Yes, my dear Michelle ... I know my endorsement is important. But you should understand that we didn't endorse Obama-Biden to go on a looting spree while ignoring all of the crises that the people face. This is not what they were chosen for.

The worst thing that Obama comes up with is "hey, we maintain your security." And the best thing that he comes up with is "go, get some". Either he screws my security or I should go screw someone ... this is the best and the worst that Obama shuttles between. Lol.

We brought him in Presidential leadership to screw with my security, is it? Or did we bring him in Presidential leadership because I need his divine blessings to "go, get some"? We didn't pull him in world leadership just to affect one life ... this is a role where you work for billions of lives. But our lovely Obama, shuttles only between ... security and pussy.

A classic political gimmick
Other than that ... we have got nothing but a "classic political gimmick" of saying whatever is needed to get elected and then go about doing whatever shit you want. This is what Obama, Biden and Trump have done ... made all of the promises that we needed to hear ... and once we gave them the White House ... they said screw all of these crises ... I want my moolah. This is nothing but a very old classic political gimmick.

Obama, Biden and Trump created a debt of more than $20 Trillion till date
It is difficult to defend this kind of leadership. When Obama took office first ... we were in $10 Trillion debt ... today, because of their inaction and stagnation we are in more than $30 trillion in debt. Obama, Biden and Trump's inaction has cost America more than $20 Trillion. When will these guys wake up? When we are in $100 Trillion in debt? When there will be an entire economic collapse ... that's when they will wake up?

The entire Establishment created a debt of $10 Trillion ... and our 3 guys ... Obama, Biden and Trump have created twice the amount of debt than the entire Establishment combined. This is what their inaction and stagnation has facilitated ... they turn a blind eye to this ... remain busy looting as they got the Presidential lottery via their "classic political gimmick".

I am not alone in this ... SM works using facts and logic ... and the only "fact" that SM quotes about Obama, Trump and Biden is that ... they are frauds and parasites ... that they have deceived us.

I cannot sit here and blow your horn when we are going down in more than $30 Trillion in debt. They won't buy it. If I have to help you ... then they should change. When they don't give a shit, how do you expect America to give a shit about them?

That's why, at this moment in time ... its Ron DeSantis that is better than all of the 3 ... facts work in Ron's favor. Ron DeSantis is already promising to rip up all of Biden's mass spending policies. Coordinate with me or not ... it automatically makes Ron DeSantis a much better candidate than Obama, Biden and Trump to lead America.

Obama thinks that he is a great leader
Heh ... as far as Obama is concerned ... he might think that he is a great leader but they don't want him anywhere even near the next President. They see him as "toxic" ... someone who creates party puppets and induces incompetence and stagnation into the leadership. Biden's failure is going to backfire big time on Obama.

That's why, I am concerned how I am going to keep him in the game. The only card that I am able to use right now is that ... Michelle holds the pillar of security ... just for her sake, let's keep Obama in the game at least at some level. If not direct interaction with the President ... Obama may be useful in working with some Democrat Senators and other Dem leaders.

Fight for America … to retain your leadership roles
I am telling you guys since the beginning of the Biden Presidency that ... you guys took up a responsibility then work on it. If you don't care for America then America will not care for you ... if you don't fight for America then America won't fight for you. And the only thing our Chosen Ones have done is ... played the classic political gimmick of getting the Presidency in one way or the other ... and then didn't give a shit.

They haven't scammed and defrauded only me ... but they have scammed and defrauded America. America wants to flush them out of power ... I have been doing my job of warning you guys again and again and again ... but my warnings fall on deaf ears.

Whether you guys will remain in key leadership roles or not depends on you. Everyone is watching every single move that each one of you make.

Your success is my success, your failure is my failure
One basic thing that all 3 should understand is that ... I am not against you. I designed your leadership for the changes that have to come in America. Your success is my success and your failure is my failure.

When you coordinate and do great things for America ... then you succeed as great historic leaders, SM succeeds, I succeed in the strategy designed and America succeeds as a whole. But when you flip and go on a looting spree ... then you go down in history as frauds and traitors ... SM starts terminating your Presidency, I have to re-strategize everything and America continues to go down the drain via trillions in debt. When you fail, everyone fails ... when you succeed, everyone succeeds.

Your success is in everyone's interests ... but if you remain adamant in being a failure then they will look for someone who wants to succeed. Its basic commonsense.