Obama campaigning for Biden is going to backfire on him ... let alone helping Biden get votes, it is going to reduce Obama's legitimacy more and more. The more Obama is going to associate himself with Biden's policies, the more people will lose trust in him.

I have been alerting since one year of the SM plan to remove Biden, Obama and Trump from Presidential leadership. I alerted them ... told them to mold and change policies several times ... but all requests fell on deaf ears.

So, now why the shock and why the surprise when your defeat and elimination is standing right in front of you? You didn't give a shit for an entire year ... and now, you are surprised.

This is not about just you and me ... Presidential leadership is not arranged by just you and me. Obama-Biden remain continuously stuck in "conventional politics" where they either blame me or ignore me or try to bargain with me ... they completely under-estimate the Ocean that holds their ship afloat.

SM is all about the Nation
You are given the Presidency for the good of the Nation and you are removed from the Presidency for the good of the Nation. You were given the Presidency to do good and great things for America. But you refused to listen, refused to follow and remained stuck to Party puppetry ... ran disasters in the country and created the highest debt, deficits, inflation and cost of living ... and now, removing Biden from the Presidency is also for the good of the Nation.

The first thing that Obama-Biden need to do is ... stop blaming me for everything ... that because of me your Presidency is being terminated ... because of me you are losing in polls and votes ... because of me there is humiliation, investigation and impeachment for you. I am not everything in America ... I am not America ... SM is America. All of these are SM activities and they are based upon the facts of your leadership and what has to be done with leaders like you based on logic.

You can't run disasters out there and then blame the guy that's trying to save you.

You love it when you get the votes ... you love it when you get the support to win the Presidency ... everything is nice and lovely then. But when you are asked to fix the problems of your country ... you are too busy and too greedy to look beyond your pockets at the problems that people face.

If you want to understand what SM will do ... then you just need to evaluate what your leadership is doing for the people and the Nation. If you are good and right by facts and logic then you will get the support to remain in power ... if not, then you will get removed from power.

This is exactly what I was trying to explain to you and help you with since one year ... but Biden was greedily chasing trillions ... Trump was busy creating wars and disasters ... and Obama is too nice to stop anyone. This is not why anyone of you were brought in Presidential leadership.

Very soon, Mr.Biden, you will enter a do or die scenario for your Presidency. Every single day is extremely important for you ... if you don't care to change ... then please don't blame me. Only you and me are not in this equation ... the "Nation" is also in this equation ... SM is also in this equation. If your leadership doesn't add up well for the Nation then your leadership will be terminated ... for the good of the Nation.

SM wanted an alternate option that does not include Obama, Biden or Trump ... I have already put Elon Musk on the table. He is a phenomenal option to take America forward. If you don't want to take America forward ... then don't blame me ... when you end up sitting at home and watching Elon Musk do phenomenally great things for America and the world. Either you can sit at home and watch others lead the world to greatness ... or you can yourself take the lead and become a part of this phenomena and be known as one of the greats in History.

That's your choice ... and I am not to be blamed for your inaction.