Disasters contained
I think we should take out some time to thank the lovely Michelle Obama for her world leadership. Thanks to her many major disasters have been contained under the Biden Presidency.

  • Mass spending contained. Biden wanted to spend $3-4 trillions on each policy … but thankfully, due to Michelle’s involvement the total spending in Biden’s two years has been about $4 trillion only. Spending trillions on every policy would have taken America into a major economic catastrophe … this has been contained to a great extent.
  • World War averted. Again thanks to Michelle Obama, we were successful in averting a world war and the war has been contained within Ukraine itself. This is another major disaster that has been contained.

Apart from containing major disasters, the lovely Michelle has maintained rock solid security for us. Thank you Ma’am … we love you, respect you and adore you.

However, all is not fine … we are “containing” disasters under Biden … but we had stopped any disaster from occurring during Trump … the disaster did not even occur under Trump. That’s a major drawback and a major difference. Yes, Biden’s mass spending is contained to a great extent … but he is still destroying America one trillion dollar at a time. Despite, greatly containing Biden’s mass spending … we still have the highest debt, inflation and cost of living for all Americans.

Biden is technically doing $4 Trillion worse than Trump and he is trying to blow his horn over the jobs and economy. Biden is trying to pull off Trump’s gimmick of bragging over jobs and economy to remain in power. It didn’t work for Trump and it will not work for Biden either. If Biden wanted to follow Trump … then what was the point of removing Trump and bringing Biden into the White House?

Nobody wants a Trump 2.0, Mr. Biden.

Important pointers for Michelle Obama
Ma’am … you are doing quite well … its definitely helping. Its not solving the problems … but its definitely helping in containing the problems to a great extent. You have to become more influential, more powerful and more effective in your world leadership role. We have to end all of these crises for good … these are a few important places where you need to get involved.

One. Ukraine War
Its mission accomplished in Ukraine … Russia is not expanding the war beyond the Donetsk Republics … Russia doesn’t want a war with EU or with America … there is no world war or a nuclear war in the making. The work is done as far as Europe and America are concerned. We need to wrap up this war. Its time for a ceasefire and a peace deal.

  • Crimea. If Zelensky wants to go for Crimea or any Russian territory … then we should not allow it nor should we sponsor it … in fact, we should condemn it and stop it. Going after Russian territory is plain bonkers for any Nation on the planet.
  • Donetsk Republics. If Zelensky wants to go for Eastern Ukraine that has been taken by Russia … then it should be supported only with limited time and funds. If Zelensky can show quick results then we allow it otherwise we wrap it up as well.

No way in hell we should sit there and finance a forever war against Russia. Zelensky has banned his opposition party … he is running the country via martial law … he has become a dictator … as per his current formula, it is billions and power for him as long as he is fighting against Russia. “Money and power” forever for Zelensky is not America’s goal nor is it Europe’s goal … and it is not something that will stop a world war.

Zelensky’s repeated incursions, continuous war and tendency to look for more and more catastrophic situations only to invite more funding and support from the West in its war against Russia … it can only lead to the creation of a world war that we are trying to stop. It’s a must for us to define and limit the time and funds for this war … it’s a must for us to stop this massacre from both sides.

As far as Russia is concerned, they have stopped expanding the war beyond Donetsk … that’s exactly what we needed from the Russian side. Now, we have to contain and stop the Ukrainian side in order to get a ceasefire and a peace deal.

Russia’s important role
Russia has an incredibly important role in changing the world order. One of the fantastic role that Russia can provide is security … from the bankers, Israel, corporations, media and manufacturers that we have to dismantle. Doesn’t matter how large the bankers and corporations are … if Russia puts them into their crosshairs then their mischief will be highly contained.

As it is, you have the Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA, the US Military to support you and to protect you … but along with that if the other World Superpower gets involved with its Intelligence and Military … then it provides double the protection. It not only helps US leaders to make changes boldly and openly … but it helps several other Nations around the world to make similar changes under Russian support and protection.

This ongoing war is plain stupid … it should have never started and it is only creating disasters in every angle. Right from the billions in expenditure and the loss of human life … we are getting the highest oil and gas prices … and now we are also getting food shortages and a huge hike is food prices around the world. This ridiculous war needs to end ASAP and trade of food products should be resumed ASAP in the best interests of the people around the world who are suffering because of an unneeded and ridiculous war.

Yes, we know that Russia started it … but we also know that Trump sponsored and pushed Russia to start this war. We know exactly what it is … and its time for everyone’s best interests to stop this war.

Biden is lagging on this front and you have to help him out.

Two. Stop Biden’s next trillion dollar spending policy
Biden is already $4 Trillion worse than Trump … we cannot allow him to spend trillion after trillion after trillion after trillion … this will screw Democrat chances in 2024. This is not leadership … it is open loot of America. It’s a must to stop Biden from launching his next trillion dollar spending policy.

Three. Fully activate Elon Musk
As of now, we have kept both options open … we can work with Joe Biden or Elon Musk. But if Biden doesn’t want to work with us for any reason … then I don’t think that we should waste any more time … let’s move on with Elon Musk. If Biden doesn’t want to work with us … then it is his choice … he should remember it and he should not blame us further ahead.

We have to be flexible and work via every route possible to lead and to save America. Its always People First for us … let’s work with the guy that is actually interested.

Four. Set up your own Intel team
We are designing an entire “Michelle Era” … your leadership will span through several Presidents. The more you are independent of Obama and Biden, the better it is. This will give you more flexibility and make you independent of their glitches … it will help you become more effective in doing what is right.

You have to do two things for this to happen … firstly set up your own Intel team. You need to have your own private intelligence team sponsored by yourself. “Intelligence” is an extremely powerful tool in world leadership.

For example … set up a few intelligence officers to track everything that Trump does. Once you start tracking Trump’s activities … you will know all of his contacts, his planning, the disasters that he wants to design, his finances, his cash flow, how he is paying his puppets, how he is controlling the GOP and elections within the Party, how he is managing the Media … it will give you a truck load of information to knock out your opposition and to do what is right for America.

Another example … track all Jewish Establishment puppets in the Biden Administration at all key positions. It will help you track their activities and planning … thus giving you information even before things happen as to what the Establishment is planning.

Another example … tracking Establishment puppets in the Republican Party will help you get critical information … that you can use to knock them out in the next elections or to even push them to resign from their office.

Lol … “knowledge is power” Ma’am … set up your own Intel team.

Five. Establish your own network
The second thing that you have to do … in order to become more and more independent of Obama and Biden is … to establish your own network … have your own contact points in politics, media, corporation and celebrities in America and around the world. This will help you sway the country in the right direction … it will help you facilitate the right decisions to be made.

Keep in mind … we have pulled you in this game for life … several Presidents will come and go … but you will be in the game for life, working to keep America and the world on the right track … God willing. You have to become a power of your own … you can do this … if you have intelligence and a network of your own.

You are doing good … could do several times better … we still have to get started … nothing has even begun. Once we get started, you will be phenomenal and the world will love you.