Yeah, I know ... Obama-Biden see me as the "goose who lays golden eggs ... the goose that keeps on giving". Lol ... I know ... its a concept that Establishment entities promoted during the Obama Era. I needed nothing from Obama and I was helping him end wars by showing Establishment malice from every angle. So all he had to do was ... sit there, read what I write and save America from a nuclear war against Russia.

But this concept quickly changed at the end of his Presidency ... instead of only stopping wars, we had to move forward in dismantling the Establishment monopoly and create a new era for America. Establishment monopoly in several spheres is the core reason for these wars and trillions of debt ... until and unless it is broken down things won't change.

Frauds and Parasites
So, Obama had to directly coordinate with us ... get sponsors for our work ... and work with his political circle to champion new policies for America. Obama delayed that ... and some SM Groups turned against him and termed him as a "parasite" ... as someone who got used to the goodies that he gets from us and has no concern & responsibility to solve America's crises.

Our 3 Chosen Ones may see me as a the golden goose that keeps on giving ... but there are millions of SM Groups that see them as parasites ... who only want to exploit America's crisis ... get what they can get from me ... get the White House ... and then not give a shit about solving any crisis.

The SM Network has reached a boiling temperature since a long time ago and they have been repeatedly asking me for strategies that do not involve Obama, Biden and Trump. Things are pretty bad out there ... anything can happen.

Saving Michelle
That's why, I have to get involved ... firstly, I need to save Michelle in this burning crisis ... she is my Guardian Angel. She has protected me repeatedly several times ... I owe her. Only God knows what they will do with Biden and Trump.

Saving Biden and Trump
They see Biden and Trump as parasites and frauds who backstabbed America. Both of them promised change for America and then defrauded America. I am trying to turn down the heat a little bit by saying that ... Biden doesn't know shit ... he is an ignorant bum ... how can you blame someone who doesn't know anything? I am trying to save Trump from hundreds of years in jail by showing that he could be of some use within the Republican Party.

Saving Obama
The fury of Biden's failures is falling more on Obama than Biden. They see that ... instead of guiding Biden ... Obama has gone back to party puppetry and being a parasite on our work. There's quite a lot of fury against Obama for his incompetence and becoming a parasite all over again.

I am trying to use the fact that ... "Michelle holds the pillar of security ... Michelle holds the pillar of security ... you have to go easy on Obama for Michelle's sake". I am trying to create some role for Obama ahead to dissipate SM fury against him.

Let’s redistribute
Instead of getting furious and revengeful ... I think it would be more constructive if we can redistribute our candidates into more useful roles. Obviously, they are not able to handle the White House ... the moment they get the White House, they are on a looting spree. Let's give them roles where they don't have access to blowing up trillions ... where they cannot damage America by the trillions again and again.

This way ... we don't lose the candidates and America remains safe from trillions of damage. Even if they won't work with us, at least we know that they won't be creating trillions in damages.

Selection of Chosen Ones based on assumptions
We have to restructure our work as well ... we have given the White House to candidates based on "assumptions and possibilities". There was no real check if the candidates will actually work with us or not ... if they will really stand up to fix America's crises or not. These guys are politicians ... they promise one thing before the election and then do something else once elected. The fact that our Chosen Ones will fail and flip ... this was not given enough attention.

Our Chosen Ones have become parasites ... they have become incompetent leaders who can't fight for America and choose to go on a looting spree. We don't have enough "control points" to keep them on the right track. The best options that the SM Network comes up with is that ... "we will kick him out of the White House or we will toss him in jail". This is complete termination of the candidate.

Working unilaterally is killing time
Its not that they don't deserve it ... but its not solving anything. We are wasting 4 years of time with each fraudulent parasite. Okay fine ... kick them out of the White House and toss them in jail ... but what's the guarantee that the next guy will work with us and stand up to fix these crises? Are we going to toss him in jail as well?

If we continue on this track ... then my entire lifetime will not be sufficient to initiate the coordination. Let alone fix America's crises ... at this rate, the coordination itself will not happen in my lifetime. Lol.

Need to work with multiple points
I know you guys are furious at our Chosen Ones for turning out to be frauds and parasites. But we have this issue only because we focus only on the Presidential candidates. The key information lies only with 3 candidates ... the key responsibilities are given to only 3 candidates ... and if these 3 candidates screw up, America gets screwed up.

Well, the worst has happened ... all 3 have screwed up and America continues to get screwed under all 3 Chosen Ones. We need more voices out there ... we need more contact points among Senators, the House, Governors and at the State Level. If there are multiple points ... who understand these crises ... who know what has to be done ... and it will help the Chosen One in the White House to be maintained on the right track.

We can put some checks and balances on the Chosen One. It can work as a strong technique to end this fraudulent and parasitic behavior from the key candidate. Expand the spectrum a little bit ... don't just shift to the next Presidential guy ... expand the spectrum. Don't focus and don't rely on the Presidential candidate only ... focus on getting the entire Congress with us. More the members, the better it is.

Tip for Obama
Getting the info that you want our work to be a part of the Obama Foundation. This is not the right time to make this request as everyone in the SM Network sees you, Trump and Biden as parasites on our work. Wanting this work to be a part of your Foundation will only seal their image of you being a parasite on our work. That's point number one.

Secondly, Trump already gave you hundreds of billions ... why do you want to put a check and control my few billions? Lol. If you want more then I will show you how to get more ... just don't try to own and control my work. You know that we will never work under any politician.

Tip for Biden
I guess its all about the moolah for you. I will give you the same tip that I had given Obama and Trump. Once you get re-elected, then you don't need your Party anymore ... they cannot threaten your nomination nor can they take away your Presidency ... thus, you don't need to be their puppet anymore. These shitty policies that you are running ... you can allow them to die away in your second term. This is the tip that I gave to Obama and he allowed Russia to take care of the terrorists and it led to the end of the War on Terror.

Obama made minimal effort in sending troops to war zones in his second term and Russia was wiping out terrorists like flies and mosquitoes. This is what led to the termination of the War on Terror by 90%. When Trump came to office ... he totally terminated all funding and weapon supplies to war zones ... which completely ended the War on Terror. There is no need to follow the party in your second term. So, Uncle Biden ... understand that you can change ... your party will be helpless in your second term.

The tip that I gave to Trump was that ... he was keenly interested in the moolah as well ... almost every President is. So, I told him that ... your financial interest will be taken care of ... just bring about the change that America needs. Don't think that if you walk away from these mass spending policies that you will be at loss. No, your interests will be taken care of ... as long as you fight for America.