Protests and mass condemnation under Bush and Trump
Do you know the key difference between Bush and Trump on one side and Obama and Biden on the other side? Bush and Trump were essentially seen as "bad players" ... Bush because of his wars and Trump because of his Pornstar scandals. When bad leaders try to do something wrong ... then the entire country bursts open against them ... there is mass condemnation and protests and calls for impeachment. The entire country keeps an eye on them and the entire country tries to stop the wrong that they come up with. Because by nature ... people already think that they are bad ... they already expect bad from them ... thus the people jump to do what is right by stopping them and by condemning them.

We saw this during the Bush Presidency when millions of Americans poured onto the streets. We saw this with a massive anti-Trump propaganda from almost every news channel in America during the Trump Presidency.

No protests and no mass condemnation under Obama and Biden
But if you look at the Presidency under "good players" like Obama and Biden ... the response of the people is totally different. Its not that Obama and Biden were any better than Bush and Trump respectively. Obama bombed several more countries than Bush ... Biden blew up trillions more than Trump and started new wars that Trump never did. Obama's Presidential performance was worse than Bush and Biden's Presidential performance is worse than Trump.

Amusingly, you will not find the revolt ... the protests ... the condemnation and ridicule for Obama and Biden. Why? Because Obama and Biden are "good natured" leaders ... they are seen as better human beings than Bush and Trump respectively. Bush was seen as a war maniac ... Obama was seen as the peace champion. Trump was seen as self-profiting President who was holding America hostage ... Biden was seen as ... no, no ... sorry, there were no expectations from Biden. Lol. The people just didn't want Trump and they expected Biden to be better.

People give up on their hopes and expectations
What happens is ... people pin their "hopes and expectations" on good natured leaders like Obama and Biden. And when good natured leaders fail ... people simply lose hope. They don't revolt ... they don't protest ... they don't condemn ... they just lose hope and give up on their expectations.

That's exactly what happened with Obama ... he created so much hope that he literally got the Nobel Peace Prize for creating hope. But when he started sending soldiers and started bombing new countries ... the people simply lost hope. There were no millions of protesters on the streets against Obama. Why? Because people simply give up on their expectations when good leaders do bad things.

During Obama's second term ... the people simply got fed up of the stagnation and they would elect any Republican to get change in America. Well, thanks to Trump's racist policies ... the people started appreciating Obama's good nature despite his stagnant leadership.

The same applies to Biden ... Biden is doing a truck load worse than Trump. But there are hardly any protests or condemnation or ridicule ... no one expected anything from Biden nor were they getting anything positive from Biden. Just like with Obama, the people are already getting fedup of Biden and they want change.

America held hostage on a failed and disastrous track
Its a sad state of affairs when good natured leaders continue on a failed and disastrous track. This is the issue that America is facing ... getting one failed President after another. It doesn't matter if we are failing the bad guys ... it doesn't matter if we are failing Establishment puppets ... we are still getting failed leaders in the White House.

This is the issue that America is facing ... leaders simply sit there, watch and capitalize on the current guy failing to lead ... they simply try to take his seat despite not knowing what to do themselves ... despite not having the capability to solve any crisis themselves.

America is getting a slow and crumbling death
Its sad, selfish, mean, cold, uncaring and irresponsible. We are failing Establishment puppets because they will blow up America via a war against Russia. But its like, we are getting vultures who are feeding on the living carcass of America. That's the difference between Establishment puppets and our wonderful Chosen Presidents. Instead of getting a sudden death, America is getting a slow and a crumbling death.

Stupidly ... through this ongoing process ... our Chosen Presidents will be blamed for America's failure. Namely, Obama, Trump and Biden ... as we already got 2 times more debt under these 3 Presidents than under the entire Establishment combined. Instead of saving America from the Establishment ... our guys are definitely saving America from being blown up by Russia suddenly ... but they are also making sure to kill America real nice and slow.

Bravo my wonderful friends ... bravo.