What's happening in Ukraine?
So, what's happening in Ukraine? Exactly … Christians are killing Christians during Christmas … thanks to Establishment malice and our lovely incompetent leaders.

A question comes to mind … where is Radical Islam and where are Muslim terrorists?
If you observe what's happening in Ukraine … then this is what we have …

  • A country is being bombed
  • Funds and weapons are being supplied
  • America and Europe are channelizing their resources
  • Cities are being destroyed
  • A world migration crisis is being created
  • Hundreds of thousands of people are dying
  • Tens of millions of people are being displaced from their homes

Something like this happened during Bush and Obama as well … the only thing that's missing in the scene is … where is Radical Islam? Where are Muslim terrorists? Why isn't anyone talking about Jihad or about how the Quran preaches hate? Hundreds of thousands of people are dying and there is no Muslim in action?

Havva havva … what's going on?

Excuse me Fox News … could you kindly air one of your telecasts about … how bad Islam is … and how Muslims become terrorists? I think it’s the perfect time for some talk about Radical Islam and Muslim terrorists.


Radical Islam - 20 years of bogus bullshit propaganda
An entire generation was literally born and brought up in an environment of false hate, fear and a bogus bullshit propaganda. Terrorism has been wiped out and the War on Terror has come to an end … Islam still exists … billions of Muslims still exist … and there is peace where Muslims live. So much for the Quran preaching hate and Islam being a radical religion.

The Ukraine War - One step closer to Nuclear Annihilation
During the Obama Presidency itself we warned and alerted him that … this war train from Muslim countries is designed to lead you into a war against Russia. The entire War on Terror is nothing but a cover up of the massive debt crisis in the West … the Establishment wants the destruction of the West … and they will find every route to take you to a war against Russia.

And look where we are now … America and Europe are channelizing fund and weapons for an indirect war against Russia. An indirect war against Russia has already begun … its continuing since several months with no sign of stopping.

Why is religion not being discussed?
Interestingly, why aren't we discussing the "religion" of the people at war? Why aren't we colorizing the friction and conflict using religion? Why aren't we discussing the color and culture of the people at war? Is it because it is Christians who are bombing Christians? Is it because White people are killing White people?

It was very easy to target Arabs … the brown Muslim people. The Establishment could very easily create a false propaganda using its monopoly and demonize Islam, Muslims and Arabs using terror events that their own elements would create.

Now, today … if the Establishment says … "Christians are killing Christians!" … Will it work? Nope. If they say … "White people are killing White people!" … will it work? Nope. The propaganda won't have an effect and it will backfire.

Because they wanted to bomb Iraq, Libya and Syria … the Radical Islam propaganda was used … when in reality Iraq, Libya and Syria … none of these countries ever harmed any US citizen or interest. They never did anything against the United States … but we still destroyed all of these countries mercilessly ... using events that fed this bogus propaganda.

Propaganda shift - From Muslim Terrorists to Revolutionary Heroes
To bomb Iraq … Muslims were terrorists … but to create a civil war in Syria … the same Arab Muslims were given an upgrade from terrorists to "revolutionary heroes" fighting for their freedom. Trillions were spent to fight against Muslims terrorists in Iraq … but trillions were given to the same Arab Muslims to create a civil war in Syria.

Do you see the shift of the propaganda … the propaganda changes "based upon the need". If the propaganda requires Muslims to be terrorists … then Muslims are terrorists. If the propaganda requires Muslims to be revolutionary heroes then they are revolutionary heroes.

Another propaganda shift - From Radical Islam to Anti-Russia Propaganda
All of the activities are the same … the wars, the destruction, the spending, the deaths and migration crisis … but the propaganda required to justify this war is Russians are bad … Putin is bad … an anti-Russian propaganda is the need of the hour.

Thus, they don't say that … Christians are killing Christians or that White people are killing White people. It is more convenient and appropriate to shift to an anti-Russian propaganda.

Thanks to our lovely incompetent leaders in the White House
Well, only the Establishment is not to be blamed in this crisis … all of this happens thanks to our lovely incompetent greedy leaders in the White House. Too busy minting trillions from every route possible … so what if people are dying … so what if countries are getting destroyed … so what if tens of millions of Christians are living in freezing cold this Christmas … so what if millions of Christians are trying to migrate in freezing cold this Christmas ... so what if Christians are freezing to death this Christmas ... who cares, isn't it?

As long as its raining in trillions for Mr. Biden then it’s a wonderful world out there.

A thousand Americans die every single day and Biden doesn't give a shit
Its Ukrainians and Russians that are dying in this war … back at home … right in front of Biden … a thousand American citizens die every single day due to Covid, drugs and gun violence … and Mr. Biden doesn't give a shit.

Biden stands in front of a burning building where people are screaming for help … about 40 American citizens are dying every single hour … and guess what our Presidential leaders do? They don't give a shit. Such wonderful leadership.

So much warmth, love and comfort during Christmas … isn't it wonderful to have such lovely leaders?

Merry merry Christmas … and happy holidays … I guess.