Cyclic Parasites
Here is something that Michelle needs to understand about Biden. Presidential evaluations generally happen on a weekly basis and I publish important content on Fridays and/or Sundays. Here is how Biden is trying to be a “cyclic Parasite” …

  • Wednesday & Thursday. Since all SM Groups follow what I write … they immediately start making necessary changes at the ground level. When I support a candidate, he is given protection, support and victories … when I pull support then everything is pulled away from the candidate. Apparently, Biden wants me to write good stuff about him. So, on Wednesdays and Thursdays … he starts giving indirect signs saying “we are with you … we will get this done … we are going to start right away … you have our full support” and bla bla bla.
  • Friday and Sunday. Those are only “signs” from Biden … he never actually works on them. He has been sending these signs since more than a year now. He is apparently trying to get me to blow his horn via these false commitments. If he actually wants to work with me … then why is he playing with “signs” … why is he sitting and waiting to see what I write on Fridays and Sundays? The truth is that … these are all false commitments.
  • Monday. And when Monday comes … he flips against everything he committed.

He is following this cyclic pattern just to extract useful information from me. He is trying to be a cyclic parasite on me. Guess from whom he got this idea? Yes, Donald J Trump … this is something that Trump used to do on a routine basis. He has very good experience in what I write and what happens at the ground level.

Biden copying Trump in making excuses
Reportedly, Biden is copying Trump in making an array of excuses not to work with me and to stall the work as much as possible. These are some of the tactics that he is copying from Trump.

  • Sex Setups. I have written a lot of content on this. False sexual bullshit information is created by either Establishment elements or the Presidential candidates themselves in order to use this as an excuse to stall the work. This is something that Biden has learnt from Trump.
  • Be nice. Another gimmick that Trump followed was “be nice” … if anyone asked him why he was not working with me then he would say … “he is not being nice”. All SM Groups were furious at him for being a fraud, protecting the Satanic Establishment and going on a looting spree while America was burning … and then the excuse he used was “be nice”. I was repeatedly protecting him from getting impeached and from being tossed in jail … but even that was not enough for him. Biden is also similarly on a looting spree … several groups are exploring how to terminate his Presidency … I am trying to protect at least one house in favor of Democrats this Midterm … and Biden has a lame excuse of “be nice”.
  • Votes. Trump used an Establishment gimmick of making the people around me to vote … vote whether to work with me or not. I busted this gimmick during Trump itself … he was using guys to vote … guys who had absolutely no idea about American politics or the Establishment … apparently, these guys should vote whether to save America from the Establishment or not … whether Trump should work with me or not. Lol. Trump would say … “nobody voted for you … thus I am not working with you” … lol. America is like a sinking ship and Trump sat there … taking a vote whether to save America or not … that too, votes from guys who have absolutely no idea of what is going on. Biden is coping Trump even on this front … this is Biden’s next excuse.
  • Cyclic Parasite. Trump was a cyclic parasite for 4 years … even Biden is trying hard to be a cyclic parasite on our work.

What’s basically happening here is that … we needed candidates who would work with us and understand how to dodge every obstacle that the Establishment would throw in the way and they would dodge every single obstacle to do what is right. These are the type of candidates that we needed … and look what we have got. We got candidates who stick to looting, being a parasite and find every obstacle and excuse not to do the work. Let alone dodging obstacles, our own candidates sit there and create excuses and obstacles themselves.

Biden is Trump’s moronic version
This is something that Biden doesn’t understand and realize … in his quest to copy Trump in every way … Biden has become a moronic version of Trump. Trump was 10 times better than Biden … or should we say Biden is 10 times dumber than Trump.

  • Presidential Profiteering. Trump made his trillions via trade deals … Trump didn’t spend by the trillions to make by the billions … Trump directly went for the trillions and hundreds of billions. Biden is not that smart … he keeps on blowing up trillions of taxpayer money to make by the billions. Even in Presidential loot, Biden is extremely dumb.
  • No wars. If you see Trump’s record, there were no new wars under Trump … whereas under Biden not only we have new wars but we are on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia.
  • No action on the Establishment. Trump didn’t take any action on the Establishment … nor is Biden taking any action on the Establishment … but instead Biden is handing out trillions of taxpayer money to the same Establishment that he is supposed to dismantle.
  • Blowing his horn using jobs & economy. Trump maintained peace in the world and thus got a booming economy and record breaking jobs growth. Trump repeatedly blew his horn using jobs & economy … whereas Biden is trying to blow his horn after opening the country from Covid shutdowns. He didn’t do anything phenomenal to create these jobs … all he had to do was open the country and the jobs would automatically get created. He brags about jobs as if he did something great to make it happen.
  • Parasite on our work. Trump was a parasite on our work and Biden is copying Trump to become another parasite on our work.

Biden is desperately trying to copy Trump … but he should understand that … he is not Trump’s copy … he is 10 times dumber than Trump.

Why do we need a Trump 2.0 in the White House?
The very purpose of bringing Biden in the White House and removing Trump was that … Biden should take things forward from Trump and create phenomenal reforms for the people. But if Biden is desperately trying to be a copy of Trump in every way possible … then what was the point of removing Trump and pulling in Biden? If we needed Trump … we could have simply given Trump a second term … why give Biden the White House when he is going to be nothing but Trump?

This is something that we did not expect or predict … that Biden is going to make Trump his Guru and try to copy everything that Trump has done.

Why allow the Nation to get screwed by greedy morons?
Dear Michelle Obama … the key question here is … why should we allow America to get screwed by greedy morons again and again? Why should we waste time on knocking on a door that does not want to open?

If Biden wants to go down in history as a shameless greedy pig … who was busy looting while the country was burning … then so be it. Why should we care to force them into being phenomenal leaders when they care only to loot? If Biden wants to go down in history as a greedy moron … then so be it … why should we break our heads after him?

Its simply meaningless to continue with the Biden Presidency
Supporting Biden is supporting the loot of the country while he doesn’t change any system at all. Its turning out to be a replica of the Trump Presidency that’s 10 times worse. If Trump did all of this shit … we didn’t support him … and now if Biden is doing the same shit 10 times more than Trump … then why should we support him?

We need to stop wasting our time with Biden if he doesn’t want to work on anything … we have to move on with more intelligent, capable and bold leaders who actually want to do the work … who actually want to do great things for the people and to create a phenomenal country. Its simply meaningless to continue with the Biden Presidency … please start working on the Elon Musk option simultaneously.

If Biden doesn’t want to work with us … then please tell him … “thank you very much … nice to know you” and then … let’s move on with other options.