Have I ruled out Biden?
Personally, I have not ruled out anyone. Its SM support that has moved away from Biden. You tell me ... what are the chances that Biden will turn things around? Biden will stop his crazy mass spending ... break Establishment monopoly ... and create a new era for America? What are the chances of that happening?

Yes, that's the reason why the majority of SM groups have moved away from Biden. Everyone is looking for alternate options.

And when we look for alternate options ... on one hand we have Trump who got scared and started protecting and supporting the Satanic Establishment. When he couldn't do the job ... we pulled Obama in the game ... our wonderful Obama ... he didn't even face the Establishment in any sphere and he is busy creating Party puppets who become nothing but indirect Establishment puppets.

That's why we are trying to pull Michelle n Musk in the game. The leadership is a mess out there.

What we had basically done was ... we explored every configuration and possibility of Establishment malice in every sphere and prepared how to manage Establishment elements. But we didn't prepare extensively well ... as to what we would do when our own Chosen Ones would flip, go on a looting spree and not care about solving any crisis. Who knew that Trump would buckle instead of fighting back? Who knew that Obama would sit there creating Party puppets instead of fighting for change in America?

We pinned too much hope and too many expectations from our Chosen Ones without any kind of confirmation that they would actually work on any aspect of the project. This is the key issue that we are having to manage now. In this phase, the Establishment is not the problem ... our Chosen Ones are the problem. Lol.

Creating a lifelong Presidential leadership role for Trump or Obama
Yes, I am showing issues that come from both Trump and Obama. The key objective is not to trash them ... but we have to save them. We have to save at least one of them ... it would be good if we can save both.

I trash Establishment puppets to totally remove them from politics. But that's not the case with Trump and Obama. We need someone good and able who can lead America. I am trying to design a lifelong Presidential leadership role for at least Trump or Obama. For SM to accept them and to support them ... we have to address their issues and get rid of their issues. These issues are directly affecting their leadership roles.

Obamas maintain my security ... so, it is pretty obvious that SM and I prefer Obamas in the lead. The issue right now is that ... no one is leading. Trump is scared of the Establishment and Obama is creating puppets for the Establishment ... there is no leadership out there. This is point number one.

Strategy works hand in hand with the implementation
The second thing that our Chosen Ones should keep in mind is that ... I am not alone ... the strategy works hand in hand with the implementation. While I strategize, the political leaders and SM elements implement. If the political leaders work on the right strategies then SM maintains the support for them to remain in power and they are given victories. But if our leaders fail then SM will remove them from power ... and I have to re-strategize everything.

Keep in mind that ...

  • It is SM that gives you the White House
  • It is SM that takes away your political powers
  • It is SM that turns your world against you or in your favor
  • It is SM that gives incompetent leaders the boot

I don't do this ... SM does that. I am just one of the Directors on the Board who strategizes how things should play out and how our country should be run.

Interfacing between political leaders and SM
The risky part of my job is that ... apart from strategies, I also have to interface between the political leaders and SM elements. I have to show our leaders how SM will give them power, what they expect from them, the changes that they have to bring and the crises that SM wants you to work on. This part every leader loves ... it is all about getting power, becoming President and getting to blow up trillions.

But till date, no Chosen One has actually done what they were chosen for. One guy got scared and the other guy creates puppets ... so my other side of "interfacing" is to show them ... how SM is upset with their leadership, how they will lose support, how they will fall in polls and popularity, how they will lose elections and then eventually be removed from office.

No leader likes this part … and there is a tendency to turn against me. Since they are getting all of the info from me, they think that I am responsible for everything. First, they make false promises … take the White House … go on a looting spree by the trillions … don’t care about solving any crisis … and when they are informed that … “Mr. President, the guys who gave you the White House, they are planning to take it away from you.” They don’t like it … and there is a tendency to turn against me … and I have to call Michelle for help.

  • We shoot down all Establishment puppets from the Presidential race
  • Give these guys the polls, the popularity, the support and votes to get the White House
  • We protect them from all Establishment malice, wars and disasters
  • We protect them from impeachment, jail and investigations

And what do they do? They sit there hatching excuse after excuse not to work with us … not to solve any crisis that America faces … not fix any problem … and choose to go on a looting spree instead … and then turn against us when SM looks for replacements. This is the equation that we are dealing with. Take everything … do nothing … loot at every turn … and then turn against the guy who gave you everything. Bravo ... Chosen Ones ... bravo.

The interesting part of this phase is that … not only one President is a screw-up … but all 3 are screw-ups. Imagine handling that … lol.

These are the exact strategies that I am working on right now ... they are asking for exit strategies for Biden. At a personal level, I have not eliminated anyone from leadership ... I keep all options open ... and allow leaders to step forward, commit, perform and show progress ... and then I work with SM in deciding who is best fit for the White House.

This is exactly why ... at this moment in time ...

  • We are discussing all issues that come from Obama, Trump and Biden
  • We are also exploring how Elon Musk can take things forward
  • We are discussing how Michelle can play a role in addressing and working beyond the issues that come from Barack
  • While I am working on this ... some SM Groups are also working on a completely new option that doesn't include any of the above

This is exactly what's going on in Nation Management and this is one of the key aspects being continuously monitored, evaluated and discussed. I am sharing this information with our Chosen Ones ... because this is a part of my job ... to interface between SM and political leaders. Activities among SM groups will help you understand what actually happens on the frontend politics in America. SM sits there and configures the Nation in your favor or against you ... it is all based on your actions, policies and leadership.

If you integrate well with SM then you have the Nation with you ... you will be given phenomenal support, victories and protection from several kinds of malice. Keep in mind, getting the White House is no lottery ticket ... there are responsibilities that you have to manage, crises for you to solve and changes that you have to make. If you can do this then the White House is yours ... else they look for alternates who will do the job. That's how they operate.


"It is better to die than do nothing" ... Korean morals

I wish our Presidential leaders understood this line.