SM Complaint: “The recent frauds and thieves in the White House are 10 times worse than Establishment puppets. What is the point of failing Establishment puppets when we are getting frauds that are 10 times worse than them?”

This is a good point. The solution for this problem is a tricky one. I know that several SM Groups see Trump and Biden as frauds and thieves ... and it also happens that ... these guys are performing 10 times worse than the Establishment puppets that we fail in elections. The solution is pretty much the same ... root them out. If they are 10 times worse than Establishment puppets then we should put in an effort 10 times more to root them out.

Rooting out Trump and Biden
The tricky part is ... how are you going to root them out? We have Trump, the dominant figure in the Republican Party ... and we have Biden, the dominant figure in the Democrat Party. Instead of leading the country ... unfortunately both of them have turned out to be frauds. Who is going to root them out and how?

If we had an Establishment element to be taken care of ... then we could use Democrats or Republicans to root it out. If the cream of the political force in America happen to be frauds ... then who will root them out?

You have to design measures to root out Trump and Biden completely independent of Trump and Biden. If you want to root out Trump ... then you need an indictment and conviction against him. You have to design these measures completely independent of Trump and Biden ... both of these candidates should not be able to stop the indictment and conviction.

However, rooting out Biden is comparatively very easy. The moment Biden crashes in the Midterms ... he automatically gets rooted out. We don't need an indictment or conviction against him. Failing Democrats in the House and Senate is a procedure pretty much independent of Trump and Biden. In fact, Trump desperately wants Biden to fail ... unlike Biden who tries not to convict Trump, Trump would love it if Biden fails.

Prepare for a leadership crisis ahead
The difference between rooting out Trump and Biden is that ... convict Trump and it won't affect America at all. In fact, several disasters will stop and we will get a much better world out there. But when you fail Biden in the House and Senate ... then we immediately enter into a "leadership crisis" mode.

There are two immediate tracks that Michelle Obama will have to work on.

  • Track One. Make Biden immediately coordinate with us ... convict Trump ... and immediately start reforms for the country.
  • Track Two. If Biden stalls or refuses to work on Track One ... then we should simply flush out Biden and start working on the next Democrat President ... it may be Elon Musk or Bill de Blasio or whoever.

We will have no time to waste if the House and Senate is taken away from Democrats. If we leave things as they are ... then Biden will get a crushing defeat in 2024. Even if Biden steps down ... even then a Democrat who is not prepared will lose terribly. An unprepared Warren lost terribly ... an unprepared Biden is losing terribly ... the same will apply to any other unprepared Democrat.

I understand SM complaints on the recent "chosen Presidents" turning out to be frauds and thieves ... but all measures need to be planned and evaluated ... and the best option that delivers the best results for the Nation should be chosen.