Here are clarifications of some questions from a few SM Groups.

What if Trump gets nominated? What about your security?
Firstly, thanks for caring for me ... how much you care shows how much you love. Some people out there keep on saying that ... we love you, we love you ... but they are nothing but parasites on you. They don't care ... they don't give a shit ... they are just about using you. Its good to know that ... SM still cares and prioritizes my security ... thank you

Secondly, if you worry about Trump getting a second term then ... Michelle had already kept me pretty safe during Trump's first term ... I don't think we will have an issue again. Trump is not foolish enough to cut off the branch that he stands on. He needs our guidance ... to dodge repeated disasters planned by the Establishment ... he needs SM protective shells to remain in office and out of jail.

Thirdly, even Biden is trying to use my security as a bargaining chip to remain in office. Mr. Biden ... I was safe before your Presidency and God willing, I will be safe even after your Presidency. You are not the key to my safety ... it is Michelle and God that keep me safe.

Assumption: Failing Biden in the House and Senate can get Trump re-elected
Who says this is true? Its not necessary ... these are the things that you should understand about this ...

Fail Democrats to help them win in 2024
If SM Groups choose to take away the House and Senate from Democrats ... then it is to fail Democrats now ... to give them victory later in 2024.

A must to flush out Biden
Let's assume, we give the House and Senate to Democrats ... it will only boost Biden and his mass spending craze ... several simultaneous crises will continue for another two years ... worst come worst ... Biden will even go for re-election.

As of today, Biden is seen as a fraud and a thief ... if the match up is between Trump and Biden in 2024 then we will have frauds on both sides. One will never take action on the Establishment and another is a party puppet ... both of them love looting trillions and don't create any systemic reforms ... both of them don't know shit and love blowing their horns ... which means, both of them will continue to mislead and screw America.

We cannot have frauds on both sides in 2024
We flushed out Hillary ... to take America forward with Trump. Trump failed to work with us ... we flushed him out because Biden had the highest chances of working with us. Now, Biden has turned out to be a fraud ... what's the point of having frauds on both sides when no one will take America forward?

It will be a stalemate for America with loot and stagnation ... while do nothing Presidents blow their horns.

Victory for Trump not necessary in 2024
Trump might rig his way to even get the nomination ... but what you should remember is that ... Trump was failed against a guy who had 2 dozen honking cars in his rallies. Trump was at his peak ... with 20,000 to 30,000 people in his rallies ... Biden was hidden in his basement with just two dozen honking cars in his rallies. Trump was failed and Biden was given the victory. Why? Trump failed to work with us ... and Biden had better chances of working with us.

Train the next President after Midterms
If we fail Biden now in the midterms ... take away the House and Senate from Democrats ... give a crushing defeat to Democrats. It will greatly impact Biden and his disastrous policies ... it will put a break on Biden's mass spending policies and end his Presidency. Biden will not run in 2024 ... which gives us the opportunity to immediately start training the next President after Midterms.

Hillary was failed twice in Presidential elections
Yes, Trump may get nominated and enter the 2024 race ... but if the SM Network can fail Trump against Biden ... then they can fail Trump against any Democrat that can walk and talk at the same time. Just like Hillary was failed twice .. Trump can also be failed twice ... getting the nomination is not the same as getting the White House.

Not crashing Democrats to support Trump
We are not crashing Democrats in these Midterms to help Republicans or Trump. We are doing it for the good of the Democrat Party so that they win and retain the Presidency in 2024.

Trump is a bigger disaster today than in 2020
If you remember, there were no wars under Trump ... he was flushed out only because he went on a looting spree ... he wouldn't work with us and he would not take action against the Establishment. Trump's inaction was enough to root him out.

But today if you see ... Trump has multiplied the pandemic several times ... he is involved in the border crisis ... he is the one that has pushed Russia for a war ... he created a world migration crisis ... he put the world on the verge of a nuclear war ... so that he could flee to China.

Trump is on a terrible self-destructive track since his last year in office ... with so many disasters in his hands ... do you think Trump should be given the White House in 2024?

It’s the same case as Hillary ... she created genocides in Libya and Syria ... and then ran for President against Trump ... lol. Obviously, she was failed ... the same applies to Trump

Don't trust Biden
Yeah ... Biden says that he will codify Roe V Wade if given the House and Senate ... don't trust him ... he is a fraud. He will codify Roe and then go on a looting spree. If Republicans win the House and Senate ... they will ban abortions and then lose in 2024. Its quite perfect. Giving the House and Senate to Republicans can serve as bait to fail them in 2024.

Don't trust Biden until and unless he starts coordinating with us and starts working on new policies. Whatever he will say other than that will be bogus bullshit excuses ... he should not be trusted. Even before 2020 elections ... he made big claims ... "I am the Party! I will call you on day one if I am elected President!" ... and look what he turned out to be ... he is not the Party, he is a Party puppet. No, he did not call us on day one ... half of his Presidency is over and he is still a parasite on us.

Flush out Biden to bring in a new Democrat President
Its been two years and Biden hasn't done shit ... he is sitting there being  a parasite on us ... looting trillions and trying to blow his horn ...  he is trying to copy Trump. If Biden doesn’t want to work with us ... then it is only wise to flush him out ... to bring in a new Democrat President.

I don't know what the SM Network will decide. As far as I am concerned ... I welcome both options ... one house in Democrat favor ... either the House or the Senate … or take away both Houses.

But seriously ... its not wise to give both the House and Senate to Democrats ... it will be a disaster ... we can get frauds on both sides in 2024. Democrats winning both the House and Senate is the worst thing that can happen to America right now

Thanks for worrying about security ... and worrying about Trump getting re-elected. If we plan well for the good of the people ... then God will show ways for victories.