Obama in a nutshell
Let's not spend too much time bashing Obama … as we need to discuss Trump and Biden as well. To summarize Obama's Presidential leadership, this is basically what we got …

  • America is a burning building and Obama was busy burning 6 other buildings. It took 8 years for Mr. Barack Obama to realize that his own building was on fire and to slow down the burning of other buildings.
  • Obama gave lengthy moral science lectures on politics of hate, fear and division while standing in front of a burning building, while he was burning 6 other buildings (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen).
  • We gave him an incredible and almost impossible leadership role of creating and managing the next Presidents of the United States … a role that no other President in US history ever got. Obama very eagerly took this role but he screwed up every candidate that he worked with … Oprah, Warren and Biden. Not only we lost the Obama Presidency, but we also lost 3 other good Presidential candidates.
  • Obama is a mongoose who loves to be friends with everybody and doesn't like to get on anyone's bad side … he cannot put his foot down in a time of crisis to decide between what is right or wrong … he lets everyone do their shit … thus we get multiple crises and disasters in every direction.
  • Obama doesn't have the influence or power to change anyone … nobody gives a shit about Obama … not Warren, not Pelosi, not Trump and not Biden either. Obama couldn't change anyone and nobody bothered to give a shit about Obama.

All SM Groups question … what is the point of having Obama in the lead when nobody listens to him and he cannot change anyone? He has zero influence to bring about change. America is a burning building … it is a crisis in every direction … almost every field needs a revolution. How will Obama lead "revolutionary changes" when he can't change one person who has been his VP for 8 long years? He cannot change even the closest friends that he has in Washington? What's the point of having Obama lead in this crisis?

The majority of SM Groups only fear that after 4 screw-ups, Obama will create the 5th screw-up with the next candidate. This is Obama's Presidential leadership in a nutshell and this is why everybody wants Elon Musk or the next Presidential candidate not to follow Obama in anything whatsoever, unless and until his action or policy is approved by us.

Michelle was supposed to lead not Barack
Alarm bells are ringing all over the SM Network at the thought of Obama in the scene again when we have the highest debt, inflation, cost of living, deficits and deaths in America. The major issue that happened was that … in the Obama-Biden configuration ... it was Michelle that was supposed to lead and not Barack Obama. When I created this configuration itself, I had mentioned about the "issues" that we would get with Barack Obama. I don't think that they took it seriously and there is a disaster in every direction out there.

Michelle Musk Presidency
The Michelle Musk Presidency that I am designing … it is again to have Michelle work with Elon Musk … not Barack Obama and I cannot emphasize this enough. We have lost millions of lives and trillions of taxpayer money because Barack Obama couldn't control himself.

Yes, I respect Michelle's request to keep Barack in the team … this request is accepted … but Barack will work directly only with you or me … and not with the Presidential candidate. There is no other way that I can get the SM Network agree to have Barack Obama again in Presidential leadership.

Equating the Bush brand name to the Obama brand name
If you have observed … if you are Bush then you don't get the White House. Jeb Bush failed because of George Bush. Bush was a disaster only for 8 years and the entire Bush family has been terminated from top level politics.

On the other hand, Obama is continuing to be a disaster since 14 years … today, SM is planning to drop the Obama brand name just like Bush was dropped. I am intervening and not letting it happen using Michelle's role in the security of our work. Biden was the last chance that Obama had to prove himself. We will try to restructure Obama's role and make him a part of Michelle's team.


The second unique and rare Presidential disaster - Donald J Trump
Finally, moving on to Trump. First, let's discuss his good side … then we will understand his disasters. At a personal level, Obama generally gets outraged if he compared to Trump. The humble, moral and well-spoken gentleman doesn't like to be compared to a Pornstar banger.

But still at a personal level, I would say that Trump is a good father … he taught and trained his kids how to do business quite well. Tomorrow, if Trump is gone then his kids will survive on their own. I think it is a key responsibility of a father to pass on his skills and know-how to his children … so that, they can be successful and be even better than him.

A fact that indicates this that … if you look at Paris Hilton … she is a billionaire hotel business heiress … she craves for publicity using leaked sex tapes. On the other hand, if you look at Ivanka Trump … who is also a billionaire hotel business heiress ... she will carry herself with much more dignity and has much more knowledge about her family business than Paris Hilton.

Loves to win
Apart from being a good father … another very good attribute that Trump has is that … he loves to win … doesn't matter what it takes … he will do everything to win. Trump fighting to win brought great change in Presidential leadership. Obama was too nice and humble to bring about change … America needed someone to kick some ass … and that's what Trump brought along with him to Washington … a fight to win.

Prevented all new wars and disasters
Trump loves public attention … he loves to blow his horn … the last thing he would want is to be criticized by the people. Thus Trump stopped every new war from starting … there were like a dozen attempts made by the Establishment to create wars in different countries … Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, Turkey, Kurds … Trump didn't allow a single new war to start. Why? Because he didn't want disasters to be associated with his name.

Not only that, he also shunned the trillions of spending of taxpayer money on the Establishment's climate change propaganda. He saved America from Socialist disasters that were being channelized by the Establishment. One day one, Trump terminated all funding and support in war zones that led to the termination of the War on Terror and wiped out terrorism from the world. Trump did in one hour that Obama couldn't do in 8 years.

Trump - a New Era President
Trump was the first one to snap out of party politics … he didn't give a shit what his military, political or party advisers would say … we guided him to use facts and logic in every action and decision. Trump wasn't blindly following anyone … using facts and logic Trump became a New Era President.

His Presidency was clean from wars, terrorism, bogus hate & fear, party puppetry and Establishment misleading. Trump was not standing in front of a burning building and lecturing us how it is right to burn other buildings like Hillary.

Trump is the best and the worst among the 3 Presidents
If you factually compare Trump with Obama and Biden … Trump has done many things that make him the best among the 3. Because Trump had the balls to stand up to his party leaders … because he could guide the country to better decisions … the Republican Party was made a part of Trump. This is something that Obama and Biden could never do and have never done.

But then he also turned out to be the worst among the 3.

Self-Obsessed Psycho
After a while, with a great initial start … this fine gentleman turned out to be a self-obsessed psycho … who works only for himself. Trump wouldn't burn other buildings while standing in front of a burning building … but instead he would blow his horn, loot by the trillions and use the trillions to save his ass.

Trump stopped wars but he would go on a looting spree in the burning building that he was supposed to save. Trump stopped wars and disasters not because it is the morally right thing to do … but just because he wanted to blow his horn and did not want disasters attached to his name. It was more about him than the people. He went on a looting spree while the building was burning because everything is about his own personal benefit.

No morals and no principles
Trump's leadership can be defined in one line … “blow your horn, loot by the trillions and save your ass”. That's the principle that this fine gentleman works with. There is no other moral or principle that Trump works with … he will do anything and everything … it doesn't matter how low it is morally or how bad it is criminally. Trump will do everything as long as it benefits him.

Trump's balls disappear when the Establishment stands in front of him
This wonderful gentleman has balls of steel … when it comes to crushing the weak … but Trump's balls disappear when someone with more power stands in front of him. It was easy for Trump to crush his Republican opponents … as he was the President, he had more power than them.

It was easy for Trump to end wars and not to start new wars … as being President, he had full authority. But when it came to bringing about some reforms and systemic change by standing up to the Establishment … Trump's balls disappear.

"Systemic Reform" is the challenge
Understanding the War on Terror, the connected Establishment malice and stopping its wars was the challenge that Obama faced. Obama took a long time but he eventually slowed down the movement of the wars … Russia was wiping out ISIS, the job was almost done.

Trump was successful in ending the wars and not starting new wars … but then the entire Presidency was empty … there were zero major reforms during Trump.

Trump protected the Establishment
Trump was chosen to dismantle the Satanic Establishment … but he got scared and he started protecting them … to the extent that he started claiming that he was a part of the Jewish Establishment … as his kids were Jewish.

Despite the sex scandals that Trump faced because of Establishment malice, SM gave the Presidency to a Pornstar banger. Only because they wanted change and he was chosen to change America … but instead, Trump flipped and refused to take any action on the Establishment. He started doing a long list of favors for them … calling all top CEOs to the White House, handing over Jerusalem to Israel, showing great affection to Israel, canceling aid to Palestine and spending trillions on the Establishment … that’s just to name a few.

Trump held America hostage
The Trump Presidency was like a hostage crisis for America. The guy would stand in front of a burning building … he wouldn't save the building nor would he allow others to save the building. He went on a looting spree in the burning building and allowed the miscreants to continue burning the building.

Multiplied the pandemic by 10 times
Trump actually did a phenomenal job in the initial months of the pandemic. He worked with us very closely and worked on almost every aspect to contain the pandemic. He worked so well that I literally apologized to him in public for criticizing him … I loved the work he did in the initial stage.

And then Mr. Trump does what Trump does … Trump works for Trump. Biden was hidden in his basement … he was nowhere to be found … Trump thought that it was a sure shot victory for him in 2020. So, he works with his Establishment buddies to multiply the pandemic by 10 times ... from 20K cases per day to 200K cases per day ... just to postpone the elections, so that he could get an additional year in office.

Trump killed thousands of Americans every single day for several months … just to postpone the elections. Like I said … there are no morals or principles in how Trump operates.

SM Groups were continuously closely tracking Trump … they observed that Trump had held back vaccines and he was working with Establishment elements to multiply the pandemic … it resulted in genocide all across the world. SM wrote FU*K TRUMP all over the US Electoral map and gave the White House to Biden.

Capitol Riots
Trump files 60 lawsuits against Biden's victory and tries to take the entire Capitol hostage to overturn the election results. This is treason and an insurrection. No morals and no principles … anything and everything as long as it gets him a win.

Trump's self-obsession has made him a psychopath … he started his own self-destruction in his last year as President. He would destroy himself more and more with more disastrous activities.

Border Crisis
Trump worked with several countries to contain the border crisis during his Presidency. But since Biden won, he started creating disasters under the Biden Presidency. He started using his contacts in Latin countries to multiply the border crisis. Tens of thousands of children were being dropped on the other side of the border in the middle of the night ... their option was to get killed by wild animals, starve in the wilderness or get rescued by border agents.

Trump facilitated this to fail the Biden Presidency … so that Biden loses and Trump wins in the next election. The guy that was stopping disasters, he was creating disasters for the same country now. No morals and no principles.

Ukraine War
It is not a Russian war or Putin's war … it’s a Trump sponsored war to create more disasters under the Biden Preside0nc0y. The guy that was stopping all new wars from starting … he is sponsoring the creation of new wars.

Hundreds of thousands of people are dying and tens of millions of people are being displaced from their homes … because Trump wants to win the next election. No morals, no principles … Trump is not about America or the American people … Trump works only for Trump.

Encourages Biden to go on a looting spree
He encourages Biden to go on a looting spree by the trillions on every policy so that there can be an economic catastrophe in America. Again so that Biden fails and Trump wins in the next election

Obama was not a criminal, Trump is a criminal
If you see … Obama's failures were about "inaction and lack of leadership" … he allowed others to do their shit. Other people were committing crimes, creating wars and looting America. Obama was a good person … his issue was that he did not contain the criminals.

But that's not the case with Trump … Trump himself owns and sponsors these criminal activities.

  • The multiplication of the pandemic by 10 times was a Trump directed activity while Trump himself held off vaccines.
  • Capitol Riots was a Trump directed activity.
  • The border crisis is a Trump sponsored and directed crisis.
  • The Ukraine war is a Trump sponsored war.
  • Not only in Ukraine, Trump is trying to start more wars at other locations around the world.
  • Trump is sponsoring mass murder and affecting tens of millions of people adversely directly himself.

Today, Trump is a self-obsessed psycho criminal. One might think that … if Obama is incompetent and cannot lead … should I follow Trump? No, no, no … hell no.

Yes, Trump made great progress where it was "easy for him" … where there were no obstacles … and where he could win easily. But Trump supports and calls himself a part of a Satanic Criminal Establishment … and he has worked with them to create many large-scale criminal activities.

Trump is a self-obsessed psycho criminal.