Treated me like a President?
Heh ... I call that bullshit. Its more like treated me like their pet ... the golden goose that keeps on giving. What do they do for me? Make sure that I have enough funds for my expenses and that I am safe. What do you do for your pet? Make sure that it has enough to eat and that it is safe.

It is not Presidential treatment ... it is "pet treatment". And when President Obama is in a really good mood then the best that he comes up with is ... "go get some" as well. So generous, isn't it? Lol.

Presidential Parasites
SM has been calling them parasites since Obama's last year itself. Obama sat there doing nothing but keeping me safe and allowed the Party to run America. He was replaced by Trump ... he also turned out to be a parasite for 4 long years. Again, he was replaced and we pulled Obama-Biden back in the game ... and guess what? Instead of taking anything forward ... Obama-Biden go back to being parasites all over again.

They love it when they get the White House and get to loot trillions. They think that they got it because they kept me financially and physically safe. When SM starts dismantling their Presidency because they didn't do shit for America ... didn't bring about any reforms ... they tend to threaten the little security that they provide for me.

This is what the Presidency has been for Obama, Trump and Biden. Use me as a Presidential lottery ... and then remain a parasite on me to learn how to avoid disasters ... not give a shit about changing anything in America ... go on a looting spree ... and then get pissed when the Presidency is being taken away from them.

It is Parasitic treatment
You call this "Presidential treatment"? Nope, this is parasitic treatment. They think that it is a great formula ... where they get to surpass the bad polls and get all the votes ... and easily become President by making false promises to us. The mistake that they make is ... they don't know how SM operates, they don't know who they are, what they do and how they do it.

Their entire understanding of the making and dismantling of Presidencies is a misunderstanding. They think that I am alone in getting things done. They don't know that I am just one of the Directors on the Board ... millions of entities are involved ... the entire Nation is watching them ... this is Active Democracy ... it is highly dynamic and interactive. They don't have an understanding of the internal working structure ... that's why they are like that. Take a look ...

Most say Biden, Trump not ‘fit’ for presidency, nearly half could vote third-party: polls

I told them that this would happen two years ago ... and it is true today. The guys that we chose ... they show no interest in changing America or fixing any crisis. The Establishment is not the problem today ... our Chosen Ones are the problem. This is what needs to be fixed.

The key question that the majority of SM Groups ask is ... if they don't give a shit about changing America then why are they in the White House? Why are they in Presidential leadership at all?

I told them so many times even before we gave the Presidency to Biden. I thank you for the security ... but your Presidency cannot be about only one person. There are billions of people that need help ... you need to be able to fight for the masses. They make all required promises but still no change from their side. Its a classic political gimmick ... promise what's needed and then go for the loot when you get the White House & not give a shit about anything.

Its a shitty phase for America ... thanks to Obama, Trump and Biden. Heh ... they were chosen to become the greatest leaders that modern history has seen ... but till date, the terms being used to describe them are frauds and parasites.

Let's see if Michelle can make some change in this equation that is rotting America. Their "Presidential treatment" is not going to take anything forward ... what everyone needs is a fight for the people. They need to show that they can fight to fix all of the crises that the people face.