SM is saying that Obama is being nothing but a menace. He thinks that he is a great President when he is actually a disaster 10 times worse than Bush. He thinks that his incompetence is a great strategy when it is creating catastrophes out there.

SM is defining Obama as an incompetent parasite. His incompetence and parasitic behavior should come to an end ... that's if he still wants to remain in Presidential leadership. The guy should stop talking and start listening. He should stop telling others what to do and start listening to others as to what he has to do.

Is 14 years of disasters and stagnation not enough? For how long is he planning to keep on screwing America?

Options sans-Obama
As far as the SM Groups who are requesting options sans-Obama ... since when did I actually make him a part of the team? Its Michelle that was supposed to lead in the Biden Presidency and not Barack Obama. Who the hell is putting him on the frontend? The guy can't control himself and keeps on preaching bullshit.

Michelle needs to stop Obama and take the lead now. Nobody asked for Barack Obama on the frontend ... instead, we had already mentioned all of the issues that come with Obama ... and that's exactly what's happening out there ... it is a disaster. Michelle is great and her hubby is a nuisance. Michelle should manage her hubby.

How would Michelle lead? She doesn't know anything.
This is a good question. She doesn't know anything ... this gives us a clean slate where facts and logic can be used. Such candidates don't come with pre-planned schemes of working with corporations and minting tens of billions in every scheme. Michelle is not the routine politician.

This is why Trump was able to take the lead ... think differently and operate differently ... using facts and logic. He was able to snap out of routine Washington politics to do things differently. Because he was a clean slate and not rigged by Establishment elements right from the start.

Its for the same reason we are pulling Elon Musk ... even he is a clean slate ... not prior Establishment connections or commitments. It makes it very easy to configure Elon Musk to do what is right.

If Obama keeps on talking ... keeps on getting involved with no coordination with us ... then he will keep on thinking and working in the conventional style and this style will not change anything and everything will get screwed even more. He is a happy jolly guy that loves to keep everyone happy ... the only problem is that this doesn't work in the battlefield ... either you fight the war or get out of the field. Stop being an obstacle and stop screwing the work of other soldiers who are trying to save the country.

There is no sans-Michelle
I know that SM wants with and without options for every candidate ... sans-Trump ... sans-Biden ... sans-Obama ... sans-Elon Musk ... but I am sorry there is no sans-Michelle. We love her and we trust her ... she has already proven herself for security and she is already a pillar in the game.

Here are your sans-Obama options

  1. Elon Musk. Right now, Musky is the most preferred option for President in 2024. He is multi-talented ... he can run for President himself ... he can sponsor the work on his own ... he doesn't have to depend on Obama, Trump or Biden for anything. He can lead the whole thing completely solo and I can activate SM to support him and give him victories. He loves the spotlight ... he likes to interact with the people ... and he will bring his business acumen in the game providing excellent leadership.

The Elon Musk option is the complete solo option where no one is needed ... not Obama, not Trump, not Biden and not even Michelle. We need Michelle for security and not Elon Musk. All that Musky needs is the right strategies and SM support to get victories.

Half a dozen billionaires pitched themselves against Trump ... all of them were failed. Why? No strategies, don't know what is going on, absolutely no idea of the Establishment or SM ... thus their Presidency would be a failure and they were themselves flushed out instead of getting a failed Presidency ahead.

  1. Bill de Blasio. I love this guy's courage. is what he came up with against corporations. The Establishment freaked out at his leadership and they ran a massive anti-Bill de Blasio campaign to tank him. He really has the fight to do what is right and he is not afraid.

Politically, he is sinking is some corner because he is not going through the complete process ... he is getting fed up and quitting in between. Otherwise, we can arrange victories for him. Obviously, he doesn't know who is pitched against him and how to fight through it. We can help him win.

Yeah, he is not a billionaire ... so obviously, funding needs to be arranged for him. Michelle can easily pull Bill Gates to help him out. Its feasible and practical ... Bill de Blasio would be my second option for the Presidency.

  1. John Kasich. The only issue with him is that he is a Republican. We need a Democrat President. If he can run as a Democrat then things can get interesting for him. I don't know about his courage and fight ... but he is a practical and honest person. Good things can be done with John Kasich.

Again he is not a billionaire ... and I am not sure if Elon Musk will sponsor someone else for President ... so, we have to work with Bill Gates or other sources of funding for John Kasich as well.

No Biden and no Kamala Harris please
Obama has been a major disappointment ... everyone wants to flush him out. No Obama puppet is going to be given the White House in 2024 ... which means that working with Obama will be "toxic" for your Presidency. There is negligible support for Biden and Harris ... mainly because they are Obama contacts.

Forget about Obama contacts getting the Presidency ... if Obama himself wants to remain a part of Presidential leadership then he needs to change very rapidly. He needs to take a step back and allow Michelle to do the coordination. As long as you are blocking our coordination with Michelle, you are an obstacle in the game, Barack Obama.

Obama should let others fight the fight
One thing that Obama should understand is that ... nobody wants to change you ... nobody wants you to pick a fight with anybody ... nobody wants you to get on anyone's bad side. Its the next President that will fight for America and the American people.

You can feel free to remain the mongoose that you are ... be friends with everybody and be yourself. But for heaven's sake let the other guy fight his fight. Why are you cloning yourself on to the next Presidents? Please stop making Obama clones out of the next President.

Your era is over ... your Presidency is over. Let the next guy fight his fight ... why are you worried about his leadership and fight? Its his Presidency ... its his era ... its his leadership ... let him fight ... let him change America ... let him make phenomenal reforms ... why do you want everyone to be a useless bum??

You should understand that I am trying to protect you and keep you in the game. But you need to start listening and reconfigure a few things.