Saving both would be great
Saving Trump and Obama is about creating a lifelong Presidential leadership role for either Trump or Obama. However, if we can save both … then it would be great … we would have an experienced Ex-President in each Party that would help us fight against Establishment malice and monopoly.

The only and major issue is that … both Trump and Obama have been a waste of time … pulling them in Presidential leadership was a total waste where no action on the key problems in America has taken place. Let us briefly try to understand the issues with Trump and Obama leaderships … so that we understand what has to be fixed in order to save their leadership.

Saving Trump
The major issue with Trump is that … he is most of the time absorbed in “self-worship” … the world should revolve around him … nobody should say anything against him … everyone should blow his horn and sing his praises … he should be able to loot by the trillions and he should be able to save his ass if anyone came after him. This is the Trump Presidency in a nutshell.

This is Trump’s perfect world … blow your horn, loot by the trillions and use the trillions to save your ass … everyone should worship Trump, which he does himself all the time.

Advantages of Trump’s Leadership
However, there have been key advantages of Trump blowing his horn … he loves to win … he doesn’t want disasters to happen under his Presidency and thus, Trump was keen in using facts and logic to avert all wars, disasters and Establishment misleading. Trump got a unique lead over other political leaders because of his fact and logic driven leadership.

Disadvantages of Trump’s Leadership
While Trump showed good progress in managing the misleading that comes from the Party, media and Establishment advisers … he lacked the courage to stand up to the Establishment’s malice and monopoly. Thus Establishment monopoly was not broken down, there were no major reforms, no change and no revolutions under Trump.

Another issue of Trump’s leadership is that … many say that he holds grudges against his opponents and everyone who speaks against him … it might be politicians or media personnel … Trump holds grudges against them. And Trump is not kind of 100% reliable when it comes to securing our work, given his past record that is. Maybe he will change … don’t know.

Saving Obama
The major issue with Obama is that … he is stuck in repetitive cycles of his past. We supported him against Mitt Romney and he got re-elected … and then he followed whatever his Party was advising. That was a different time and a different era … Obama keeps on repeating the same pattern of work … thus he is derailing all Presidential candidates into becoming Party puppets.

He treats us as a “Presidential lottery”, based on whose support you are given the Presidency. Based on his assumption … all that the President needs to do is … keep us safe and then follow the Party. This is the Obama Presidency in a nutshell.

Eventually what Obama is ending up doing is … he is creating Party puppets, following the Party in all policies and actions, the Establishment is having a gala time channelizing its malice via the Party and Obama is creating puppets for the Establishment via the Party.

Thus, not only we have no reforms, no change and no revolutions … but we also have wars, mass spending and widespread Establishment misleading under Obama’s leadership. There is zero usage of facts and logic … there is no urge to go for a win or to stop any disaster … its full-fledged disasters in all directions.

Advantages of the Obama Leadership
However, the advantage of the Obama leadership is that … thanks to Michelle, they keep our work safe. Thus, we are able to write this page and show the world how her hubby is screwing the world. Lol. It’s a fact … Michelle keeps us safe and Barack screws the world. Lol.

Another good thing about Barack Obama is that … he is a good person … he doesn’t hold grudges … he is not into self-worship like Trump. He has good morals … he gives lengthy moral science speeches and then … he screws the world. Lol.

(This just shows that I have a friendly relationship with Obamas.)

The Trump and Obama problems are of a different level
The key thing that one should observe of the problems that come from Trump and Obama is that … these problems are of a different level. For example …

  • Trump was able to use facts and logic
  • Trump was able to ward off misleading that comes from the Party, media and Establishment elements
  • Trump was able to set up his own teams and make independent decisions to do what is right for America
  • Trump was able to use the media and with SM support he was able to hammer out opposition elements
  • Trump was able to make the Republican Party, a party of Trump
  • Trump was able to pull America to support his decisions
  • Trump literally faced the Establishment opposition in the Party, media, legals and with advisers
  • Fighting for what is right, Trump became a leader

On the other hand, if you look at the Obama n Biden combination …

  • They treated us only as a Presidential lottery … said thank you … and maintained our security
  • There is zero use of facts and logic
  • There is zero dodging or warding off misleading that comes from the party, media or advisers
  • There are zero independent decisions
  • There is zero usage of the media or SM to hammer out any opposition
  • Obama n Biden have not made the Democrat Party, a party of Obama
  • Obama n Biden are not leaders … they still continue to remain Party puppets

Obama n Biden have taken America backwards … into an old conventional era … where the hierarchy rules … where the Party is followed … the Establishment dominates again … it screws the country via the Party. At least Trump faced the Establishment in a few spheres … Obama n Biden have not even faced any kind of Establishment opposition because they are being puppets of the Establishment via the Party.

Surpass Trump
I told Obama n Biden two simple words … surpass Trump … and they failed to understand this. Their leadership and the disasters under their leadership clearly shows how they have failed to lead America any better than Trump.

Snapping Obama or Trump out of their disadvantages
In order to save Obama or Trump or both … we have to snap them out of their disadvantages … so that they can lead America out of its crises.

With Michelle n Musk
This is the easiest route of saving Obama … activate new minds on a new track … with a new vision and new objectives … with new strategies and new line of actions and policies … and Obama will blend in whenever he is ready. This is the easiest option to create the next Democrat President and also to save Obama.

The only problem with this configuration is that … despite showing America’s disastrous state where a thousand Americans are dying every single day and we are losing about $5 billion per day … there is still no action from Michelle n Musk. Some SM Groups fear that even the Michelle n Musk combination is following the same pattern of the Obama n Biden leadership. Since Obama n Biden failed … they fear that there will be no new vision or new strategies or new actions under Michelle n Musk … and this combination will also be a failed combination like Obama n Biden.

This is the easiest route to save America and to save Obama … but if the easiest route follows the past stagnant and disastrous route … then its pretty obvious that this combo will also be a disaster. This is what some SM Groups fear … till date, there is no guarantee that they will do anything different.

With Michelle
Just in case Elon Musk doesn’t want to be President … then Michelle can simply lead with Bill de Blasio or another suitable Democrat candidate. This option is also feasible.

With Biden
At this moment in time, its difficult to turn things around with Biden … many see that it may be difficult for Biden to turn things around and take a new direction … however, it is not impossible as well.

With Trump
Honestly speaking, during the Trump Presidency … Trump was just one step away from revolutionizing America. We had created protective shields for him from Establishment opposition within the party, from the media and even in lawsuits. If Trump had taken one step ahead … then he would have started revolutions in America and got very easily re-elected.

But instead of that … Trump self-destruct with no coordination, by creating waves in the pandemic, sponsoring the border crisis and the Ukraine war … and he is still busy in self worship.

What is the common between … Megyn Kelly, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Adam Shitty Shit and Ilhan Omar? All of them are anti-Trumpers. Trump is still using his money and power to shoot down people who speak against him. This is “self-worship” and not democracy. In a democracy, you have to give the other person the right to hold his opinion … doesn’t matter if that opinion favors you or not. You cannot silence people by force … but you can silence them using logic and reason.

There is a small complaint on Trump’s kinky and immoral activities as well. If Trump wants to be saved and lead America again … then he needs to stop self-destructing himself … needs to stop his self-worship … and he needs to let go of his kinky and immoral activities … Trump should show some good principles.

For starters, Trump should reinstate Don Lemon and Ilhan Omar in their respective places as a sign of good will … to show that he can change. I don’t mind if Trump shoots down Establishment puppets like Adam Shitty Shit … that’s fine, but not tolerating anyone who speaks against you … its not democracy. If you want to lead a democracy then you should abide and follow democratic principles yourself.