Some SM basics for Elon Musk … it will help you understand what is going on and how things operate. If you understand the basics of how key forces function then you will understand how to operate and get victories in these multiple crises.

What is the Matrix?
It’s a Human Management Network … where several sets of different technologies are used to track, monitor, enhance and control human beings in different fields of the society.

What is the Establishment?
They call themselves Jewish … but it is actually a Satanic Establishment. The Bankers form the base who sponsor a monopoly that owns tens of thousands of businesses in several fields.

What is SM?
It is the workforce that operates in several fields within the Matrix … tens of millions of SM Groups form the SM Network.

Which are the powers at play in managing the country?
The President or the Government is the weakest power … then comes the Establishment and then SM. The Establishment has more influence in the country than the Government simply because it has more control points owing to its monopoly. SM is the most powerful entity managing the Nation simply owing to its connectivity, size and influence.

What does it mean to have "SM support"?
It means that you will get guidance, support for victories from various groups from intelligence, media, legals, corporations, government, celebrities and the general public. More the SM Groups support you, more the Nation will be with you. You will get protection from your opponents and Establishment malice. Your opponents will be taken down easily and you will be given victories.

What does it mean to lose "SM support"?
It means that your Nation is turning against you or moving away from you … which results in loss in popularity, fall in polls, losing of elections and also complete termination of your political career. It depends on how much SM support you lose owing to your inaction or disastrous actions.

What does it mean to have "SM against you"?
Getting fired, business losses, shutting down businesses, ailments, diseases, breaking bones, accidents, lawsuits, investigations, convictions, jail, dropping dead … it has a long list of negative techniques … it generally starts with your surrounding world turning against you and then things get worse and worse and worse ... till some people even drop dead. Some people don't have the luxury for a long curve till they drop dead ... based on their activities they may drop dead on a shorter track.

Who designed these negative techniques?
The Matrix system and all of its tools and techniques are designed by the Establishment to manage the masses. Since SM forms the workforce, they have access to all tools and techniques. Both the Establishment and SM use the same set of tools and techniques … the difference is only in their targets.

What are SM's protective shields?
Since Establishment elements have the same toolsets, SM creates a protective shield for persons of high interest … like people centric Presidents … so that they are secured from Establishment malice from any direction.

What is Active Democracy?
It’s a democratic system where every single citizen operates as an "Active Citizen" and gets involved in leading his Nation … to support what is right and to pull down what is wrong. Each citizen from various fields across the country operate as per their own capacity ... from intelligence, police, legal networks, government, corporations, media, celebrities and the general public. Its democracy in its true sense ... for the people, by the people.

SM operates based on Active Democracy
SM operates with a different set of tools and techniques … but their general base in getting involved to manage and lead the Nation is Active Democracy.

SM is America. SM runs America.
The SM Network has become so widespread and influential that the government and the Establishment have become subsets within the influence of SM. SM is able to knock out any politician they want and they are able to toss millionaire and billionaire criminals in jail when they want ... this is, apart from their network in the media, corporations, intelligence, police, legal networks and celebrities.

How am I related to SM?
If SM is the Ocean then I manage the currents in the Ocean. Who should be taken down and who should be supported … who to give power and who to take power from … who to toss in jail … how to pull the support of the masses … how to shoot down Establishment malice and so on. I strategize and SM implements.