There are some Pro-Trump Groups that are asking if we can give a second chance for Trump.

Firstly, this question itself isn’t appropriate to the exact scenario at the ground level. This question tends to show that … I am the bad guy and somehow Trump is the victim … who got only one chance … and that we are mean and cold who are not giving him a second chance. This question misrepresents the actual scenario.

Secondly, not only we gave Trump a second chance … but we gave him 365 chances every single year of his 4 year Presidency. We gave Trump about 1,460 chances … not one chance … we gave him more than a thousand chances.

Every single day we guided him as to what has to be done and what has to be stopped … where the crises are … and what he has to do. Trump didn’t step forward even once … he ignored, turned a blind eye and only exploited us through the thousand plus chances that we gave him.

Thirdly, Trump turned against our work and chose to support the Satanic Establishment. Every time we invited him to dismantle the Establishment … he used to say “We cannot let this happen! We will not let this happen!” Probably, he was sucking up to some Establishment elements and trying to be their savior.

The entire project and very purpose of choosing these Presidents is to dismantle the Establishment. But Trump turned against the very purpose of why he was made President.

Fourth … what infuriated SM Groups the most was that … Trump paid Obama and Biden not to work with us. Not only Trump allowed America to burn throughout his Presidency but he also blocked Obama and Biden from saving America.

Fifth … one or two SM Groups have the right to make requests and suggestions … but then what eventually happens is the collective decision of tens of millions of SM Groups. Yes, you are Pro-Trump and you will say something in Trump’s favor … but how will this be seen among the other tens of millions of SM Groups? That’s what matters at the end of the day.

Everyone has seen what Trump does in real time … Trump doesn’t have the majority on his side owing to his self-destructive activities since his final year in office. Will the entire SM Network agree to give Trump a second chance? That’s the key question.

Everything is not as per my command … everything is as per facts and logic … everyone follows facts and logic. How are we going to prove that Trump is the right candidate for 2024 using facts and logic?

Sixth … Trump is technically the worst and the best candidate out there for Presidential leadership. He is the worst because of his support for the Establishment, creation of genocide, repeated waves of the pandemic, border crisis support, Ukraine war … Trump’s activities got millions of people killed. And he is the best because, he fights quite well when the opposition is weak. For example, he crushes Republican leaders and does what is right … thus he made the Republican party a party of Trump. He has surpassed party influence to do what is right.

This is something that Obama and Biden have not shown … surpassing the control of the party. Obama and Biden … though they have spent all of their lives in Washington, they still follow the party blindly … and thus fall prey to Establishment malice channelized via the party.

Approved Trump’s role in the opposition party
When Obama and Biden failed to lead America … we already approved Trump’s role in the opposition Party. That’s why it was decided to give the House to the GOP.

The major issues with the Trump Presidency was that …

  • Looting by the trillions
  • Not taking action on the Establishment

This is why Trump lost the elections in 2020. The interesting thing is that … Trump will not be able to loot by the trillions or stop action against the Establishment when he is in the opposition. Trump will be more positive and useful in the opposition party.

Secondly, even if Trump get indicted and convicted … he can still play a role in the Republican party. Politicians really don’t care if you are a Satanist or a criminal … if they are getting their moolah then they start nodding along.

Too much baggage
Trump has been self-destructive at massive scales … he has got himself involved in many disastrous activities. He has too much baggage. When he created the first genocide itself, we told him that … he needs to spend a few hundred billion in Africa and save a few million lives. But instead of doing that … he is creating more and more disasters.

All SM Groups are watching him and this is the data that they get. So tell me, how would you consider him for a second chance or a thousand plus one chance? Its quite complicated with Trump.

Trump is self-destructive
In all fairness, we had actually preferred Trump over Biden in 2020 … that was until we came to know of Trump’s mega blunder of paying Obama and Biden not to work with us. Its then that I told SM to make the decision.

Trump was doing great … he had a clean Presidency without any wars … his major issues were only trillions in loot and inaction on the Establishment. We had preferred him and he could have been phenomenal … had he worked with us. But unfortunately, he became self-destructive … starting with, holding off vaccines and allowed the pandemic to multiply by 10 times … then he started off with a series of destructive activities.

Trump thought that the more destruction and chaos under Biden, the easier he will become President. But all SM Groups were watching every move that he was taking. Trump made his situation complicated all by himself.

No, we are not anti-Trump … if I was anti-Trump then I would not have approved his role in the opposition party. I hope this clarifies a few things with Pro-Trump groups.

Everything depends on your actions and policies … everything depends on facts and logic … moving forward depends on your potential and progress. Trump had great potential but he made zero progress. Everything is evaluated by facts … look at what you are doing … look at what you will be working with me ahead … and then self-evaluate if you fit in.