Why do the selected get elected?
The candidates that we select for President automatically get elected as President. Why? Because America is a burning building … the crises it faces are quite complicated. It requires coordination with the President to create new systems and to dismantle exploitation systems to take America into a new era.

The candidates that we select for President are actually selected for this very purpose … to solve America's crises, to create new systems and to dismantle exploitation systems.

The same moral conscience expected
One of the things that are expected from the Presidential candidate is that … he has the same moral conscience to fight for America, to protect America and to save America from these crises. The candidate is expected to fight off all malicious activities and do great things for the people and the country. This is something that is automatically expected to happen.

But is this actually what is happening?
We are changing one President after another … absolutely no crises is solved … all crises multiply … things keep on getting worse. Why?

Because there is absolutely no synchronization between the base objectives of giving them the Presidency and their actual Presidential platform. We are getting scammers and frauds in the White House who only care to go on a looting spree while not caring about solving any crisis whatsoever.

Each candidate is working at a disconnect of his own … with his own understanding, objectives and interests.

Obama's Understanding
There was severe failure under Obama with multiple disasters. Because this is how Obama's understanding was / is about our work.

  • He is a popular blogger that makes Presidents. If he supports then you become President.
  • All you need to do is give him security … and he will blog and make you President.
  • Once you get the Presidency, you follow the Party and do whatever they say.
  • Follow White people, follow the Party and make your money.

There is no connection to reason, logic, facts, disasters or solving any crises … its blind leadership. The purpose of getting Obama re-elected was a total failure … wars slowed down but there was no solution to any crisis whatsoever. America continued to burn by the trillions every year

Trump's Understanding
Since Obama couldn't stand against anyone and he couldn't change any system … Trump was selected and elected next. He was chosen to create new systems and dismantle the Establishment's exploitation systems. But he also turned out to be a failure because this was his understanding of the work.

  • Say and promise everything to get the support to win the Presidency
  • He went on a looting spree and got scared of the Establishment to the extent that he started supporting and protecting them.
  • Our security was important for the work … but since we wrote about his inaction and failure to lead … he turned against us and tried to pull several strings to shut down our work.

Trump also turned out to be a failure … there were zero reforms under Trump … all exploitation and wealth drain continued by the trillions. Eventually, Trump was removed from the White House to select and elect the next President who would change America.

Look what was Trump supposed to do and what he ended up doing. He was supposed to have the same moral conscience to fight against the Satanic Establishment and work with us to dismantle their monopoly.

He ended up doing the opposite of what he was elected for … instead of dismantling the Establishment, he started protecting them and supporting them. Instead of working with us, he turned against us. Trump turned out to be the complete opposite of what he was chosen for.

Biden's understanding
Since Trump failed … Biden was selected and elected as President to fight for America while being guided by Obamas in this fight. But till date, Biden also turned out to be a failure … Biden doesn't have an understanding of his own … he was actually misled by Obama and Trump … both of them misled him onto the wrong track. Biden's Presidency carries the flaws of both Obama and Trump.

This is how Biden's Presidency is operating …

  • Say and promise everything needed to get the Presidency.
  • Go on a looting spree like Trump, follow Party puppetry like Obama.
  • Be happy with the security we give you and go get some … like Obama.
  • Be friends with everybody, don't get on anyone's bad side … like Obama.
  • Trump is running his own series of disasters, Biden is running his own disasters and the Establishment is running their disasters.
  • It’s a multi-disaster Presidency.

Look what Biden was supposed to do and look what he is actually doing. And then they wonder why their Presidency is on the termination track.

I am writing this page to help Michelle n Musk understand where the key problems are in the leadership … why each leader is being brought into the White House, what they are doing and why they are being flushed out. I am writing this so that the next President doesn't repeat the same pattern of disasters and understand the key responsibility that comes with the Presidency.

America is getting a line of crooks and frauds who go on a looting spree and don't care to solve any crisis at all. This is what we are trying to avoid and rectify.