Let's help Michelle and Elon Musk understand the wonderful leadership that Obama, Trump and Biden have provided through their Presidential years. It will help them understand where the initial issue is … hopefully.

A preview of Establishment malice in America

  • About a 100,000 American citizens die every year … 60K per year due to drugs and 30K per year due to gun violence … this is before even any wars began.
  • Trillions are drained from the American people and the government every year … the public and the government is trillions in debt and the corporations make trillions in profits.
  • Several countries being destroyed … a million plus people being killed … repeated world migration crisis … non-stop wars
  • Pandemics where more than a million Americans have died
  • The highest ever debt, inflation, deficits and cost of living

America is literally a building on fire … the American people are screaming for help … every single day about 1,000 Americans die due to Covid, drugs or gun violence … every single day. The National debt created last year was about $1.8 trillion … which means every single day about $5 billion of debt is added to the National debt. America is dying at the rate of 1,000 American citizens per day and sinking by $5 billion per day as we speak … which means during the last month ... we have lost about 30,000 American citizens and $150 billion have been added to the debt crisis.

This is the horrific, mind blowing and disastrous state that America is in … as we speak.

Obama, Trump and Biden - Phenomenal Fire Fighters

America is literally a burning building … the American people are screaming for help … let us see the great leadership that Obama, Trump and Biden have provided in this time of crisis.

The Obama Era

Busy burning other buildings
The President is like the watchman of the building who is entrusted with the safety and security of the building. What was Obama doing when America was burning? He was busy burning other buildings … Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and then back into Iraq.

We had to stop these wars by showing Mr. Barack that … excuse me, Mr. President … your building is on fire … you need to stop burning other buildings and focus on your building.

Obama is a humble, soft spoken and fine gentleman … Hillary was doing the bombing and Obama was too nice to stop anyone. Eventually, with Michelle's intervention … Hillary gets fired and the wars get slowed down.

The Trump Era
Stop the supply of funds and weapons in war zones" … this one line was too much for Obama to follow … 8 years was not enough for him to get this done. Trump did this in one hour … the American President eventually stopped burning down other buildings. Now was the time to fight the fire within America and what does Trump do?

Builds a border wall
The building is burning … the people are screaming for help … the President, instead of calling everyone to eliminate the fire … his number one priority is to build a wall around the burning building.

Blow your horn, loot by the trillions and use the trillions to save your ass
This is the one line summary of the Trump Presidency … "blow your horn, loot by the trillions and then use the trillions to save your ass". In one fantastic shot, Trump ended wars and then he screwed America for 4 long years. He was standing in front of a burning building … looting by the trillions and blowing his horn … that he is the greatest President of all time … even better than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln … that he deserved Nobel Prizes.

And if a little fire touched his ass … he would run around screaming for help as if there was no tomorrow for him … "aaahhh! My ass is on fire! Aaaahhh! My ass is on fire!! Somebody help me! Somebody help me!!"

Now, everybody in the burning building should stop what they are doing and save President Trump's ass from lawsuits, investigations and impeachment.

Trump's Management of Fire Fighters
If you send a team of fire fighters to the building … to help President Trump put off the fire … then this is how he would work with the fire fighters.

You are having a bad hair day. Freshen up and come back tomorrow.
But Mr. President … I don't care about my hair … let's put off the fire first … people are screaming and dying out there.
Trump … "its okay … come back tomorrow".

You seem to be in a bad mood today. Come back later.
Mr. President … I don't care about my mood … just let us do our job … how many people will you kill every day by holding us back?
Trump … "its okay … come back tomorrow".

Who did you sleep with last night? What did you do in your bed?
Mr. President … I don't think you are authorized to ask this question and it is none of your business … what does it have to do with the fire in the building? Let us help you save your people.
Trump … "its okay … come back tomorrow".

I heard that you are banging every woman in your residence.
Mr. President … not only this is totally irrelevant … but you are making up lies now and I don't know why.
Trump … "its okay … come back tomorrow".

I heard that you are gay and that you are banging guys.
Mr. President … yesterday I was banging every woman in the residence and today I am gay? Don't your lies show inconsistency?
Trump … "its okay … come back tomorrow".

Blow my horn … you seem to be upset with me.
Mr. President … my job is not to blow your horn … but it is to save your people.
Trump … "its okay … come back tomorrow".

You seem to be a Democrat. You are apparently working with Democrats.
Mr. President … our job is to save lives … we have nothing to do with any party.
Trump … "its okay … come back tomorrow".

Day after day … month after month … year after year … America lost trillions in wealth and hundreds of thousands of Americans died every year. Trump stood in front of a burning building never taking any action on the fire … never helping people out of any crisis whatsoever … instead he was busy blowing his horn and looting trillions.

This is one of the reasons Trump is the most hated President in all US history. He ended up being a double impeached and the most humiliated President in US history.

The Biden Era
What would you do with a watchman … who allows the building to burn and the people to die … and goes on a looting spree? Technically, he should be not only be removed from his position but he should also be tossed in jail. Trump was removed from power and Obama-Biden were chosen to lead America.

And guess what … America jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire with the Biden Presidency. Biden turned out to be a fraud and an imposter who was just pretending to contact the fire fighters and pretending to work with them to fight off the fire. Biden takes a huge stack of cash from Trump … not to prosecute him and not to convict him in any of his criminal activities … and Biden makes Trump his Guru.

Biden goes on a looting spree by the trillions from day one of his Presidency screaming … he wants trillions for this … and trillions for that … and trillions and trillions and trillions. Biden repeats all of Trump's gimmicks … of not paying attention to the fire or the screaming people … he allows hundreds of thousands of Americans to continue dying every year and multiplies the loot. Not only Biden repeats Trump's disasters but he also starts burning other buildings like Obama … there is a never ending war in Ukraine … thanks to party puppetry and Obama.

Our lovely, humble and soft spoken gentleman Obama sits there … allowing everyone to do their shit … not stopping any disaster … not working on any crisis … allowing repeated loot of America and the multiplication of all crises.

The phenomenal fire fighting skills that Obama, Trump and Biden have shown … they show phenomenal bravery and courage … where no action is taken … a blind eye is turned towards the fire … all screams fall on deaf ears … absolutely no crisis gets solved.

Elon Musk - don't follow frauds
Several SM Groups define Obama, Trump and Biden as failures, frauds, imposters and thieves in a burning building. They just "pretend" to work with fire fighters … pretend to show that they will fight against the fire … the actual truth is that … they never ever did. They are frauds and imposters who are scamming the American people.

If you follow them … then you will also end up following fraudulent gimmicks … and then become a fraudulent leader … who will be hated by everyone. I warned this to Trump several times … to change his track … or he will become like Bush and Hillary … totally forgotten and invisible in political leadership … and hated by everybody.

He didn't listen … before anything Trump says used to make headlines … now, nobody gives a shit. Why should you follow someone who turned out to be a fraud, an imposter, who became the most humiliated President, got double impeached and nobody gives a shit about?