Russia wants America to stop Ukraine's attacks on Russian soil. Yes, its true that Ukraine should not attack Russia ... it is an escalatory measure. But it is also true that Russia should not attack all of Ukraine as well. When Russia is destroying all of Ukraine's energy infrastructure ... when Russia is bombing all of Ukraine ... then, how is it a balanced approach to tell Ukraine not to attack Russia?

Both sides should be condemned
Both sides should make sure that the conflict remains within the disputed territories. Russia cannot attack all of Ukraine ... destroy all of their infrastructure and then expect the world to stop Ukraine from attacking Russia. Putin should think by placing himself on the Ukrainian side ... what would you do if someone was attacking, bombing and destroying all of your energy infrastructure across Russia? How would you respond to that country?

Would you behave and keep the conflict only within the disputed territory? Would you turn a blind eye to all of the destruction created all over Russia?

Both sides should be condemned for their escalatory measures. Yes, Ukraine should not attack Russia or Crimea ... but at the same time, Russia should also keep its attacks, missiles and wars within the disputed territory. Both sides need to be controlled.

Two greedy guys destroying Ukraine
The truth about this war is that ... an entire country is being destroyed because of the greed of two Presidents ... Biden and Zelensky. Its pretty obvious that Biden is making his billions off the hundred plus billions that are being channelized for this war. On the other hand, we have Zelensky who is also eyeing for a forever war that will give him forever money and power. Its a combo of two greedy guys that is destroying all of Ukraine.

Instead of going for easy locations, Zelensky is going for Russian strongholds in the Donbass Republics ... thus creating a fierce battle and maximum death and destruction. Reportedly, Biden is encouraging this as a forever war is financially beneficial for him.

Putin is facing constant losses in men and resources ... he is getting pissed off and he is starting to bomb all of Ukraine. In retaliation, Ukraine is targeting even Russian soil.

Why is this war expanding and becoming more and more risky for the world? Because of two greedy guys who love money and power.

Mr. Biden ... you need to know where to control your greed. What will you do with your billions if you get nuked?