Designing the Midterms
There is a lot of frustration against Biden … because of his mass spending policies and failure to lead America against the Establishment’s wealth drain systems. Several anti-Biden groups are suggesting to take away the House and Senate from Democrats to stop Biden’s mass spending.

But I think we need to take a closer look at this issue so that we understand what will come next if we move ahead with this option. This page is important for all SM Groups.

Biden’s fraud and hypocrisy
The view that anti-Biden groups have is that … Biden turned out to be a fraud who doesn’t really care about Establishment monopoly or the wealth drain that comes with it or the several problems that come with it. He is only focused on his trillions in spending to pocket by the billions. He is just a greedy guy only interested in the cash … which makes him a fraud with respect to the work that he was chosen for.

They say that Biden’s mass spending policies are plain hypocrisy … Biden often says that his policies are designed to be “bottom up and middle out” that cater to the Middle Class … his policies are about the people, as per Biden that is. But in reality, Biden’s trillions in mass spending goes mainly into the pockets of Corporations and Politicians. How is this “bottom up and middle out”? How is this for the people? When this is actually top down policies that serve mostly a bunch of Corporations and Politicians.

So now, how to stop this fraud, loot and hypocrisy? Anti-Biden groups suggest taking away the House and Senate from Democrats … so that Biden’s mass spending policies are shot down.

But the key question in this is …

Where is the guarantee that Republicans will do what is right?
Where is the guarantee that Republicans will not come up with their own mass spending policies? Where is the guarantee that Republicans and Trump will shoot down Biden’s mass spending? America will just end up shuttling between one fraud to another … from one greedy guy to another. How does this solve any problem?

Trump is paying the GOP to rig the Party’s election results
All of Trump’s activities are cash based … wherever you see Trump is making some progress … it is because Trump is spending his money … spending his Presidential loot. We are seeing this right from his Presidency itself …

  • He pays for the people to come to his rallies.
  • He pays for people to protest for him.
  • He pays news channels to take down anti-Trump anchors and speakers.
  • He pays to create new news programs to blow his horn.
  • He pays to start new wars.
  • He pays to multiply and create new waves of the pandemic.
  • He pays to multiply the border crisis.
  • He is paying the GOP to rig the party elections as per his choice.
  • He is paying the GOP to get the nomination for 2024.

This is how Trump operates.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden worship Trump’s Royal Ass
Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden … both of them are devotees of the Golden Temple of Trump’s Royal Ass. Every day they kiss Trump’s ass and start the day in the light and farts that come from Trump’s Royal Ass.

This is the devotion that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have for Trump. There are dozens and dozens of Trump’s crimes in plain sight and there isn’t a single indictment or conviction against Trump. Why? Because both of these fine gentlemen got paid and now, they worship Trump’s ass.

Giving more power to Trump?
This is the current scenario and you want to give more power to Trump by taking away the House and Senate from Democrats? As of now, Trump’s moves are only cash based … he has no power … he has no political office … he is operating only via cash. But if we give the House and Senate to Republicans … then he will not only use cash but he will also try to use Congressional power.

Don’t you think more power for Trump will make Barack Obama and Joe Biden bigger puppets to Trump? The only thing that Trump has ever done as President is … loot trillions, blow his horn and save his ass. Aren’t you facilitating all of that all over again?

Saving America via a “Power Stalemate”
I understand the frustration with Biden … but Trump is no solution either. Everybody knows that he is a self-obsessed psycho who cares for no one but himself … and the only thing he will do is go on a looting spree, blow his horn and save his ass.

It’s a “power stalemate” that will save America in this scenario. We should not take away both the Houses from Democrats. Let’s assume this configuration …

  • Republican Senate. If we give the Senate to Republicans by 3-4 seats … then they will shoot down all of Biden’s mass spending policies. It gives them the power to do so.
  • Democrat House. If we give the House to Democrats by the 3-4 seats … then they will shoot down all of Trump’s mass spending policies. It gives them the power to do so.

This configuration saves America from the trash that comes from both parties.

Disadvantages of taking away the House and Senate from Democrats

  • Unnecessary power for Trump. Mr. Brag and all loot … gets more power that is not needed.
  • Biden becomes dispensable. Once Democrats lose the House and Senate … its not a loss only for Democrats … but it will be seen as a major failure for Biden and his policies. And this will make Biden dispensable … since Democrats fell on the losing side … nobody will want Biden to run for a second term.
  • Difficult to work with Biden. Once we lose the House and Senate then will not be able to get the votes to create new laws and systems … thus working with Biden can become difficult or fruitless. If Biden starts campaigning for new policies after losing both Houses … then people may not believe him because of his dismal performance in the first half of the Presidency.

On the other hand, if we split the House and Senate among Democrats and Republicans then …

  • It saves America from the ridiculous mass spending from both sides.
  • It maintains a lifeline for Biden to take the lead even after Midterms.
  • Biden can still lead in 2024 if he performs well in his first term.

I would strongly suggest all SM Groups not to be very theoretical in their approach. We have to also consider the actual on the ground action of each candidate. As of now, both candidates … Biden and Trump … are failures … both of them have failed in leading America away from its crises.

Automatically assuming that the other guy will do what is right is becoming disappointing. We assumed that Trump will do what is right … he failed us. And then we assumed that Biden will do what is right … he failed us. Now, should we jump back to Trump? No … practically it would be the wrong decision.

A “power stalemate” is what America needs right now … to protect itself from the disasters that come from both sides. And then we will reconfigure things once Biden leads … or if Elon Musk leads … let’s see.