Chill ... it must be two things. Either they must be dealing with some sexual misinformation or they may not be serious about contacting at all. This is nothing new ... this is going on since several years.

Yes, I know ... we give these guys the White House despite the fact that they have banged Pornstars ... despite the fact that they have been fingering their coworkers ... and they use the slightest sexual glitch or misinformation to flip and stall working with us. This has been their routine and that's one of the reasons why they are called frauds.

The work has not even begun ... and this is how they behave. Just imagine them behaving like this when we launch full scale revolutions ... in the middle of the battle, they flip against us and try to change tracks. Lol ... what are we going to do then?

Lack the conscience and consistency
They lack the same fighting spirit, the conscience, the consistency and the drive to bring about the change that's needed. What SM basically think is that ... just because any of these leaders will work with me ... it is automatically assumed that they will also carry the same fighting spirit, the conscience and the consistency. This has not been the case till date.

Till date, it has been ... just take the Presidency and then do whatever shit you want ... resulting in the creation of frauds. These leaders think that ... just tweeting and signaling is okay ... using excuses of sexual glitches is okay ... when all of this actually infuriates SM groups. Even if I date two different Pornstars every single day ... even then SM wouldn't give a shit ... and they would still follow everything I say using facts and logic. This is how they have been trained to operate.

It doesn't matter if anyone in the team is banging two different Pornstars every single day ... just stick to the fight ... keep the focus on the people ... don't turn your backs on each other ... stop trying to flip at the slightest excuse.

Michelle is very good when it comes to security ... but Presidential leadership is a different ball game that she has to learn.

Its gonna be full-scale war
Mr. Tweet ... you need to do a little bit more than just tweeting. Lol. Its gonna be a war out there ... its going to be a battlefield ... not with guns and bombs ... but with minds and tactics ... technology and connections ... it will be a full-scale war.

You need to have patience, consistency, keep an open mind and work with logic and facts to win in this very testing environment. Or else you can choose to be a total loser like Biden ... the guy is losing on every front ... blowing up trillions on the same Establishment that he is supposed to dismantle ... and he is chilling while America is burning and Americans are dying. If you want to be a total loser ... then life is pretty darn easy ... no need to do shit.

But when you try to do something right ... when you try to make some positive changes that's when you have to fight with the negative forces ... that's when the fun begins. You will enjoy it and you will win ... trust me, there is nothing more enjoyable than fighting the right fight and winning the fight ... you will love it. You will love each of those victories.

The Establishment loves screw-ups
Look around yourself ... is Biden facing any kind of opposition? Lawsuits? Investigations? Ridicule? Media bashing? Nothing ... why? He doesn't do anything right ... he is a total disaster and the Establishment loves it. The Establishment loves guys who screw America. They welcome such screw-ups.

On the other hand ... look what happened to Trump ... the most ridiculed, the most opposed, the most investigated, the most sued and a double impeached President. Why? He tried to do a few things right ... he didn't start a single new war ... he didn't blow up trillions on the Establishment scam of climate change ... he was talking about tariffs ... he was exposing how China is ripping off America ... he was booting Establishment puppets from the Administration and Judiciary ... he replaced hundreds of judges.

And the Establishment waged a war against him ... it wasn't a war with guns and bombs ... it was a war with the mind and tactics ... it was a war using technology and connections. We helped and protected Trump as much as we could ... but Trump stopped in between. If he had taken a few steps ahead then we would have crushed his opposition. Trump was just one step away from dismantling the Establishment ... it would have been pretty darn easy for him ... but he got scared and flipped. In the middle of the battle, he got scared and flipped ... and we lost his entire Presidency to stagnation.

Mr. Tweet to Mr. Warrior?
Mr. Tweet ... you need to be Mr. Warrior if you want to play this game. Everything will not be easy ... a few things will be easy and a few things will need a fight. You need to prepare for that fight ... a fight with the mind and tactics.

Right now, the only tactic that you are using is tweeting ... tweeting will not get you anywhere. Learn and prepare for the battle ahead ... that's if you want to be President. You need to move from being Mr. Tweet to ... Mr. Warrior.

Don’t fear
But keep in mind one thing … don’t fear … never ever fear Satan. These guys must be as wise and widespread as Satan … but they are also as weak as Satan. All of their warring tactics are nothing but “mind games” … its all mental voodoo. They will make you feel as if the ground is tearing away from your feet and that the sky is falling on your head … but its all mental voodoo.

Satan’s games and tactics are as weak as a spider’s web … their noise making is nothing but fog in the air. The moment you choose to do what is right … this fog will disappear. The Satanic Establishment will fail and you will win. Its as easy as that.

I will give you one example of this … “supporting Kurds with weapons against Turkey”. This is the demand that the Establishment made using the media and both parties … both Democrats and Republicans wanted to sponsor a war against Turkey by supplying Kurds with weapons during the Trump Presidency.

The media is beating the drums of how Kurds helped in the fight against ISIS and how Turkey is the oppressor … and both parties wanted Trump to start channelizing weapons and funds to Kurds. This was full-scale Establishment “noise” being created.

What did we do? We beat it down using a simple tactic … use facts and logic. Kurds are spread across 4 different countries in the Middle East … Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq. They want a separate Nation called Kurdistan for themselves. Supplying weapons and funds to Kurds would mean creating a civil war in 4 different countries simultaneously. This is what the Satanic Establishment wanted to do using the pretext that Kurds helped in the fight against ISIS … wanted America to sponsor a civil war in 4 different countries.

How was this solved? We told Trump to pull Putin and Erdogan in the game … and create a buffer zone that Turkey wanted along its border. Trump worked with Erdogan … Putin worked with Assad … Kurds were made to pull away from Turkish border … and the issue was resolved within 2 weeks.

Nancy Pelosi was against Trump and she wanted to send a Committee to Turkey to analyze the situation. Before her Committee could leave America the situation was resolved.

Guess what was the response of the Satanic Establishment? Nothing … rendered silent in defeat. The fog simply disappeared … the spider’s web was torn down … the truth was revealed and the right course of action was taken. Satan was defeated and the truth won.

What was this? A game of “mind and tactics” … welcome to the game, Musky. Its easy only when you have the conscience and consistency to play it right. Its very easy to defeat Satan … provided you fight the right fight.