allows everyone to run their disasters thus giving us multiple simultaneous disasters in America.

These guys are not to be followed in any way. In fact, they will be your primary obstacles in the way even before you begin to deal with Establishment monopoly and malice. I told Biden also not to follow Trump … but he flunked. Establishment malice is 10 times more complicated than this … the guys that were chosen to lead America … they themselves have become disasters for America and they are the primary obstacles in the way.

Michelle-Musk Presidency
If you want to understand where any Presidential candidate stands or how they are advising you … then simply look at the “Basic Structure” of … Contact – Campaign – Change – Continue. Where do they stand in this structure? All of these guys don’t know shit of what has to be done. Why? Because they never bothered to connect and learn. That’s why you will never find a single place where Obama, Trump or Biden have taken care of Establishment monopoly in any sphere whatsoever. That’s why you see continuous wealth drain by the trillions, wars and pandemics in their leadership.

Yes, the Michelle-Musk combination is in the screening process for the next Presidency. Please don’t flunk like Warren and Biden. Try to move ahead solo … don’t listen to anything that these 3 wonderful gentlemen say. The only person we are trying to save among the 3 is Obama … because of Michelle’s request.

It’s a must for Michelle and Elon Musk to surpass Obama, Trump and Biden … this will be your first check in the screening process … that will show if you are just another fraud combo or you can actually lead America out of its several crises.