Slavery is not a genetic condition but it is an abusive condition
I am talking about “Obama following White people” and Michelle is tweeting that her ancestors were in slavery … probably, trying to ask me … if Obama has a genetic condition? Lol … hell no, Ma’am … hell no.

There is no way in hell that Obama following White people has anything to do with slavery. No way in hell that can happen. If you note … whenever I talk about Obama trusting and following White people … I also quote Obama’s White mommy issues. This trust and automatic obedience that Obama has many a times to White people … it is mainly because he had a fabulous, intelligent, charismatic and loving White Mom. She was his guiding light … and look at him … she has done quite a good job.

Trust me, there is no connection between Obama’s trust in White people and slavery. Slavery is not a genetic condition but it is an abusive condition … it is the suppression and abuse of weaker people.

God turns things around
Obama is not an example of slavery … but actually, a black man rising to become the President of the United States is an example of equality in race, religion, color and culture. A country that had millions of Black slaves … it has turned around to have a black man as the President of the United States.

Did you know that the British ruled over India for more than 400 years and Indians were living in slave conditions with famines striking India one after another where about a 40 million Indians died in one famine alone. They didn’t die in a ship … they died in their homes out of starvation … because crops failed and all food products were being exported out of India by the British.

This was the British rule in India … a country that was living in its Golden Era where elephants used to be covered in gold plated clothes … the same country was reduced to a condition where tens of millions of people were dying out of starvation in their homes.

And look how God turns things around … today an Indian rules over Britain. Rishi Sunak has become the Prime Minister of Britain … from a British slave to ruling over Britain.

So, trust in God … God loves each and every one of us … and He does wonders that you cannot even imagine.

Fear of the unknown
In our project sometimes … there is a fear of the unknown.

  • How can one brown guy sitting on the other side of the Ocean revolutionize America?
  • How am I supposed to work with one guy and fight against $500 trillion bankers who have tens of thousands of commercial outlets?
  • Am I supposed to leave the advice of our country’s top military, political and party advisers and trust one guy with a laptop on the other side of the Ocean?

In the initial phase, it is very normal to have some doubts because … it’s a new fight … parameters are new … its not text book politics … it’s a different world out there … who do I trust? How do I decide? This thinking is very normal.

Obama, Warren and Biden. The common thinking among these 3 candidates is that … “Okay, here’s your money … you do your thing … and let me run the Presidency with whatever policy that the party tells me to.”

In fact, Warren kept on increasing the payout for us but she never changed her policies. Why? She thought that I was one separate entity who makes Presidents and fights bad guys … so, here’s the funding for you … now, support me as President and allow me to do my thing. She didn’t even undertand the concept of how everything works.

Donald Trump. Till date, Trump was the only guy who took a step forward … to step out of the norm … to discard the advice of military, political and party advisers … and he chose to follow facts and logic to go for a win. He is the only guy in the top political cream who took things forward.

But he got scared of the Establishment … and did not stand up to the Establishment in any sphere. He used facts and logic where it was easy … where the opposition could be knocked out easily … he went for easy wins. With that itself he made quite a mark in American politics.

Obama’s team was afraid of the unknown … they preferred to continue with conventional politics and follow Party politics and leaders. Whereas, Trump was afraid to stand up to the Establishment and chose not to change anything. Both of the teams were afraid of the unknown … they didn’t know who to manage things ahead … they didn’t know how to manage their party and they didn’t know how to manage the Establishment.

Know everything … don’t fear the unknown … step forward to know everything
An easy way to combat the fear of the unknown is to step forward to know everything. Understand how things will enfold in each and every task, field and level … understand your support points and the obstacles in the way … understand how to win … understand how to knock out your opposition.

Its not going to be you working with just one person. We will be setting up an entire think tank … with the best professionals from media, legals, politics, security, intelligence and professional fields. Everything will be analyzed from several angles and all data will be forwarded to your office for further screening and implementation.

You will know every bit and byte of everything … and we will be with you in every step of the way. Fearing the unknown is only giving you failures … underestimating and under-planning is giving you only failures. We need to plan well to win.

I don’t guarantee wins in every step … some wins will be easy and some will take more attempts … but each attempt will be a simulation to show us who the opposition is and who has to be knocked out.

But unfortunately, nothing has begun … and SM sees Obama, Trump and Biden as the obstacles … and they are busy knocking you guys out. Because as per the current simulations and activities … you guys are blocking and obstructing the work.

The advice would be … don’t fear the unknown … know everything … plan in the most detailed manner possible taking into consideration every obstacle possible … and then fight to win.

One thing that we all should learn from slavery is that … just because you are weak, it doesn’t mean that you are going to lose. We just need to fight together.

God is with those who are patient and consistent in doing what is right … even if you are a suppressed Black or Indian abused by a powerful force … God will give you victory … a victory that you could not even imagine.