CNN admits Durham report exonerates Trump 'to a degree,' 'devastating' to FBI

Okay let me break it down for you ... this is what Fox News and Donald Trump don't understand about the Durham report. The Establishment blows up the scheme when it no longer needs the scenario. The Establishment no longer needs a Russian collusion with Trump ... why? Because Trump is going to get convicted soon and he will no longer be President, probably. The Durham report is not Trump's exoneration ... but it is a strong signal that Trump is going to be convicted soon. Sometimes, things are not as they seem.

Bush – War on Terror
Let me give you another example of this ... so that you understand better. Bush was supported and allowed to go on an anti-Islamic spree ... about Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and bla bla bla ... but when Obama was going to win the White House ... they turned the tables against Bush. The entire War on Terror was an Establishment scheme and Bush was only the frontend element.

But when the Establishment knew that a new face will take over America who does not believe in the War on Terror ... then they turned the tables against Bush and blamed everything on Bush. The Establishment kept itself safe ... out of picture ... while blaming Bush. Why? The entire concept of the War on Terror would go bust soon and they no longer needed Bush.

Snowden – NSA Spying
Another example is Snowden ... Snowden was "allowed" to blow up the NSA spying scheme ... why? Because the Establishment now already owns 90% of all telecom and email communication companies that the American people use. They longer need to spy on your phone or email data ... they literally have all data on their own servers. NSA spying was actually old school and dispensable ... thus the scheme was allowed to be blown up.

The same applies with Trump ... as long as Trump was President ... they pressed on with the Trump-Russia collusion scheme. But now, when they know that Trump will be convicted soon ... they no longer see a reason to continue with the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. This scheme is dispensable now.

Use and dispose / blame frontend elements
Just like always ... the frontend elements used are blamed ... Bush was blamed for the War on Terror ... the Government was blamed for the NSA spying and they will probably blame Hillary and Democrats for the Russian collusion ... when in reality all of these schemes were designed and run by the same Establishment for their own interests.

So, technically ... the Durham report is not Trump's exoneration ... but its a signal that he will be convicted soon. Hmmm ... may be ... nothing is ... until it is.


McEnany: They swayed a presidential election

I think McEnany should continue on Fox News even if her boss is convicted for his several crimes. She is too innocent and good to go down with Trump. She is a good addition to American democracy.


Some SM Groups say that ... it is the right time for Trump to drop out of the Presidential race ...  because, just in case, he will be convicted ... then he will be forever known as the "Disgraced President Donald Trump" for life.


Tyrus: Hilary Clinton owes us an apology

Hillary needs to be killed a million times for the millions of lives she has taken in her wars in Libya and Syria. Only if there was a technique to give her life after killing her ... just to kill her again and again. That's the punishment that she deserves ... so that, she understands the pain that she has inflicted on millions of innocent people.


Ingraham: Donald Trump was tormented over nothing

I wonder if Ingraham will continue to blow Trump's horn after he is convicted for his several crimes.

Trump went on a looting spree while America was burning trillions in debt. Shit happened to Trump because he didn't give a shit about America. And yes, Biden is no better than Trump when it comes to the debt crisis.


Judge Jeanine: This whole investigation was shameful

Fox News is trying so hard to move the attention away from Trump being found guilty of sexual assault.