Yes Musky ... you can go after Biden's mass spending. The guy doesn't care about fixing any problem ... he is in just for the loot ... trillions of loot. If America burns, then let it burn ... if a thousand Americans die every day, let them die ... if countries get destroyed, let them get destroyed ... if millions die, let them die ... if he drowns in shame, failure and disasters, then let it be ... the only thing that Biden cares about is "trillions in loot". As long as he is getting his trillions ... its a wonderful world out there. This is the Biden Presidency.

I warned about this to Obama in Biden's first year itself ... Biden's failure is going to be an Obama failure ... and not only an Obama failure ... but there will be a big question mark on the concept of the "Obama Coalition". Not only Obama's leadership role will be dismantled but the Obama coalition would also become meaningless.

Elizabeth Warren
This is exactly what is happening out there. If nobody listens to Obama then what's the point of having an Obama Coalition? Warren didn't give a shit ... she didn't listen and didn't change ... and continued with her disastrous $130 Trillion spending campaign ... she was failed and flushed out. Warren kept on saying that "Obama's economists" had endorsed her spending plans. Lol.

What Obama did not realize with Warren's failure is that ... Warren was another failure for Obama. Obama could not convince and could not change Warren. What's the point of being a leader when you cannot stop your team members from disastrous policies? What's the point of being a leader when nobody listens to you?

Joe Biden
The same happened with Biden ... even Biden didn't give a shit about Obama ... even he didn't care to listen to Obama ... even he didn't change on anything. Biden was another key member of the Obama Coalition who didn't give a shit about Obama. When Biden doesn't change his track, it also means that Obama failed to change Biden.

Nancy Pelosi
The same goes with Pelosi ... she and Schumer designed multi-trillion dollar mass spending programs. Even Pelosi didn't give a shit about Obama ... even she didn't care to listen or change.

America needs revolutionary change
The crises out there are so rampant, so widespread and so disastrous that America needs "revolutions" ... America needs massive changes in several systems. Revolutions mean change ... change at the leadership level ... change in policies ... change for hundreds of millions of people. When Obama cannot change even one person ... who happens to be his closest friend in Washington ... who happened to be his VP for 8 years ... if nobody listens to Obama and doesn't give a shit about Obama ... then how can we entrust "revolutionary changes" to Barack Obama?

Warren, Pelosi and Biden ... all of them are key contacts of Barack Obama ... didn't care to listen, didn't care to change and each of them is being removed from leadership one by one. This is the ongoing dismantling of the Obama Coalition. Biden is next in line.

I was already informed about this track ... that's why I asked Michelle to create her own coalition ... because Obama is too nice to change anyone and nobody listens to him. I agree ... Obama is a nice guy ... but he is a complete "profile mismatch" to what America actually needs right now.

Michelle should lead
We love and respect Michelle Obama ... based on her request we will not flush out Obama totally from the game. We will keep him as a part of the game but with Michelle in the lead. There is a world of a difference between Michelle and Barack ... Michelle is a fighter ... she fights malice and she is not afraid to fight for what is right ... she knows how to put her foot down to stand for what is right. We love this about her ... she has what it takes to lead.