Interesting accomplishments
The wonderful common thing between Obama, Trump and Biden is that … each of them is a unique and rare Presidential disaster. We chose them to lead the Nation into greatness and into a new era … but each of them turned out to be a screw-up. We chose them for greatness and glory … but amusingly they seem to create records in a different direction.

This page is important for Michelle and Elon Musk … it will help you understand why you should work independent of Obama, Trump and Biden.

Understanding the elimination of Obama, Trump and Biden from Presidential leadership
Why are SM Groups working to remove Obama, Trump and Biden from Presidential leadership? The example of the burning building will help us understand. America is a building on fire … and these three fine gentlemen are blocking and rejecting the access of the building to fire fighters. They stand at the gate of the burning building and do not allow anyone to save building nor do they save the building either. They allow the building to burn and allow people to die.

Obama has been doing this since the past 14 years … Trump has been doing this since the past 6 years … and both of them are misleading Biden since the past 2 years. All 3 were chosen to save America but in reality they turned out to be failures and disasters.

How do you get access to the burning building?
Since Obama, Trump and Biden are blocking the access to the building … the first and most important step is to remove these guys from the building … and select and elect a people centric leader who actually cares to save America and the American people.

The very reason this page is being written is because the status quo continues and its extremely important that the next President doesn't get influenced by them and does not follow their disastrous policies and leadership.

That's the reason, I am emphasizing again and again that Elon Musk should remain independent of Obama, Trump and Biden … all 3 are super screw-ups.

Several fields have to be revolutionized … we need access to every field and we need to work on every field. This is possible with the removal of Obama, Trump and Biden as they are seen as nothing but obstacles in the way.

Don't follow the previous guy
"Don't follow the previous guy" is the advice that we give to incoming Presidents. We told Trump not to follow Obama … and we told Biden not to follow Trump. Why? Because it’s a disaster train out there … very limited constructive works have been done … its mostly all disasters. If you follow them … then most likely you will also continue with their disasters. Here is an overview of each Presidency.

Obama, the mongoose
As a person, he is a nice, humble and a well-spoken gentleman. He was the transition President … from wars to peace. His biggest issue when it comes to Presidential leadership is that … he is a mongoose.

His policy is "be friends with everybody!" His campaign slogan was "Yes, we can" … but he acts by the principle of "Yes, you can".

  • You want 10,000 additional troops in Afghanistan? Yes, you can.
  • You want to bomb Libya? Yes, you can.
  • You want to create a civil war in Syria? Yes, you can.
  • You want to keep bombing Pakistan using drones? Yes, you can.
  • Whatever the Party says … Obama is … yes, you can.
  • Whatever disaster Hillary wanted to run … Obama was … yes, you can.
  • Warren wants to spend $130 Trillion … Obama says … yes, you can.
  • Biden goes on a looting spree with$2-3 trillion on every scheme … Obama says … yes, you can.
  • Biden wants to run the Ukraine war forever … Obama says … yes, you can.

This wonderful and fine gentleman … he doesn't oppose anyone … he is friends with everybody … he doesn't like to get on anyone's bad side. Its not that Obama is a bad person … but he is incorrectly configured to lead the Nation in this time of multiple crises.

It’s a profile mismatch. When your country is a burning building … millions of people are dying … trillions are being looted … the last thing we should do in this scenario is … yes, you can. If we allow everyone to do their shit then we will get multiple crises and disasters in all directions … which is exactly what we got during Obama and that's what we are getting during Biden.

Obama: A missile dropped on your head? Oopsie.

When you are surrounded by Establishment influence in your political advisers, military advisers, media and in your own Party … then you will get misled from every angle possible. In a burning building … if you allow the fire to grow and to continue … the only thing that will happen is that people have to vacate the building or get injured or die in the fire.

For example in Syria … what happened? Obama followed everyone's advice who were sitting at his table and decided to support a civil war. What are the millions of innocent people supposed to do when miscreants are allowed to ravage the country? The people have to flee … or get injured … or die in the war. These millions of common people were not there on Obama's discussion table … their lives were not discussed … they didn't have a say at the table.

The only option that they were given was … either run for your lives or get injured or die in the war. There was no "yes, you can" for the common people.

  • If a missile dropped on your head … Obama's response would be … "Oopsie".
  • If a bomb exploded next to you … oopsie.
  • If your house got blown up … oopsie.
  • If you lost a leg or hand in the war … oopsie.

By the way, this page is turning out to be an Obama bashing page … it wasn't planned to be that way. But what to do … the most important thing right now in American Presidential leadership is that … Elon Musk should not follow Obama, Trump or Biden.

That's why I am having to write down some brief information on each candidate.

Why is Obama "yes, you can"?

White is right
The first issue is that … Obama doesn't use reason or logic to decide what is right and what is wrong … he blindly follows White people. Obama has White mommy issues. Google "Ann Dunham" … she is Obama's Mom … a wonderful, beautiful, caring and intelligent lady. Just by her face you can say that she was a good person inside out.

Obama got his charisma, speaking skills and good morals from his Mom … hmmm … intelligence … I don't think so.

However, in short … Obama grew up under this wonderful and intelligent person's care and light … it probably had a sub-conscious effect on him that "White is right". What he was seeing at home … he probably thought that … that's how things are outside.

Follow the Party
The second issue that you get from Obama is that … he follow's hierarchy … he doesn't challenge the hierarchy. Not once you will find that Obama stood up against his own Party or supported anyone to stand against the Party to do things differently.


Cash Interest
I won't blame Obama for this … almost every politician has cash interest in their leadership. When you combine White advice and Party policies with cash interest … then it becomes a perfect equation or the ideal world for Obama. He gets to follow White people … the Party is supporting him … and he is also making cash? Things cannot get any better for Obama.

That's why we got so many wars under Obama … that's why Obama won't stop the trillions being spent on Climate Change … that's why we are back to bombing and destroying countries under Biden.

A Double Parasite
As it is … the chosen Presidents have turned out to be parasites on our work. We choose Obama to guide and help Biden change America. Guess what Obama does? He joins Biden in his loot … reportedly, asks for hundreds of billions of additional funding for Obama Care … so that he can pocket tens of billions.

We had already spent hundreds of billions to create Obama Care … Obama care was running fine without any additional penny being spent during the Trump Presidency … so why does a running health care system need hundreds of billions of additional taxpayer money all over again?

Simple answer … that's Obama's cash interest in the Biden Presidency. Thus Biden is not going to change any of his mass spending policies … as all top key Democrats have a share in the trillions of taxpayer money being spent … that includes … Biden, Obama, Pelosi and Schumer.

Trillions are being blown up by Biden … because Obama needs his commissions. We are losing an entire Presidency and trillions of taxpayer money … because the top guys need their commissions. We are having to design an Elon Musk Presidency … because the top guys refuse to change any policies … as it affects their cash flow.

We had expected Biden to become a parasite like Trump … thus we put Obama in the equation to guide and control his Presidency in such scenarios. But instead of guiding and controlling the Biden Presidency … Obama has become a parasite on a parasite. Obama is leeching off the Biden Presidency himself … so much for Obama's Presidential leadership.

We have lost an entire Presidency because of … Barack Obama.

Obama destroyed half a dozen countries during his Presidency … showed zero leadership and change even under the Trump Presidency … and now he has destroyed the Biden Presidency as well. The fact that I am pulling Obamas back in the game is setting off alarm bells all across the SM Network ... as to why the hell Barack Obama is still in the game? Its extremely concerning.

If Ann Dunham was alive today … I would talk to her and make her kick Obama in the nuts to put his brains on the right track.


Don't follow Barack Obama
This is one of the first advice that I gave to Trump during his first year in office … don't follow Barack Obama. The guy doesn't use any reason or logic … he is a puppet in the hands of his Party and White people … his Presidency was completely disastrous. It took me just one or two pages to convince Trump

Among all 3 … Trump turned out to be a logical person … he immediately took the lead and stopped following Obama in any sphere. That's how wars vaporized during Trump very rapidly … that's how no new wars began during Trump. Leadership using reason and logic ... and no Party puppetry.

Trump became a "New Era President" very rapidly … as he was using logic and facts to make every decision. SM knocked out the opposition that Trump faced within the Republican Party and made the Republican Party, a party of Trump. Logical thinking is extremely valued as Establishment malice and misleading comes from several directions.

If you can use facts and logic to do what is right … then you will get phenomenal support, your opposition will get knocked out and you will get phenomenal victories.

Continued to Part Two …