No Coordination is Self-Destruction
When our Chosen Presidents don’t coordinate with me to solve America’s crises … then it is pretty much self-destruction for their political careers. Why? Because … for example … Uncle Biden … he doesn’t know the head or tail of the Establishment. He has no idea what the hell the Establishment is doing, let alone knowing how to stop its malice.

Millions of people died during the War on Terror and trillions were spent … millions of people died during the Pandemic and trillions were spent … now, trillions are being spent on climate change … are we waiting for millions of people to die with complete cities being burnt down? The Establishment has moved from one type of terrorism to another … from wars to pandemics to environmental terrorism … right under Biden’s nose … and he has no idea what the hell is going on.

Each of these terrorism programs have cost us trillions in taxpayer money, millions of lives and our Chosen Presidents don’t know shit. Despite not knowing anything … they refuse to coordinate … thus allowing full-scale flourishing malice of the Establishment across the globe.

No coordination means … no understanding of what is going on … no stopping of malice and crime … no stopping of mass terrorism programs … no stopping of trillions of wasteful expenditure … no stopping of the killing of millions of people. This is what no coordination with us means.

When you don’t want to lead then why do you want the White House?
The simple question that SM Groups ask is … if you don’t want to lead … if you don’t want to solve the people’s problems and crises … then why do you want to be in the White House? They will take away your Presidency as easy as they gave it to you. Don’t expect a second term when you have failed in your first term. Learn from Trump’s one term Presidency.

Why no second term for Trump and Biden?
Now, understand why SM does not want to give Trump and Biden a second term. As per their perspective, both of you were already given a chance to save America. But unfortunately both of you turned out to be “frauds” … using their terminology that is … several SM Groups see both of you as established frauds.

They say that … it is already a known fact that both Trump and Biden didn’t coordinate and didn’t solve any of America’s crises … what’s the point of giving them a second term? They will simply continue on their track of loot … of turning a blind eye to all of Establishment’s malice … America will continue to sink by the trillions and millions will continue to die. Why waste another 4 years under someone who is already an established fraud?

Support for Ron DeSantis growing owing to Trump and Biden’s failures
Here is where Ron DeSantis is coming into the picture. They say … let’s flush out these frauds … both Trump and Biden … and let’s bring in some new blood into the game. There is no point in extending our mistake of choosing and giving the Presidency to Trump and Biden … let’s limit both to a single term. Let’s give Ron DeSantis a chance.

No coordination from Ron DeSantis as well
Yes, as of now … there is no direct coordination from Ron DeSantis as well … so why Ron DeSantis? This is actually a good question.

Choosing Ron DeSantis opens up 3 routes of coordination.

  • Ron DeSantis. They don’t see Ron DeSantis as an established fraud … maybe he will coordinate with us. So, the line of coordination with Ron DeSantis is clearly possible and open.
  • Obama n Biden. Several SM Groups want the Obama n Biden team to realize that … no coordination is self-destruction. It’s a must for you to save America in order to remain in Presidential leadership … if you cannot do that then you will be removed from the leadership. Once Biden is failed in getting re-elected … and we have a Republican President … then automatically our oldest player in the game, Barack Obama, will understand that … coordination is a must to retain your leadership in the White House. Thus, if Democrats want the White House or if Obama wants to remain in key Presidential leadership … then we are the route to the White House.
  • Donald Trump. Well, the good news for Trump is that … there are some Pro-Trump groups who say that … if Trump will coordinate with you then we will save Trump from his indictments and give him the White House. It is these groups that had kept you safe from jail during your Presidency … the same groups want you again in the White House … doesn’t matter even if you are convicted. However, if you fail to coordinate … hardly anyone sees the need for the repetition of your last Presidency. As per them, Ron DeSantis coming to power will help you realize that … you should have prioritized saving America.

This is an interesting phase where anything can happen.

Ron DeSantis is Trump without the baggage
Apart from the fact that … Ron DeSantis is the beneficiary of Trump and Biden’s failures … Ron DeSantis is also Trump without the baggage.

  • He is closely following Trump in all of his policies … its almost a replica of Trump’s policies.
  • He is ready to rip apart all of Biden’s mass spending policies.
  • He will rip up Biden’s trillions of spending on climate change.
  • He is pro-Russia and he will end the war in Ukraine.
  • He is not an Establishment puppet and thus, there will be no nuclear war against Russia.
  • He doesn’t stand there blowing his horn and worshiping himself all the time.
  • He has a much better temperament than Trump.
  • He doesn’t have his eyes glued to the teleprompter for every speech that he makes. He knows what he is talking about. Lol.
  • He has a dashing wife … both of them make a great couple and will represent America wonderfully on the international stage.
  • He is young with fresh blood and with an open mind … thus making it easy for him to make logical and practical decisions without being a puppet of the party or the media or the Establishment.
  • His most powerful aspect is … several SM Groups are aligning themselves in his favor owing to Trump and Biden’s failures. More the SM support you have, the more likely you will get the White House.

Ron DeSantis comes with a lot of benefits for America … and as of now, he is seen as a much better candidate than Trump and Biden.

However, its not that the doors for Trump and Biden are closed. Options for them are also open … provided you work on solving America’s crises. Your failures are creating the DeSantis Presidency … just like Trump’s failure created the Biden Presidency. Now, Biden’s failure is creating the DeSantis Presidency.