Here are some details about Obama’s guidance in the Biden Presidency. Michelle might need to work on some hubby management.

Obama replicating his Presidency
The reports are that … Obama is trying to replicate his Presidency and thus we are getting no cooperation from Biden and America is getting disasters via the Biden Presidency. Let’s correlate things as they happened during the Obama Presidency and see if the same things are being repeated under Biden in order to understand this stagnation that is being facilitated by Obama.

Online “signals” for cooperation
The Obama Presidency was a transition Presidency … where we moved from Conventional Democracy to Active Democracy. Obama doesn’t know the full picture of the operation as he was given info only about stopping wars. This is what Obama saw happening under his Presidency …

We were directing SM Groups to knock out Mitt Romney from the race to help Obama win his re-election. Obama was surprised at the movement that we were able to create against Mitt Romney and he started giving online “signals” in support of our work. He saw that our endorsement helped him get re-elected. And then, he also saw that our endorsement for Trump against Hillary helped Trump get elected.

So, what Obama basically thinks is that … the candidate just needs to give a few signals online to get my endorsement and with my support he or she will get the Presidency.

Observe this in Warren and Biden …

  • Warren. Warren was sinking in polls initially … hardly making it to 5%. She started giving strong signals of working with us … to the extent that she also started using punchlines from our work of “structural reform” … she had no idea of what structure or what reform … but she started creating a platform on structural reform. She thought that just my endorsement would give her the Presidency.
  • Biden. Biden also started giving “signals” of … “I am the Party … I will do this and that”. He was also yearning for our endorsement to get the Presidency based on the formula given by Obama.

If you note … both of them only tried to use signals to get our support and endorsement. Obama has no idea about SM or the Matrix or how our endorsements actually makes Presidents. Obama was given information only on the Establishment and how to stop wars … he doesn’t understand the on the ground dynamics involved.

Party control and puppetry
If you note … Obama followed Party based policies throughout his Presidency. You will not find Obama standing up to his Party in any major field … he always followed the Party.

  • Warren. Exactly the same was implemented by Warren. We repeatedly showed the disasters in her policies but she never bothered to change any policy despite having $130 Trillion in new spending programs. Why? Reportedly, Obama told her to take it easy on what we say and just use our endorsement to take the Presidency. She is not supposed to listen to us when it comes to policies … she is supposed to follow the Party.
  • Biden. Does it look like Biden is changing any of his policies? No, even he is hardcore stuck on to Party policies and doesn’t care about changing anything despite the country being in the highest debt, deficits, inflation and cost of living than ever. Why? Obama.

What Obama is basically doing here is … nullifying the use of facts and logic … and facilitating all Establishment malice and disasters via the Democrat Party … and thus creating terribly failed Democrat leaders. Why is Obama doing this? Because this is what he did during his Presidency … he followed the Party. He is reportedly replicating his Presidency in future Democrat leaders.

Obamas kept us safe and secure during their Presidency … the same was implemented via Warren and Biden.

  • Warren. She kept on saying … “I will protect you like I protect my own family!” She kept on repeating about our security but never bothered to use facts and logic to change her actions and policies.
  • Biden. Biden initially said that … “I am like his son” … I said … “Then why don’t you pick up the phone and talk to your son, Mr. Biden?” Lol … and then he never repeated that line. Lol … but keeps on insisting that … I won’t have security under Republicans and that he will take care of my security.

What is this? This is exact repetition of things as happened during Obama. This is how Obama is guiding the next Democrat Presidential candidates.

No encouragement for direct coordination
During the Obama Presidency there was no need for direct coordination … it was a simple task of stopping wars that the President could do all by himself … there were no planned systemic changes to be made in America where we were planning to use Obama. The only challenge Obama was given was to rise above Party and Establishment misleading … stop the funding in war zones to stop these wars. Now, look at the same in Warren and Biden.

  • Warren. Did Warren care to work with us directly? She went to one talk show after another … we told her that … “these talk shows will not help you until and unless you work with us … you will keep on sinking in polls if you don’t work with us”. And that’s exactly what happened. Why didn’t Warren work with us directly … because Obama didn’t think that it was important … he didn’t encourage her to do so … reportedly that is.
  • Biden. See what Biden is doing … not working with us because his Boss doesn’t think that it is important. It is more important to follow party puppetry, apparently.

Reportedly, Obama doesn’t encourage them to do so … not important since Obama was a two time President without working with us directly. Lol.

Disasters – No facts and logic
What is basically happening here is that … the end result of Obama trying to repeat his Presidency … the following of Party puppetry and no use of facts and logic … the Establishment is running a circus in America via the Democrat Party. No facts and logic is used … several disasters are on the loose … to add to that, there is a repeated looting spree by the trillions … nothing is controlled and checked.

If you observe … this was not the case in the Trump Presidency.

  • Trump had already risen above Party puppetry
  • Trump was running his own policies defying the Party several times
  • Trump was actively using facts and logic to avert all wars and disasters

The only issue with Trump was that … he had not coordinated with us to take America forward to dismantle Establishment monopoly and create new systems. It is for this reason that Trump was removed from the White House and Biden was given the Presidency. And what is Biden doing? He is not taking America forward … but he is taking America backwards.

We are back into Conventional Democracy … back into Party puppetry … back into authoritarian rule of I will do whatever I want without any accountability or responsibility … back into I don’t care about any facts or logic. Just look at the budget deficits graph and see where America is headed because of this mess …

America is in its worst state than ever under Biden.

Obama was chosen to guide Biden

  • Obama was chosen to guide Biden to lead America … not to plunge America in its worst crisis possible.
  • He is supposed to guide Biden … and not hold him back.
  • He is supposed to take America forward into a new era … not back into Party puppetry and Establishment disasters.
  • He is supposed to encourage Biden to do great things … and not go on repeated multi-trillion dollar looting spree.

With all due respect … Obama is not a theif … or a fraud … or a greedy pig … or a backstabber … but his simple error of trying to repeat his Presidency is creating disasters for America and ruining the entire configuration that has been set up.

I am not trying to criticize or demonize Obama here … but I am putting all of the issues reported on the table … so that, ways can be created for the configuration to work … so that, Biden can lead … so that, Obama can actually help. 

I got this report of Obama being possibly involved in Biden’s incompetence … its worth looking into it. As it is we have issues with Trump trying to make a failure out of Biden … then we have issues with Biden’s love of the moolah … and if Obama is also going to stall everything … then nothing will move forward and the entire configuration will be put into question.

This is critically important now because … elections is where power sharing is decided. Who gets to hold power and who gets flushed out is decided based upon each of their performances. Look what Biden is doing … and look what Obama is doing … look at the chart … is this what we are supposed to approve?

What is the meaning of “my endorsement”?
Do you know the candidates that I endorse ending up getting the Presidency? Because we pick candidates who are most suitable to solve all of America’s crises by working with us and surpassing Establishment and Party misleading. That’s the basic plan … that’s the basic purpose of choosing you to lead America.

Look at the chart and tell me … if Biden and Obama are solving America’s problems or they are creating the worst problems ever for America?

Its meaningless to continue with the Biden Presidency
If Biden cannot coordinate … if he cannot solve America’s crises … then its not only totally meaningless to continue with the Biden Presidency … but it is disastrous to continue with his Presidency.

As per some SM Groups … to save America and to change the leadership track in America … it is extremely important to terminate the Biden Presidency ASAP … via any and every route possible. It’s a must to have alternate leaders in the White House who have the balls and the commonsense to fight for what is right for the country. There is no reason to wait for the completion of Biden’s first term either … the earlier we end this nonsensical leadership, the better it is.

Michelle Obama
My dear lady … this has nothing got to do about being against Obama. He is a good guy … we like him … but when there is a catastrophe happening for 330 million people … then being a good friend, it is our job to stand up and help our friend correct his path. This way, we help America and Obama at the same time. This is not an anti-Obama page … this is about repetition of a transition phase when we have already moved into a New Era … it only creates disasters. Take a look …

Look at Obama’s performance as President … he likes what he did … and so do we. He stopped wars and continuously reduced the deficit. That’s great … now, look what is happening when Obama is trying to repeat his Presidency after Trump’s. It’s a massive disaster.

The report that we get is … the routine list of excuses that Biden gives not to coordinate with us … it seems Obama is also involved in this stalling process. You need a little bit of hubby management here … coz he is screwing America real bad.

You have to start working on all options for the solo mode with key Presidential candidates. Everyone is requesting you to prepare to boot Biden … anything can happen ahead.

Elon Musk, Kamala Harris
The message for prospective Presidential candidates who will replace Biden is that … do not follow Obama in the initial phases … he will try to indoctrinate his Presidency into you … he will unknowingly channelize Establishment scams in your campaign via Party puppetry … and he will totally screw your Presidency. A living example of this is … Joe Biden.

Obama is a good guy … but please don’t take any leadership advice from him in the initial phases. Let Obama first learn the game … let him know how to play the next moves … and then when he can make the right moves … then we can work with him. Until then, Obama needs to chill and only follow the requested tasks assigned to him.