May the Queen rest in peace. She was a good person, most of the time.
Long live King Charles III. May God help you to do what is right for your Nation and may God help you become the guiding light for your people.

Biden keeps sticking to a track of being nice to me. That's sweet.
Trump would have been jumping up and down if I wrote anything against him. He would be trying to pull every political string to stop my work … but Mr. Biden is trying to be nice and not going gaga over me.

So, Mr. Biden … though I appreciate you not getting aggressive against me … is being a parasite on me also a part of being “nice”? Lol. You should understand that … being nice to me is just one line of the work. Yes, it definitely helps … this is one place where you are better than and different from Trump … but you should understand that … SM Groups are not angry and frustrated with you because you are not nice to me … they are angry and frustrated with you when leading the Nation is concerned … they see you as a fraud and a hypocrite.

Being nice to me is a nice thing … but how is it nice to leave you country in the highest debt, inflation and cost of living? What about breaking Establishment monopoly, stopping wealth drain systems, creating phenomenal reforms, changing systems or creating a new era for the people? It is this domain that is very important … this is the very reason you have been given the Presidency … you are failing in the main task that you have been assigned. You have not taken one step forward in this direction.

But you are nice to me. Lol. Its a nice thing to be nice ... I would appreciate more and welcome you to do nice and phenomenal things for the people ... along with being nice to me. This is more important.

Deciding Nancy Pelosi’s Fate
Coming to the main topic of the page … what should we do with Nancy Pelosi?

Major Concern – Party Puppetry and Mass Spending
The major concern with Nancy Pelosi’s leadership during the Trump and Biden Presidencies has been … complete Party puppetry and mass spending. Along with anger and frustration with the Biden Presidency … this frustration also spreads among those who are enabling Biden’s mass spending policies and Party puppetry … which happen to be Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Coalition.

Make Biden Quit – Take away the House and Senate from Democrats
Some SM Groups suggest that … “we should simply take away the House and Senate from Democrats and push Biden to quit … this way we punish everyone who has been screwing America.”

But we should hold back on reacting with anger and frustration … and understand the connected elements on this track. Rooting out Biden and Nancy Pelosi is also connected with the Democrat Party, Obama Coalition, Michelle’s Era and Trump’s re-election. I think we should take a look at the technicalities involved before we start implementing anything.

Scenario One. Take away the House and Senate – Make Biden quit
Yes, this option will remove Biden and Pelosi from their leadership … but where is the guarantee that Biden will quit? If you look at the past two Presidencies … Obama lost the House and Senate in his second term … then Democrats lost the Presidency. Trump lost the House and Senate in his first term … and then Republicans lost the Presidency. Obama didn’t quit … nor did Trump quit because their Party lost the House and Senate.

This option is feasible only if and when … Michelle and Elon Musk start working with us directly. Its only then that we can design and facilitate Elon Musk’s victory after Biden. Even if Biden doesn’t quit … Elon Musk can easily challenge Biden or any Democrat to get the nomination.

But if you look around … look at the facts … there is no direct coordination from Michelle or Elon Musk … which means that … there is no Democrat candidate prepared to take after Biden.

Trump and Republicans will be the beneficiaries
In this option, if Trump is not convicted and Biden loses both houses … then it will automatically enable the Trump Presidency. It has already happened twice before … the moment the President loses both the House and Senate … its his Presidency that will be the next casualty.

Biden is 10 times dumber than Trump … we will end up going back to dumb. America will end up shuttling between dumb and dumber with no progress being made at all.

Even if Biden convicts Trump after losing the House and Senate … Biden’s leadership is so dismal and pathetic that any Republican that can talk and walk at the same time will win against Biden.

Michelle’s Era will be affected
Another major issue in this option is that … Michelle’s era will be affected. We are designing an era for Michelle Obama that will span through several Presidencies. It will be very easy for her to work with a Democrat President rather than a Republican one.

On the Republican side … John Kasich is a good candidate … but what are the chances that he will work with Michelle when Biden himself has not shown any progress?

I would strongly suggest not to go with this option as it creates much bigger risks ahead. We need “connectivity” ahead to take things forward … and it is Michelle who provides this connectivity … from one President to the next. It is important for us to consider a candidate who will work closely with Michelle Obama … so that the work done is carried forward and we don’t waste years of time training a new candidate.

Scenario Two. Take away the House from Democrats
The second option that has been suggested is to take away only the House from Democrats to punish Nancy Pelosi and the connected Obama Coalition for their Party puppetry and mass spending. This makes sense to some extent. Let’s view the pros and cons of this option.

Pros. It punishes Pelosi and supporters of Party puppetry and mass spending. It roots them out from leadership.

Cons. If our Catholic President Joe Biden works with us … then our Catholic Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be an asset against the Satanic Establishment. They are already interconnected with Obama … the integration with them would be easy, only if they come on the right track.

If the House is taken away from Democrats … then they should have a lead of 3-4 seats in the Senate. They don’t deserve it … but its important to maintain a balance in the country to avoid bigger worse case scenarios.

A balance of power is important
We can’t go only for one candidate … as it affects several other important elements. These Midterms can change the political landscape in America. We need to make sure that a balance of power is maintained.

Keeping the door open for Biden
Another useful thing in taking away only one House from Democrats is that … we can still keep the door open to working with Biden. We don’t have to burn any bridge … we need to keep all good and clean routes open to take America forward.

Taking America forward
If Biden doesn’t want to work with us … its nice to know him … we need to move on. What’s basically happening is that …

  • We are picking the most suitable candidates to lead the country by defeating Establishment puppets
  • But these candidates become self-obsessed and go on a looting spree once elected
  • They are condemned as frauds and hypocrites and then they are flushed out of power

This is the ongoing cycle of getting failed candidates who are delivering only a bigger crisis than they got at hand.

  • Trump got $19 Trillion in debt … he gave us $30 Trillion in debt and a pandemic.
  • Biden got $30 Trillion in debt … he is about to give us $40 Trillion in debt, a pandemic, a war, a world migration crisis and put us on the verge of nuclear war with Russia.

Both of these candidates were chosen by us … supported by us … protected by us and look what they have delivered … they have delivered only a bigger crisis than they got at hand. Both of these candidates try to blow their horn talking about jobs and economy … but what they deliver at the ground level is simply frightening and drastic for billions of people around the world.

Repeated cyclic failures and disasters
We are in this repeated cycle of failures and disasters … because our candidates don’t know shit. They  take the power … go on a looting spree, blowing their horn and saving their ass … while remaining a parasite on our work. Which is why, it is incredibly important to pull Elon Musk in the game ASAP. If Biden doesn’t want to lead … then no problem … we have to train the next candidate for at least 2 years so that he can hit the ground running … so that they know what the hell is going on and what has to be done.

I gave this warning during Trump’s third year to Warren … I told her repeatedly to learn what has to be done … so that she could hit the ground running. She failed to understand anything and she was removed from the race. I told this to Biden several times before he was given the White House … that he needs the right team and the right policies in order to win … so that he can hit the ground running … but he does nothing and remains a parasite … now, we are working on how to flush him out of the White House.

We have to stop these cycles of parasites who turn out to be failures and disasters. The best way to do it is … pull them into the team … show them how to play the big game … and prepare them for victory. We are sitting here giving support and victories to candidates who don’t know shit … and that’s not working at all. Either Biden works with us or we pull the next guy in the game ASAP. We cannot afford to get the same cyclic repeated failures and disasters again and again.