Why are there so many sex scandals in American politics?
Trump had several sex scandals when he ran for President … Biden had sex scandals when he ran for President … now, the next potential US President, Elon Musk, also has a few sex scandals. Why? It is basically an Establishment activity. They track everything that you do ... all of your emails, calls, messages, usage of your phone and computer and also your activities at home & in your office are tracked. This gives them access to everyone's sex scandals as well ... apart from the other tons of data that they collect.
They use this data that they collect via spying in the common people's lives to target them in politics … to demonize them, to ridicule them, to pull away votes from them and to fail their political careers. This is the basic objective of the Establishment using sex scandals to target top political leaders.

How does the Establishment benefit from sex scandals?
It’s actually a deviation gimmick. The main issue in America is the massive debt crisis that has crossed $30 Trillion. The entire War on Terror was a "cover-up" for the debt crisis. These sex scandals demonize the current President … and serves as a deviation tactic away from the main problem. The mainstream media sits there trashing the President and shifts the attention away from the main crisis. It buys them time to continue with their loot of trillions while the people remain busy trashing each other.

How Trump has used sex scandals?
Though Trump is very routinely humiliated and ridiculed by the Establishment media repeatedly … he thinks that he is a part of the Establishment. Whatever scheme that the Establishment runs out there, Trump tries to own it and replicate it.

Trump has very routinely created "false sex information" to delay and reject working with us to solve America's crises. Trump thought that it is a great tactic and that he is benefiting from it greatly … but he didn't realize that all SM Groups are watching him as well and also watching his fake sex setups. All of it backfired on Trump and he was removed from the White House.

How Obama and Biden have used sex scandals?
Biden has made Trump his "Guru" and he is trying to replicate everything that Trump has done. To avoid working with us, these wonderful Presidents … Obama and Biden … they have also placed Presidential agents around me … who provide false information as and when needed. This information is forwarded to Michelle and other key Presidential candidates to stall the work.

Some SM Groups thought that … Biden is not able to surpass these sex setups created by Trump or the Establishment … but it turns out that … Obama and Biden, they themselves have placed agents who spy in our lives … use the slightest glitch possible … and if they can't find any glitch ... they make up some false sex stories that should apparently help them in not working with us.

Does SM care about sex scandals?
These wonderful Presidents … Obama, Trump and Biden … they think that they are doing a great and phenomenal job … by not working with us, ignoring all of the crises that America has and then go on a looting spree … but they don't realize that they are "shooting themselves in the foot".

SM has been trained not to give a shit about what anyone does in the bedrooms … your private lives are none of anyone's concern. You do whatever you do in your private life … what you do as President for billions of people in America and around the world ... that's what matters.

That's why a Pornstar banger was given the White House … that's why a guy who was fingering his colleagues was given the White House. If SM had followed these sex gimmicks then neither Trump nor Biden would get the White House.

Even if you bang two different Pornstars every single day … even then nobody would give a shit about it … they would maintain you in power as long as you were fighting for the people and making their lives better. That's why all sex scandals of Trump and Biden have been failed.

But amusingly, the Pornstar banger and the guy who fingers his colleagues … think that it is a great idea to use some shitty sexual excuse to allow America to burn and continue their loot by the trillions. This is how they self-destruct their own Presidency.

Should Pornstars be killed?
For heaven's sake … me showing up for a political speech with two Pornstars by my side … was a joke … it happened more than a decade ago. I have absolutely no interest in Pornstars and I will not be dating any Pornstars. You are requested to kindly stop killing Pornstars ... that's, if you are involved in it.

Should Elon Musk worry about his sex scandals?
Don't worry about it … it will be managed. But what you need to worry about is … the 3 incompetent bums … Obama, Trump and Biden using sex info to delay or stall or reject coordination with us. Its an Establishment activity … anyone using Establishment activities, ideas or schemes are hated and targeted by SM Groups. Moreover, these sex gimmicks are designed to allow America to burn and to allow 40 Americans to die every hour while our lovely Presidents continue their looting spree by the trillions.