Its not supposed to be real?
That's quite a lame excuse. During the Trump Presidency itself I had clearly shown SM activities on the ground level ... all of these are SM activities.

  • The Arab Spring
  • The Tea Party Movement
  • The Occupy Movement
  • The #metoo Movement
  • Overthrow of entire governments
  • Deciding Presidential elections and local elections
  • Tossing Jewish billionaire and millionaire criminals in jail

These are more than a dozen of open and clear frontend activities of SM. You will find that each of these activities are new ... none of them are carried out by Democrats or Republicans or Obamas or Trump.

These activities don't have a frontend leader at all. Why? Because that is how I designed "people based movements" ... to operate as a network rather than be led by one or two leaders. Yes, the Arab Spring, massive million people protests across the globe in several cities, the Occupy Movement, overthrow of entire governments ... all of these are "applications" of my formulas. These are applications of "people power".

For SM these were just "test drills" ... just to check if things would work or not. Lol.

Applications of people power
Given the phenomenal results we got from these movements, SM came under my fold and they pulled me in the Board of Directors for Nation Management. I pulled SM in action to create an "Era of People Power" ... the applications of my formulas of "people power" were quite successful ... because I designed these movements to be invincible.

I trained SM to work on the concept of mass movements ... "leaderless movements" ... because of the enemy that we were facing. The Establishment has its own set of control points ... it has its own network of operations. If we had pushed the movements under the leadership of one or two or a few leaders ... then the Establishment would simply knock out these leaders via various pressure points and the movement would sink.

Operate via a Network
So, I showed SM how to operate with the force of millions of people ... how to operate via a network. This way ... even if one or two points go down ... the network still continues to operate on its objectives.

For example, in the #metoo movement ... the Establishment was shocked at the phenomenal success that SM was getting in knocking out powerful Establishment elements from key positions in the media and other top places. So, they used the same gimmick to knock out some of the good guys as well.

We lost a few good guys in this movement but we are still tossing billionaire and millionaire Jewish criminals in jail. The key movement has not stopped. SM is working on it phenomenally well and I love them for that.

The key things that Michelle and Elon Musk need to note here is that ...

One. Yes, everything is as real as it can get. Previously, I have used some fictitious terms ... but everything is real.

Two. Understand the scale and the force that you are dealing with. SM is not just about changing Presidents … they can overthrow the entire government … put millions of people on the street in several cities across the Nation and the Globe … toss billionaire and millionaire Jewish criminals in jail.

Three. SM is operating in massive movements in plain sight ... the entire world is watching it happen ... but our Chosen Ones fail to get encouraged or inspired from the same.

Four. Our Chosen Presidential leaders "love the benefits". They love the rise in polls, the popularity, the support, the victories, the White House, the trillions in gain, the power and the money ... they love all of these benefits.

Five. But when it comes to responsibilities ... playing their role ... solving crises ... helping people ... fighting against malice ... standing up to the Establishment ... breaking monopoly ... creating new systems ... our lovely Chosen Ones are nowhere to be found even remotely in the scene. All of these activities are totally alien for them ... like who am I even talking to? Lol.

Leadership Crisis
We fight against every adverse scenario to give them the White House ... we fail all Establishment puppets so that our Chosen Ones win ... after winning, our Chosen Ones sit there and make every possible excuse not to play their role. They love the benefits ... but they are totally alien to the responsibilities that come with it.

America is facing a leadership crisis since Trump ... Trump failed to lead and created a leadership vacuum. Obama-Biden jumped for this opportunity ... but apparently only for the benefits that come with it ... and not for the responsibilities. Trump got scared of the Establishment ... and Obama creates puppets for the Establishment. Both of them have failed in solving any crisis.

The good news for the leaders who will take up this task for revolutionizing America is that ... there is a massive network of millions of groups spread across America. You will not be alone ... SM will help you, protect you, support you and give you victories.

Do you know what the Occupy Movement was about?
I told SM that ... "show me that people can rise ... and I will change America for you ... I will revolutionize the entire country". And guess what, to my surprise ... a heart warming surprise ... they put millions of people on the streets in scores of cities all across America telling me ... "yes, we the people have risen ... now, let's revolutionize America".

SM put millions of people on the street as a welcome gesture to start this project. Winter was coming and these millions of people were pitched on the streets in tents waiting for the project to be launched. I told them ... "okay fine, I have seen what you can do ... people cannot be on the streets in freezing cold ... they need to go home. This is not going to be just a movement ... it is going to be a way of life."

Active Democracy
And then I started training them on the concepts of Active Democracy of how each of them can lead from exactly where they were ... in intelligence, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, White House, politics, media, legal networks, celebrities, corporations and the general public ... how each of them should rise in leading the country and helping in making the right decisions for the Nation.

Political Coordination
The next phase required "political coordination" to break monopoly and create new systems. I told SM ... show me if people can rise and within months ... they give me millions of people in scores of cities all across the Nation. Now, we choose candidates to lead these movements and give them the White House ... just one guy is taking forever to rise to take the lead.

Millions of people pitched tents on the streets and lived there for weeks together ... to launch the project. And just one guy ... that we pick ... and give the White House to ... he sits in 7 Star comfort making excuse after excuse ... excuse after excuse ... excuse after excuse ... not to work on the project. Lol.

This is the difference between the people and the President in America.
The people are eager for revolutions because … the people get what they want when there are revolutions. Our Chosen Ones are only eager to be President … why? Because they get what they want when they are President. They are interested in a looting spree … they can do it just by remaining President … the President doesn’t need revolutions to go for his loot.

Eventually this is resulting in the kicking out of one President after another every single term. There is no change for the people and each fraud that comes into the White House is getting kicked out.

It sux, doesn't it? However, SM is trained to operate via network ... if one guy cannot do the job, they will start working on getting the next guy who can do the job. This is where you are coming in Musky ... let's see what type of leader you are going to be. Are you going to be the "take everything and do nothing" guy?


Thoughts and prayers for the Turkish people affected in the recent earthquakes. May God bless the Turkish people ... give them patience, support, keep them safe and give them a quick recovery.