As per our project to dismantle the Establishment, we designed the coordination with the US President in several fields so that we could easily surpass the Establishment control and influence … and win in dismantling the Establishment and create new systems. These are the basic fields where coordination is required to start off with.

  • Intelligence. We basically had to work with the intelligence agencies of the US, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Japan to balance out the intelligence tools used by the Establishment to spy on our work, to destabilize the work and to manage the staff. We had to root out all Establishment puppets from our teams and make sure that all tools, equipment and manpower used are independent of Establishment control, monitoring and influence. We also have to collect data on the people in involved in politics, judiciary, media and government in various fields.
  • Politics / Security. We had to work with some key governments to create security shells for our work and for our staff … especially with US, Russia, UK, Germany, Turkey and other countries where the bases would be created. This is required to surpass the Establishment’s control to adversely affect our work by pulling political strings or by creating legal issues.
  • Finance. We had to work with several different sponsors from GCC countries and independent billionaires to surpass the Establishment’s tactics to throttle our work and to stop our work.
  • Technology. We had to work with the US, Russia, Germany and Japan to combat the Establishment at the technological level.
  • Media. We had to work with several media outlets in several countries … again to surpass and create a counter offensive against the Establishment in the media. We have to work with several journalists from different countries to collect data on several Establishment schemes and systems.
  • President / Congress. We had to work with the President and several members of the Congress from both sides of the aisle to create new systems and to dismantle exploitation systems.
  • Lawyers. We had to create a team of lawyers to organize our work legally and also constitutional lawyers to organize the creation of new laws and systems.

To start off … these were the basic fields where coordination was required and this was the primary job of the President to coordinate and facilitate all of this.

Now, to understand where we stand … to understand why SM is working on the removal of Obama, Trump and Biden from Presidential leadership … all you need to do is see where these wonderful gentlemen stand in the most important task that they are supposed to manage.

Barack Obama
Well … as far as Obama is concerned … thanks to the efforts from Michelle … her coordination for security was simply excellent. She worked with several countries and governments to secure our work. This is something that was done very well and it should be acknowledged … we thank Michelle Obama for this. Love you, Ma’am.

But if you look at the other fields … Obama lagged severely in all other fields.

  • Intelligence. There was zero coordination with the intelligence agencies from any country to work on any Establishment issue.
  • Finance. Obama was not able to pull any finance from any source other than the regular clients that we have.
  • Technology. There was zero coordination in terms of technology … the Establishment was free to abuse us via several routes.
  • Media. Zero coordination from the media via the President.
  • President / Congress. There was zero direct coordination from the President or the Congress.
  • Lawyers. No team of lawyers either.

The only thing that Obama said when we got him re-elected was “thank you for getting me re-elected … now, go get some”. He took years and years and years … just to stop the damn wars. He tried to pull a few strings in the end of his Presidency to pull finance for our work … but he didn’t succeed.

Donald J Trump
If you want to understand why Trump was flushed out of the White House … then this page will explain you the same. Michelle Obama’s security shell extended through the Trump Presidency. Trump was not providing us security … but he was a security threat for our work.

Trump was not pulling finance for our work … but he would raise funds using the name of our work and then pocket the funds himself. He raised billions several times using the pretext of the Jewish Establishment … but then he pocketed the money himself taking no action on the Establishment. This was the “financial coordination” that Trump provided. He was scamming others using our work.

Instead of working with the FBI, Trump was fighting with the FBI. Trump had zero understanding of how Establishment technology works and his Presidency was plagued by leaks and whistle blowers. Trump didn’t work with us in media coordination … but instead he was targeted by the Establishment media which made him the most humiliated and ridiculed President in all of US history.

Trump was not working for the people but he was a self-absorbed psycho who didn’t care about anyone but himself. Trump showed himself unfit to lead and bring about change in America during the Establishment crisis … and he was removed from the White House.

Joe Biden
If you want to see the “progress” that Joe Biden has made … then all you need to do is … look how he is operating in the basic fields for coordination … and you will understand the state of his Presidency and why he is being removed from the White House.

Michelle Obama’s security shell continues to protect us through the Biden Presidency as well. This is one good thing that we got since Biden is close to Obamas.

But all of Obama’s issues exist with Biden as well. Zero coordination in technology, politics, finance, media, lawyers or the Congress. Thus there is zero progress or change during the Biden Presidency. Obama is repeating the stagnation and inaction of his Presidency … while providing us with security and asking me to “go get some” even today … while not giving a shit abou solving any crisis whatsoever.

Apparently, bringing Obama back in Presidential leadership has only brought back all of the issues of his Presidency. Thus the Biden Presidency is on the chopping block now.

Michelle n Musk
This is what Michelle n Musk should realize … there is a lot of work to be done out there. The Establishment wins and continues to run its exploitation system … continues to win in leeching trillions every year … only because it has worked exhaustively from several angles and it has setup “systems” to facilitate these exploitation systems.

“I write and you follow” thingy doesn’t work. “Pretend to contact” doesn’t work. Pretending to contact is turning out to be nothing but a way to scam the people and mislead them into electing frauds to the White House.

Several fields have to be worked upon to address each issue … top level and the best technologies from the world are needed to combat the Establishment. This is not a two person game … we need the best minds from several fields in action.

If you look at the progress that each candidate has made then you can self-evaluate their leadership in this crisis. The candidate obsess about “how dare I write against them” … but look at their work as well. Michelle n Musk should understand the change that we need out there.