"Musk’s Neuralink faces federal probe, employee backlash over animal tests"
Its going to be very interesting when Elon Musk becomes President and he starts federal probes into Biden's mass spending schemes and Trump's criminal activities. Federal probes into Elon Musk's business activities are "old school gimmicks" that won't work. Michelle should step forward to protect Elon Musk in all of these investigations.

Its very amusing how our selected and elected leaders become frauds, go on a looting spree and then also become authoritarian and try to shut down their competition. They don't do what they are supposed to be doing ... and they do everything that they are not supposed to be doing. Heh.

Heh ... I am supposed to train them how to dodge and overcome every possible obstacle that the Establishment can throw in their way. But amusingly our lovely selected and elected leaders try to create every obstacle so that they don't even get in touch with me ... let alone learn something to dodge what is wrong to do what is right.

I am supposed to train them of how to dodge all types of lies that the Establishment will create but our lovely Presidential candidates, they themselves are creating all types of lies and false information not to work with us. They just love the power that they have and the trillions that are raining for them. Why do anything for anyone … everything is fine … look at the jobs. So what if we have the highest debt, inflation, cost of living and deficits … everything is fine … look at the jobs. So what if we are on the verge of a Nuclear war with Russia … everything is fine … look at the jobs. Lol ... so lovely, isn't it? A wonderful world to live in.

Party Puppets and Greedy Grandpas - Biggest threat to America after the Establishment
After the Establishment, the biggest threat and obstacle to American progress are Party Puppets and Mass Spenders. The Establishment is maneuvering into top politics via the Party and Obama & Biden have failed to understand this ... they have failed to stop Establishment malice, misleading and disastrous mass spending via the Party.

The second section is of Greedy Grandpas who love to blow up trillions of taxpayer money to pocket by the billions. This intersects with Party puppetry when the Party itself wants mass spending via several schemes.

In order to manage this crisis ... just like we identified Establishment puppets and rooted them out ... similarly we need to root out Party Puppets and Greedy Grandpas.

Flushing out frauds
I know all of you want to flush out frauds from the White House. These two attributes will help you identify the frauds ... Party Puppets and Greedy Grandpas. The topmost characteristic that we have focused till date is Establishment puppetry ... but despite flushing out Establishment puppets ... we are still getting frauds in the White House.

The question is ... why are these guys turning out to be frauds? Why they don't want to change their policies? Why are they going for mass spending? Why they don't want to do anything new? Why are they against change?

The answer is ... Party Puppets and Greedy Grandpas ... either they are completely controlled by the Party or they are simply too greedy to stop their loot. These two characteristics are again leading us back to Establishment control via the Party and trillions of taxpayer money is again being channelized to the same Establishment.

Yes, I know that there is a lot of frustration among SM Groups in the lack of leadership and open loot of the country via a series of selected and elected leaders ... all of your efforts are going down the drain. I also understand that there will be no substantial progress until there is direct political coordination with us ... Michelle is working on it. Michelle is promising change ... she is promising that Obama will also support our work to bring in a new perspective and a new way of doing things.

Until then ... until that happens, I would suggest SM Groups to utilize their frustration in identifying and getting rid of Party Puppets and Greedy Grandpas from top politics. We don't want them running the country ... nor do we want them making decisions for the people.