Yeah I know ... the same thing happened with Oprah. She showed her intention of running for President and we open heartedly welcomed her. And then ... probably, as per Obama's advice ... she tried to get my support and endorsement. She started giving me "signals" via online messages that ... she will work with me ... give me a billion dollars and bla bla bla.

I was like ... okay fine ... if the lady wants to give me a billion dollars ... if she really wants to work with me ... then why doesn't she call me? If someone wants to give you a billion dollars ... then isn't it normal for them to talk to you first?

I told Oprah ... "okay fine Ma'am ... I will train you and help you become President ... first, get in touch with me." Lol.

And guess what ... she doesn't care to get in touch with me and she is trying to "learn online" how to become President while I am not teaching her anything. And then after a while ... she simply quit running for President. At that time, I was yelling the crap out of Trump that "he doesn't know shit ... America is stagnating in a debt crisis ... we are going to hit the highest debt ever and Trump doesn't know how to take America forward". I guess the pressure involved in Presidential leadership was too much for her to handle and she just quit.

Even Oprah was an Obama contact ... even she was working on the Obama routine of ...

  • Use me to get the Presidency
  • Make all promises that I need to hear
  • Promise security for me
  • And then run all party policies when you become President
  • Show no interest or importance in direct coordination or in changing any policies

This is what happened during the Obama Presidency and he is reportedly guiding his Presidential contacts on this track. Oprah, Warren and Biden ... all of them show the same behaviors.

The leadership that Obama is reportedly providing in this time of multiple crises is that ... "take it easy ... you are not required to work with him directly ... he just keeps saying that ... just keep him safe ... you got the Presidency and now, you do whatever the Party tells you to. He is a blogger ... he is popular ... he is running his own show ... just don't bother and run your Presidency as you seem fit".

What is happening with his approach is that ...

  • Biden is sitting there making a repeated cycle of excuses of not working with me
  • Michelle is being given false information by Presidential agents placed around me that helps them avoid direct coordination with me
  • There is absolutely no change in actions or policies
  • Blindly all party policies are being run of trillions of mass spending benefiting none other than the Establishment and connected politicians.
  • There is no use of facts and logic in any decision making
  • No one rises against Party or Establishment misleading
  • And we have the highest debt, deficits, inflation, cost of living and on the verge of a war against Russia

Obama is trying to repeat what he did as President ... and it is a complete catastrophe out there. Is this why Obama was chosen and made a part of Presidential leadership? So that, he could take it easy and screw up everything?

These were the key activities expected out of Obama in Presidential leadership ... in guiding Biden to ...

  • How to avert wars even before they begin?
  • How to avert financial disasters designed by the Establishment?
  • Understanding how the Establishment uses the Party to carry out its disastrous programs.
  • How to dodge Establishment and Party misleading?
  • Understanding of the Establishment's exploitation systems and their corresponding wealth drain.
  • Understanding how to break Establishment monopoly.
  • Understanding how to create new systems and get the votes to make it happen.
  • Understanding how to use the media and public support to get things done against the Party and Establishment interests.
  • The use of facts, logic and the truth to rally the people in your favor to make things happen.

This is what had to be done starting from day one of the Biden Presidency. How many of these things has Obama done? How many of these things has Obama encouraged Biden to do? None whatsoever ... Obama didn't work on a single aspect. Why? Because Obama's style is ... "take it easy and do whatever your Party tells you to do ... he keeps on saying to work with him ... just make some excuse and ignore him".

Its because of this that we lost Oprah ... then we lost Warren ... and now we are losing Biden. America is in stagnation and disasters since the Trump Presidency ... because of Obama's style.

My humble and sincere request to Michelle Obama is that ... if Biden doesn't care to lead America ... then please keep the next Presidential candidates a 100 feet away from Obama. Even if they meet Obama, please tell them to stuff cotton in their ears. We don't need any Obama indoctrination in Presidential leadership. He is a very nice guy … but he is screwing up everything. Obama needs to step back and first learn how things are done successfully ... so that he understand what "success" actually is. Once we see that Obama can choose logic over Party and the Establishment ... then we will pull him in the game.

I heard someone say ... "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fu*k things up". I am trying to remember who said that.