Democrats wanting Trump's conviction is totally Trump's fault. Before, there were several elements who wanted Trump convicted and out of the Presidential race ... now, apart from them, Democrats are focusing on it.

Its because Trump has declared war on Bidens. Trump has committed several crimes and when he is being prosecuted for these crimes ... he is holding the gun to the President's head. He is threatening to toss the President's son in jail.

The more Trump is sinking in legal trouble, the more he is asking Fox News to demonize Bidens and he is using Republicans to investigate Bidens. He is planning jail for Hunter Biden and impeachment for Joe Biden.

It is a horrible strategy that is obviously backfiring on Trump. When you have several crimes under the hood, the last thing that you do is hold a gun to the President's head. This is something even worse than the Jan 6th insurrection. Trump himself is pushing Democrats to convict him.

Who the hell is advising Trump?
God knows who the hell is advising Trump ... but he keeps on self-destructing more and more. He should have simply chilled after making his money from the first term. Ivanka did the right thing ... she didn't bother to enter this hell hole again.

If Trump wanted to get back in the game ... then at least he should have come up with some great policies, stood up to the Establishment and be ready for some great reforms. But instead ...

  • The guy creates several disasters to terminate the Biden Presidency
  • Ends up creating a war which has killed more than 350K people and displaced millions of people till date
  • Has several crimes under his hood ... for which he is being prosecuted
  • And now, holds a gun to the President's head if he gets convicted

Like ... what are you thinking ... who is telling you to do all of this? You have the worst advisors ever. They are only pushing you on a route of more and more self-destruction.

Trump has been extremely negative and destructive towards Biden
This is what Trump doesn't realize. Biden is a nice guy ... he is humble, mixable, friendly and cooperative. Doesn't matter whatever shit you have done, he will help you out. But in your election loss bitterness and crave to become President again at all costs ... you have been extremely negative and destructive towards Biden ... despite him doing nothing against you.

The moment Biden became President, you have launched a massive anti-Biden campaign via Fox News ... despite Biden shutting down the anti-Trump propaganda. You launched several destructive schemes to create disasters under Biden ... that is ... multiplying the pandemic, multiplying the border crisis and the creation of the Ukraine war ... when Biden didn't do anything against you.

You already had several crimes under your hood and you continued with negative and destructive activities against Biden. Now, when you are being prosecuted for some of the crimes, you are holding a gun against Biden. You are threatening to put his son in jail and impeach Biden.

We understand your eagerness to become President ... but how much do you think that Biden will put up with? Why should he put up with all of this? You yourself are pushing Democrats to convict you. Biden is a nice guy ... but putting his son in jail and impeaching him ... that's just too much.

Uncle Biden
I myself call him "Uncle Biden" ... because doesn't matter how much I criticize him ... he doesn't turn against me nor does he do anything against me. Yes, its a different thing that America is piling up trillions of debt and he hasn't come up with any major new reform ... but he doesn't hold the gun against you because you show his lack of action. He is a nice guy.

The problem is with your advisors ... they are awful. This is not a plan to become President again but this is complete self-destruction.